Minnesota Biographies and Memoirs
The Fortunate Four & Other Journeys of the Heart
The Fortunate Four & Other Journeys of the Heart
Paperback      ISBN: 1592980074

Heartwarming true stories of love, romance, adventure, and the dreams of youth.

Fourscore and Twelve: The Letters of Oscar Hawkins
Fourscore and Twelve: The Letters of Oscar Hawkins
Paperback      SKU: 1199626066
From Nowhere to Somewhere: My Political Journey
From Nowhere to Somewhere
My Political Journey
Paperback      ISBN: 1512404047

Norman Sherman's idea of fun is attending a political convention. He has been active in progressive politics since before he could vote, often as a ghostwriter and editor of speeches and books.

His story describes a life working for numerous political leaders including Minnesota Governor Orville Freeman, and Minnesota senators Wendell Anderson, Walter Mondale, and Hubert Humphrey. He was press secretary to Vice President Humphrey, including during the 1968 campaign. He describes the world of politics with good humor and grace.

From Woodstoves to Astronauts
From Woodstoves to Astronauts
Trade Paperback      SKU: 1199562416
The Gag Family: German-Bohemian Artists in America
The Gag Family
German-Bohemian Artists in America
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1890434507

Anton Gag arrived in Minnesota from Bohemia about 1879, and founded an artistic dynasty in the German-Bohemian community of New Ulm. L'Enfant (art history, College of Visual Arts, St. Paul, Minnesota) follows his life and that of two of his children, Wanda Hazel (1893-1946), who became a famous chil

Go If You Think It Your Duty: A Minnesota Couple's Civil War Letters
Go If You Think It Your Duty
A Minnesota Couple's Civil War Letters
Paperback      ISBN: 0873518349

A fascinating firsthand account of life during the U.S. Civil War as told by a husband and wife through the letters they shared with one another.

Growing Pains
Growing Pains
Paperback      ISBN: 0873511735

Wanda G g rose from poverty in small-town Minnesota to international fame in the 1920s as the author of the children's classic, Millions of Cats. Her early diaries, first published in 1940, are the touching, often humorous record of her youth and her struggles to develop her talent.

Growing Up in Minnesota: Ten Writers Remember Their Childhoods
Growing Up in Minnesota
Ten Writers Remember Their Childhoods
Paperback      ISBN: 0816609217
Growing Up on a Minnesota Farm
Growing Up on a Minnesota Farm
Paperback      ISBN: 0738518611

The years 1930 to 1970 were a time of rapid change in the American farming industry. Following World War II, the wave of mechanization demanded a major shift in attitude and skills. The small family farm started expanding. There was more competition for land, fence lines disappeared, the threshing ritual was replaced by combines, corn cribs gave way to corn dryers, hydraulic power replaced muscles, and chemicals began replacing cultivators. The family farm was changing more drastically that anyone ever dreamed. With nearly 100 vintage images and personal stories, Growing Up On A Minnesota Farm relives the era of this major agricultural revolution and takes the reader on a journey that will define a time of momentous change. From the introduction of the steel-wheeled D John Deere, to the conservation and frugality necessary during the Great Depression, a period lost to technology is relived through the pages of this book. We learn what it means to "take good care of the land, and it will take care of you."

Halfway Home
Halfway Home
Paperback      ISBN: 0873513320

"My grandmother, Mae Kirwin, scared me." With that disturbing, distant memory, mystery novelist Mary Logue begins her exploration of the life of her mother's mother, who died more than thirty years ago.

Mae McNally Kirwin was born in 1894 in Chokio, a small prairie community in western Minnesota. In 1926, the sudden death of her husband left Mae to support herself and her five children. These facts were well known, but for Logue, they were not enough. Determined to get to know her grandmother better, Logue sets out to assemble the bits and pieces of her grandmother's life. Along the way, Logue takes the reader--and herself--on a journey of discovery. Digging through forgotten bank records, old newspapers, handwritten census forms, family documents, and faded recipes, she pieces together the past. In the process, she tells a much larger story--that of a community, a way of life, a family, and a single woman's struggle to survive in a world that is both harsh and richly rewarding.