Quick and Easy Cooking
The Absolute Beginner's Cookbook: Or How Long Do I Cook a 3-minute Egg?
The Absolute Beginner's Cookbook
Or How Long Do I Cook a 3-minute Egg?
Paperback      ISBN: 0761535462
Yes, You Can Cook! Do you have difficulty finding your way around the kitchen? Do your friends order take-out when you announce you're going to cook? Never fear. This cookbook was created just for you! Designed for the absolute beginner, this fun and friendly tour of the kitchen makes easy cooking even easier. In the beginning, you'll learn to boil an egg, and from there, you'll graduate to making simple but delicious meals, step-by-step—everything from breads, salads, and main dishes to cookies, cakes, and yummy desserts. Tasty recipes include: ·Easy Banana Bread ·Lasagna Soup ·Fettuccine Alfredo ·My First Mousse ·And much more!
Best Simple Suppers for Two: Fast and Foolproof Recipes for One, Two, or a Few
Best Simple Suppers for Two
Fast and Foolproof Recipes for One, Two, or a Few
Paperback      ISBN: 1682680363
Filled with fast and flavorful small-portion recipes, this cookbook helps readers discover the joy of cooking for two through delicious meals that can be made in minutes, including Taco Salad With Fresh Corn, Honey Buffalo Chicken Wings, Vegetable Fried Rice, BBQ Pork Chops, Shrimp Gumbo, White Bean Stew With Kale and more. Original.
Better Homes and Gardens Skillet Meals: 150+ Deliciously Easy Recipes from One Pan
Better Homes and Gardens Skillet Meals
150+ Deliciously Easy Recipes from One Pan
Hardcover      ISBN: 0544800877
"Look beyond the breakfast table for new ways to use this favorite pan. The skillet comes through for party food, simple weeknight dinners, healthy one-dish meals, fresh veggie sides, and desserts to die for"--
Betty Crocker Easy Family Dinners: Simple Recipes and Fun Ideas to Turn Meal Time to Quality Time
Betty Crocker Easy Family Dinners
Simple Recipes and Fun Ideas to Turn Meal Time to Quality Time
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764544187
Collects 120 delicious, simple-to-prepare recipes that the whole family can help put together from one of the most trusted brands in cookbooks and includes full-color photos and helpful ideas for making meals fun and memorable for even the busiest of families.
Betty Crocker Quick & Easy: 30 Minutes or Less to Dinner
Betty Crocker Quick & Easy
30 Minutes or Less to Dinner
Paperback      ISBN: 1118230698
The perfect cookbook for fast and tasty family meals When things are hectic and everybody's hungry, here's the book to turn to for satisfying meals done fast. Each of the 150 recipes is ready in 30 minutes or even less time. You can delight the kids with favorites like Mexican Pasta Skillet and Chicken and Smoked Provolone Pizza. Impress guests with Beef Tenderloin Bruschetta or Orange and Dill Pan-Seared Tuna. And satisfy everyone with crowd-pleasers like Cajun Smothered Pork Chops and Orange Teriyaki Beef with Noodles. - Features 150 recipes for fast, family-pleasing meals, each accompanied by a luscious full-color photo - Includes special extras like mini-recipe ideas for fast veggie sides, great burger toppings, quick chicken meals, and more - Tips with every recipe offer easy ways to complete the meal, make-ahead advice, and other helpful tidbits When you've got no time to spare and mouths to feed, Betty Crocker Quick and Easy is the only cookbook you need.
The Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh Cookbook
The Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0470226307
A comprehensive cooking compendium from America's leading food and entertaining magazine, Bon Appétit, selects more than 1,100 outstanding, quick and easy recipes for special weeknight meals for every taste and budget, including Roasted Garlic Beef Stew, Grilled Steak with Fresh Garden Herbs, and Peach Pie with Berry Jam.
Breakfast Love: Perfect Little Bowls of Quick, Healthy Breakfasts
Breakfast Love
Perfect Little Bowls of Quick, Healthy Breakfasts
Hardcover      ISBN: 1849497141
Breakfast Love contains more than 160 salads to make for a healthy, speedy breakfast that will set you up for the day.Breakfast Love will make you fall in love with this often over-looked meal, and energize you to create a beautiful bowl of salad before you start the day. Each bowl is made up of a base of grains, two seasonal fruit and vegetables, some protein, a delicious dressing, yogurt or milk, and an optional topping. There are both sweet and savory ideas, as well as basic recipes to make your own granola, muesli, and dairy-free nut 'yogurt' if you want to avoid store-bought. Every recipe is categorised as vegan, vegetarian, raw, carnivore, or omnivore so that you can cater to your own dietary preference. With a stunning photo of every recipe, this is a feast for the eyes and fantastically inspiring.

Build-a-Bowl: 77 Satisfying & Nutritious Combos -- Whole Grain + Vegetable + Protein + Sauce = Meal
77 Satisfying & Nutritious Combos -- Whole Grain + Vegetable + Protein + Sauce = Meal
Paperback      ISBN: 1612129900
Collects more than seventy healthy and adaptable one-bowl recipes for any meal of the day that follow the basic formula of a whole-grain base topped with vegetables, protein, and sauce.
Caravan Cookbook: Delicious, Easy-to-Make Recipes in the Great Outdoors
Caravan Cookbook
Delicious, Easy-to-Make Recipes in the Great Outdoors
Paperback      ISBN: 1911624717
A book of delicious, easy-to-make recipes for the great outdoors. Food is often one of the most enjoyable elements of a holiday, but nobody wants to spend hours slaving in a hot micro-kitchen with limited supplies. Caravan Cookbook offers the solution to dining on days out with delicious, uncomplicated and simple to prepare recipes that will satisfy family and friends. Discover holiday moments around the table and evenings spent under the stars, and take time to enjoy your caravanning adventure. Caravanning holidays allow you to forage for local produce, shopping for ingredients for dinner from farm shops and markets and this book shows you how to create a variety of delicious recipes using these fresh, natural and local ingredients. It also offers advice on caravan cupboard essentials for when you find yourself a little off the beaten track! Treat yourself to cider chicken or sesame salmon with edamame beans before dishing up honeycomb pudding with lemon cream or perhaps even challenge yourself to the caravan crumble. Without having to simplify or cut corners on ingredients, Caravan Cookbook shows you inventive ways to utilise your caravan kitchen and create the perfect holiday menu.
Cheap & Easy: A Cookbook for Girls on the Go
Cheap & Easy
A Cookbook for Girls on the Go
Paperback      ISBN: 0743250540
Presents a delicious assortment of practical, economical, and easy-to-prepare meals for women on the go, including a variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks, and snacks that include such dishes as Lazy Girl's Lasagna, Fred and Ginger Pumpkin Soup, the Independent Pancake, and Memoirs of a Grapefruit, among others. Original. 30,000 first printing.