African-American Religion
Black Abolitionists
Black Abolitionists
Paperback      ISBN: 0306804255
African American contributions to the abolitionist movement are studied in this examination of lesser known abolitionist groups and their leaders
Black Preaching: The Recovery of a Powerful Art
Black Preaching
The Recovery of a Powerful Art
Paperback      ISBN: 0687036143
Henry H. Mitchell has completely revised and integrated his popular books The Recovery of Preaching and Black Preaching for seminarians and pastors--both Black and White--who are seeking to add power and vision to their sermons. Mitchell persuasively demonstrates that Black culture and preaching style are vital for the empowerment of Black congregations and have much to offer the preaching method of all preachers. By focusing on the use of storytelling, imagination, and style of preaching rooted in African-American culture, Mitchell spotlights effective techniques for lively preaching.
Black Sun Signs: An African-American Guide to the Zodiac
Black Sun Signs
An African-American Guide to the Zodiac
Paperback      ISBN: 0684812096
An African American perspective on astrology is tailored to the experience, interests, and culture of the African American community, offering profiles of each sign as well as lighthearted advice on an array of subjects
The Church Enslaved: A Spirituality For Racial Reconciliation
The Church Enslaved
A Spirituality For Racial Reconciliation
Paperback      ISBN: 080063697x
Two of the most vocal activists on racial issues in the church here seek nothing less than a conversion of American Christianity. Campolo and Battle expose the sad history and present realities of racism in the churches and then lift up a vision of a church and society without racism. To achieve reconciliation among Christians, they argue, both black and white churches need to acknowledge and overcome substantial problems in their traditions. Campolo and Battle then directly challenge Christians to a deeper spirituality, enabling them to resume leadership in overcoming and redressing America's legacy of racial division.
Down by the Riverside: Readings in African American Religion
Down by the Riverside
Readings in African American Religion
Paperback      ISBN: 081475581x
Explains the history and development of African American religion and theology from the time of slavery until the 21st century.
Ev'Ry Time I Feel the Spirit
Ev'Ry Time I Feel the Spirit
Paperback      ISBN: 0805044116
A collection of African-American gospel music presents biographies of composers, lyrics, and music to some of the most popular hymns and a history of each piece, as well as a description of its role in the church. Reprint.
A Fire in the Bones: Reflections on African-American Religious History
A Fire in the Bones
Reflections on African-American Religious History
Paperback      ISBN: 0807009334
Traces the history of the African American religious experience and shows how the active faith of African Americans empowered the struggle for social justice throughout history
In Search of Wisdom: Faith Formation in the Black Church
In Search of Wisdom
Faith Formation in the Black Church
Paperback      ISBN: 0687067006
A guide for pastors, church leaders, and all who help African Americans in their search for a meaningful Christian lifestyle. Forming Christians--leading fallen and flawed human beings into the path of discipleship to a crucified and risen Lord--is one of the central, if not the central, tasks of all Christian churches. It is a difficult enough task anywhere, but for African Americans, beset by racial conflict, personal crises, generational separation, and other concerns, it is especially so. African American churches must work particularly hard to counter the messages their members receive from the dominant and often unfriendly culture. This book employs the biblical text and African tradition to draw on the idea of the search for wisdom as a potent way to help African Americans in their pursuit of genuine Christian discipleship. Wisdom in African American tradition is not simply knowledge; rather, it is those insights, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors,and practices that create and sustain a life of hope and that produce an inherent sense of the worth of one's self. If their members are to engage in the search for wisdom, African American churches must build an intentional ministry of faith formation. Wisdom can be gained, the authors argue, when African Americans listen to the black oral tradition with its proverbial sayings, revered Bible stories, songs, and narratives from the lives of exemplary individuals. The book offers several similar avenues for the search for wisdom, including helpful models of black males mentoring younger black males, as a remedy to the destructive effects that contemporary culture has on this segment of the African American community.
Interpreting God's Word in Black Preaching
Interpreting God's Word in Black Preaching
Paperback      ISBN: 0817010211
Practical Theology for Black Churches: Bridging Black Theology and African American Folk Religion
Practical Theology for Black Churches
Bridging Black Theology and African American Folk Religion
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0664224296
Exploring the concept of church as refuge, offers a way to bridge the gap between black theology, with its social and political concerns, and black churches, with their emphases on pastoral care and piety.