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How to Redesign & Renovate Your House or Apartment
How to Redesign & Renovate Your House or Apartment
Paperback      ISBN: 0679728031
Presents a complete, specific how-to book on redesigning and renovating, with clear step-by-step instructions and drawings for exhaustive jobs or for minor changes
Treehouses and Other Cool Stuff: 50 Projects You Can Build
Treehouses and Other Cool Stuff
50 Projects You Can Build
Paperback      ISBN: 1423603958
Provides instructions and plans for fifty projects for parents and children to build together, including a swinging treehouse, a model sailboat, and a totem pole.
Garage: Reinventing the Place We Park
Reinventing the Place We Park
Hardcover      ISBN: 1561583782
An illustrated homage to the garage features more than 200 color photographs of more than 50 garages, offering suggestions to improve the style and efficiency of these spaces.
The New Ecological Home: A Complete Guide to Green Building Options
The New Ecological Home
A Complete Guide to Green Building Options
Paperback      ISBN: 1931498164
An overview of green home-building techniques, materials, products, and technologies, written for home buyers, builders, architects, and contractors and intended to help avoid common problems when building green. It discusses the principles of green building and why they are desirable; covers logistical aspects of building such as site selection, i
The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling
The Solar House
Passive Heating and Cooling
Paperback      ISBN: 1931498121
This text presents a relatively nontechnical description of passive solar heating and cooling principles that can be used in the construction of homes heated and cooled simply through the absorption or dissipation of sunlight. The author, who has designed a number of these homes, discusses region-specific design strategies, the integration of envir
Fences for Pasture and Garden
Fences for Pasture and Garden
Paperback      ISBN: 088266753x
Tells how to select fences and plan their construction, and describes the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fence, including barbed wire, electric fences, woven wire, and rail
The Good House Book: A Common-Sense Guide to Alternative Homebuilding
The Good House Book
A Common-Sense Guide to Alternative Homebuilding
Paperback      ISBN: 1579902812
From Lark Books and Natural Home magazine—which has a circulation of 200,000—comes an illustrated, unique guide to building an earth-friendly home. To create a dwelling that’s both ecologically sustainable and attractive, Natural Home magazine is the place to go. With this exquisitely illustrated guide, packed with 400 photos and illustrations, anyone can put environmentally friendly ideas into beautiful practice. Here’s an intelligent look at how a home is supposed to function and a variety of different building approaches. What’s important is finding the right solution to fit your individual needs, local climate, and natural resources. The broad range of topics covered include choosing a site; selecting materials; building with straw bale, cob, adobe, or rammed earth; and plugging into alternative home power systems. Interviews with six homeowners, and photos of the dream homes they built, provide invaluable insight.
Dare to Repair: A Do-it-herself Guide to Fixing Almost Anything in the Home
Dare to Repair
A Do-it-herself Guide to Fixing Almost Anything in the Home
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0060959843
Detailed step-by-step instructions and more than three hundred illustrations take busy women through seventy-five simple, do-it-yourself home repairs, from unclogging a toilet to installing a window guard, providing essential background information, safety tips, lists of necessary tools and materials, and how-to advice. Original.
Workshops You Can Build
Workshops You Can Build
Paperback      ISBN: 1554070295
Ideas and techniques for designing and building workspaces inside and outside the home. Workshops are not just for carpenters and builders. The workshops in this book have been designed for writers, artists, furniture makers, boat builders, gardeners, collectors and those who like to maintain and restore old cars. And workshops don't have to be expensive - one of the workshops in this book was constructed inside a closet. Even the most elaborate separate building can be put up for a very reasonable cost if you follow the instructions in this book and do the work yourself. Based on the success of their previous best selling books - Cabins, Sheds and Playhouses You Can Build - the author team of David and Jeanie Stiles have combined their skills and experience to walk you step-by-step through the selection and construction of a workshop that will give you years of enjoyment and add to the value of your house when you come to sell. Just a few of the other fact-filled chapters in this book include: - Why and Where to Build -- how to design and plan a workshop in your basement, garage, attic, or building an addition or separate building - Building the Workshop -- construction and design fundamentals - Portable and Mini-Workshops -- no matter how little space you have, you can make something worthwhile - Skill Review -- a basic primer on woodworking skills that covers all the basics - no experience necessary. Workshops You Can Build is packed with over 300 detailed and beautiful illustrations by the author which show every step of the building process in detail.
Creative Patios
Creative Patios
Paperback      ISBN: 0764312782