Aztec History
Aztec Thought and Culture: A Study of the Ancient Nahuatl Mind
Aztec Thought and Culture
A Study of the Ancient Nahuatl Mind
Paperback      ISBN: 0806122951
Translations of ancient Aztec documents reveal their thoughts on the origin of the universe, the nature of God, and the significance of art.
Breaking the Maya Code
Breaking the Maya Code
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0500289557
In the past dozen years, Maya decipherment has made great strides, in part due to the Internet, which has made possible the truly international scope of hieroglyphic scholarship: glyphic experts can be found not only in North America, Mexico, Guatemala, and western Europe but also in Russia and the countries of eastern Europe. The third edition of this classic book takes up the thorny question of when and where the Maya script first appeared in the archaeological record, and describes efforts to decipher its meaning on the extremely early murals of San Bartolo. It includes iconographic and epigraphic investigations into how the Classic Maya perceived and recorded the human senses, a previously unknown realm of ancient Maya thought and perception. There is now compelling documentary and historical evidence bearing on the question of why and how the "breaking of the Maya code" was the achievement of Yuri V. Knorosov-a Soviet citizen totally isolated behind the Iron Curtain-and not of the leading Maya scholar of his day, Sir Eric Thompson. What does it take to make such a breakthrough, with a script of such complexity as the Maya? We now have some answers, as Michael Coe demonstrates here.
The Conquest of the Incas
The Conquest of the Incas
Paperback      ISBN: 0156028263
This monumental work of history removes the Incas from the realm of legend and shows the reality of their struggles against the Spanish invasion. Winner of the 1971 Christopher Award. Index; photographs, maps, and line drawings.
Cortés and Montezuma
Cortés and Montezuma
Paperback      ISBN: 0811214230
Chronicles the Spanish exploration of Central America, beginning with Cortes' 1519 landing in Mexico, providing a view of the clash of two men and two worlds, one eventually doomed to extinction
The Fall of the Ancient Maya: Solving the Mystery of the Maya Collapse
The Fall of the Ancient Maya
Solving the Mystery of the Maya Collapse
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500051135
An account of the mysterious fall of the ancient Maya civilization evaluates current theories and myths, citing sixteenth-century evidence of a residual population and offering a portrait of its Late Classic society beset by overly ambitious nobles, wars, and an exploding population that could not be sustained by its scanty agriculture.
Final Report: An Archaeologist Excavates His Past
Final Report
An Archaeologist Excavates His Past
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500051437
A foremost American archaeologist traces his more than four-decade career, describing his Harvard education, discoveries about ancient American civilizations, and travels to such regions as remote Guatemala, Russia, and Angkor Wat.
A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya
A Forest of Kings
The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya
Paperback      ISBN: 0688112048
Tells the story of Mayan kingship from the beginning of its institution and the first great pyramid builders two thousand years ago to the decline of Maya civilization and its destruction by the Spanish
A Guide to Ancient Maya Ruins
A Guide to Ancient Maya Ruins
Paperback      ISBN: 0806119926
Illustrated descriptions, explanations, and appraisals of accessible Mayan ceremonial centers in Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras, setting each of the twenty-four sites in its historical, cultural, and architectural context

Hidden Maya
Hidden Maya
Paperback      ISBN: 187918124x
Brennan uses Plains Indian handsigns and other communication symbols to decipher Maya inscriptions, revealing hidden messages that have not been understood for hundreds of years.
An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya
An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya
Paperback      ISBN: 0500279284
Provides entries for terms associated with the Mesoamerican religions, and explains the development of the religions of the area.