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Italian Grammar Drills
Italian Grammar Drills
Paperback      ISBN: 0071789677
When it comes to learning grammar, the best way is to JUST DO IT! For learning grammar, you'll find the most success in retaining your skills through drills, drills, and more drills. Italian Grammar Drills reinforces yourknowledge and enhance your ability to read, write, and speak in Italian. This book introduces essential grammar concepts, with practical examples to demonstrate their correct usage. You will flex your grammar muscle with the exercises included in each section. Inside this new edition you'll find: - More than 200 exercises accompanied by an answer key - Authentic examples to show you correct grammar usage - New review sections that will bring you up to speed on grammar
Advanced Italian Grammar
Advanced Italian Grammar
Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 0071476946
The only way to advance your knowledge of a second language is to practice, practice, practice. From the present tense of regular verbs to direct object pronouns, this comprehensive guide and workbook covers all aspects of Italian grammar that you need to master. Focusing on the areas of Italian grammar that are essential for formulating complex constructions that make speech much more interesting, each unit of Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced Italian Grammar features clear explanations, numerous realistic examples, and lots of engaging exercises. Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced Italian Grammar makes mastering grammar easy with: -Clear, down-to-earth, easy-to-follow explanations that make even the most complex principles easy to understand -Example sentences that illustrate and clarify each grammatical point -Dozens of exercises in formats suited to every learning style -Practical and high-frequency vocabulary used throughout -A detailed answer key for quick, easy progress checks
The Elements of Style
The Elements of Style
Paperback      ISBN: 1499142234
The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. is a prescriptive American English writing style guide comprising eight "elementary rules of usage", ten "elementary principles of composition", "a few matters of form", a list of forty-nine "words and expressions commonly misused", and a list of fifty-seven "words often misspelled". In 2011, Time magazine listed The Elements of Style as one of the 100 best and most influential books written in English since 1923.[
German Verb Drills
German Verb Drills
4th Edition    German    Paperback      ISBN: 0071744711
Get the expert instruction you want and the practice you need with the conjugation of German verbs--with bonus online interactive exercises German Verb Drills helps you overcome the obstacles of German verbs, so that you can confidently use verbs when expressing yourself in German. This book explains how the German verb system works, while providing numerous exercises for you to master each point covered. Features: - Clear explanations of conjugations followed by numerous exercises - Free online exercises available at mhprofessional.comto assess your skills once you have completed the book Topics include: The Present Tense of Regular, Irregular, and Modal Verbs, Infin, sein, and werden, Present tense of irregular verbs, Verbs with separable prefixes in the present tense, Modal auxiliaries in the present tense, Imperative, Future Tense, and Present Perfect Tense, Imperative, Future tense, Present perfect tense of weak verbs, Haben or sein as the auxiliary verb in perfect tenses, Present perfect tense of strong verbs, Present perfect tense of mixed verbs, Present perfect tense with separable prefixes, Present perfect tense with inseparable prefixes and verbs stems ending in -ier, Present perfect tense with modal auxiliaries, The Past Tense, Use of past tense, Past tense of weak verbs, Past tense of strong verbs, Past tense of mixed verbs, Past tense of haben, sein, and werden, Past tense of modal auxiliaries, Perfect Tenses, Reflexive and Impersonal Verbs, Infinitive Constructions, and Passive Voice, Past perfect tense, Future perfect tense, Reflexive verbs, Impersonal verbs, Infinitive constructions, The passive voice, Formation of the subjunctive mood, Use of the subjunctive--expressing a wish, Subjunctive after als ob or als wenn, Conditional, Unreal conditions (subjunctive or conditional), Indirect discourse with the subjunctive and the indicative
Lapsing into a Comma: A Curmudgeon's Guide to the Many Things That Can Go Wrong in Print - And How to Avoid Them
Lapsing into a Comma
A Curmudgeon's Guide to the Many Things That Can Go Wrong in Print - And How to Avoid Them
Paperback      ISBN: 0809225352
The copy chief for the Washington Post business desk offers an entertaining but practical guide to the ins and outs of modern language usage, discussing the complexities of modern style, grammar, punctuation, and trendy words, foreign terms, and web speak. Original.
The Elements of Style
The Elements of Style
Mass Market Paperback      ISBN: 0024182001
The only style manual ever to appear on the best-seller lists offers practical, fundamental advice on improving writing skills, promoting a style marked by simplicity, orderliness, and sincerity
A Murmuration of Starlings: The Collective Nouns of Animals and Birds
A Murmuration of Starlings
The Collective Nouns of Animals and Birds
Hardcover      ISBN: 1906122547
A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers
A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations
Chicago Style for Students and Researchers
Paperback      ISBN: 0226823377
The author's clear, practical advice on the successful completion and submission of the student research paper is preserved in this updated new edition of the classic reference that embraces the new modes of research, writing, and source citation brought about by the Internet. Simultaneous.
Stylized: A Slightly Obsessive History of Strunk & White's The Elements of Style
A Slightly Obsessive History of Strunk & White's The Elements of Style
Hardcover      ISBN: 1416590927
Published to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the classic guide, a story behind America's most beloved, and sometimes controversial, writing resource incorporates never-before-published letters and photos from the E. B. White archives alongside original interviews with modern writers.
Punctuate It Right!
Punctuate It Right!
Paperback      ISBN: 0061008133
An at-a-glance pocket guide provides the correct placements and applications for tricky punctuation marks, including the semicolon, braces, ellipses, and ditto marks. Reprint.