Rare Photography
The Americans
The Americans
Paperback      ISBN: 1881616126
The Americans (museum of Modern Art Edition)
The Americans (museum of Modern Art Edition)
Trade Paperback      SKU: 281AKJ1011675

Spine is creased.

Annie Leibovitz. the Early Years. 1970-1983
Annie Leibovitz. the Early Years. 1970-1983
Hardcover      ISBN: 3836571897

For more than half a century, Annie Leibovitz has been taking culture-defining photographs. Her portraits of politicians, performers, athletes, businesspeople, and royalty make up a gallery of our time, imprinted on our collective consciousness by both the singularity of their subjects and Leibovitz's inimitable style.

The catalogue to an installation at the LUMA Foundation in Arles, France, Annie Leibovitz: The Early Years, 1970-1983 returns to Leibovitz's origins. It begins with a moment of artistic revelation: the spontaneous shot that made Leibovitz think she could transition from painting to photography as her area of study at the San Francisco Art Institute. The meticulously and personally curated collection, including contact sheets and Polaroids, provides a vivid document both of Leibovitz's development as a young artist and of a pivotal era.

Leibovitz's reportage-like photo stories for Rolling Stone, which she began working for when she was still a student, record such heady political, cultural, and counter-cultural developments as the Vietnam War protests, the launch of Apollo 17, the presidential campaign of 1972, Richard Nixon's resignation in 1974, and the Rolling Stones on tour in 1975. Then, as now, Leibovitz won the trust of the prominent and famous, and the book's pages are animated by many familiar faces, among them Muhammad Ali, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ken Kesey, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Didion, and Debbie Harry, as well as John Lennon and Yoko Ono, captured in their now iconic embrace just hours before Lennon was assassinated.

Throughout the book, the portraits and reportage are linked to images of cars, driving, and even a series on California highway patrolmen. In many ways, it's a celebration of life on the road--the frenetic rhythms, the chance encounters, the meditative opportunities. And with its rich archival aspects, it is also a tribute to an earlier time and a young photographer enmeshed in a culture that was itself in transition.

Ansel Adams' California
Ansel Adams' California
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0821223690

This volume collects Ansel Adams' range of Califonia images. The 70 reproduced photographs capture Lake Tahoe, redwood forests and various other Californian vistas. Accompanying them are evocative poems, essays and passages about the area from writers including Mark Twain and John Steinbeck.

Art in Nature
Art in Nature
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 3879097089
Book of Books: A Compendium
Book of Books
A Compendium
Hardcover      SKU: 1199410209

"Final Edition. 16mo, 424pgs. Full bound in bright red cloth with bright white dustjacket and black paper slipcase. Book is a fascinating collection of black and white photographs; artistic interpretations of various works of literature such as The Fountainhead , Walden , Empire of the Sun , etc. Book is solid, clean and bright. Dustjacket only has faint smudges to white covers, else very fine. Slipcase is bumped on corners with several small tears and mild scuffing though still intact and protecting the book.

Boundary Crossings: Temporal Dialogues in Finnish Landscape Photography
Boundary Crossings
Temporal Dialogues in Finnish Landscape Photography
Hardcover      ISBN: 9529851669

Finnish and English text

Chased by the Light: A 90-Day Journey
Chased by the Light
A 90-Day Journey
Hardcover      ISBN: 1559716711

Renowned nature photographer, Jim Brandenberg, set himself the challenge of taking just one photograph a day for 90 days between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. This book is the result of that personal project, set in the woods that lie between Canada and the US. The work was featured in the November 1997 National Geographic Magazine where all 90 photographs were used.

David Leventi: Opera
David Leventi
Hardcover      ISBN: 8862083971

In his series Opera, photographer David Leventi (born 1978)--whose work has been widely published in Time, The New York Times Magazine, Cond Nast Traveler and American Photography--captures the interiors of more than 40 opera houses spanning four centuries and four continents. Shot meticulously over five years, Opera presents a typology; each empty hall is seen from the place at center stage where the singers would stand. The large-format camera reveals these temples of music in their wealth of architectural detail and acoustic design; the body of work historically documents landmarks that serve as symbols of their nations' wealth and grandeur, their dedication to the promotion of the arts and to bringing communities together. With its unique concept--the opera house as a lens for cultural survey, a unifying force and tradition across continents--the collection serves as a beautiful tribute to opera.

Double Caution Totem, Book One
Double Caution Totem, Book One
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 0932526438

6 inches by 8 inches; a cardstock, accordion-style fold-out with protective sleeve. Limited to 500 copies.