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Art by Time and Movement
Featured Items
Art Beyond the West: The Arts of Africa, India and Southeast Asia, China, Japan and Korea, the Pacific, and the Americas
Art Beyond the West
The Arts of Africa, India and Southeast Asia, China, Japan and Korea, the Pacific, and the Americas
Paperback      ISBN: 013042255x

In this major survey of the arts of Africa, India and Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Korea, the Pacific, and the Americas, Michael Kampen O'Riley presents the vast and fascinating range of arts that lie outside the Western tradition. Within a predominantly geographic and chronological framework, he explores the arts of these areas from the beginnings of civilization to the present day. pieces from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. But it was not until the 18th and 19th centuries that Europeans began to pay serious attention to the spectacular art and architecture they found abroad. With the accumulation of knowledge, each of these arts began to be recognized and appreciated in its own terms. Using maps, time charts, and a wide selection of famous and lesser known images, the author charts this growing awareness region by region, analyzing individual art works within their cultural contexts. The book's final chapter focuses on the increasing interrelation between all these cultures during the 20th century and into the 21st. acknowledged as instrumental in the creation of new hybrid art forms that draw their inspiration both from specific cultural traditions and the contemporary world at large.

Baroque and Rococo
Baroque and Rococo
Paperback      ISBN: 0500200181
The Thames and Hudson Encyclopedia of the Italian Renaissance
The Thames and Hudson Encyclopedia of the Italian Renaissance
Paperback      ISBN: 0500201919
Ways of Seeing
Ways of Seeing
Paperback      ISBN: 0140135154
"The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled" -- so opens John Berger's revolutionary million-copy bestseller on how to look at art

John Berger's Ways of Seeing is one of the most stimulating and the most influential books on art in any language. First published in 1972, it was based on the BBC television series about which the Sunday Times critic commented: This is an eye-opener in more ways than one: by concentrating on how we look at paintings . . . he will almost certainly change the way you look at pictures. By now he has.

Conversion to Modernism: The Early Work of Man Ray
Conversion to Modernism
The Early Work of Man Ray
Paperback      ISBN: 0813531489

Man Ray (1890-1976) has long been considered one of the most versatile and innovative artists of the twentieth century. As a painter, writer, sculptor, photographer, and filmmaker, he is best known for his intimate association with the French Surrealist group in Paris during the 1920s and 1930s, particularly for his highly inventive and unconventional photographic images. These remarkable accomplishments, however, have tended to overshadow the importance of his earlier work--significant not only for comprehending Man Ray's future artistic development, but also for fleshing out our understanding of the visual arts in America during one of the most important and crucial phases of the evolution of modernism.

The book, and the exhibition for which this work will serve as the catalog, concentrate on Man Ray's production from 1907 to 1917. Conversion to Modernism will be the first comprehensive, fully illustrated work to examine this artist's seminal years. The show and the catalog begin with Man Ray's high school years in Brooklyn, his studies at the Art Students League and the American Academy in New York, and the time he spent in life drawing classes at the more progressive Ferrer Center

From 1913 to 1915, Man Ray lived in a small artists' colony in Grantwood, New Jersey. It was here, studying with Samuel Halpert (a former student of Matisse), that Man Ray began to become the artist we know today. The last section of the show and of the book include recently discovered photographs and other works that are influenced by a knowledge of the emergent Dada movement. Here is Man Ray in recognizable form just before he leaves the country for France in 1921.

This exhibit will first be on display at the Montclair Art Museum from January 26 through March 2003. It will then travel to museums in Athens, Georgia, Philadelphia, and Chicago.
Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth
Cleopatra of Egypt
From History to Myth
Hardcover      ISBN: 0691088357

Fabled for her sexual allure and cunning intelligence, Cleopatra VII of Egypt has fascinated generations of admirers and detractors since her tumultuous life ended in suicide in 30 B.C. The last of the Ptolemaic monarchs who had ruled Egypt for three centuries, Cleopatra created her own mythology. She became an icon in her own lifetime and a legend after her death.

This lavishly illustrated catalogue coincides with a major international exhibition celebrating images of Cleopatra. It explores how she was depicted during her own era, in works ranging from coins to life-size sculpture. Exciting new discoveries are featured--including seven Egyptian-style statues believed to represent Cleopatra, and two portraits probably commissioned while she was living in Rome with Julius Caesar. The book also examines interpretations of Cleopatra from the Renaissance to modern times, as seen in paintings, ceramics, jewelry, plays, operas, and film. In addition, recent archaeological finds from Alexandria (Cleopatra's capital) and from Rome illustrate aspects of life in Cleopatra's day.


http: //www.palazzoruspoli.it Palazzo Ruspoli, Rome
October 12, 2000-February 25, 2001

http: //www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk The British Museum, London
April 12-August 28, 2001

http: //www.fmnh.org The Field Museum, Chicago
October 20, 2001-March 2, 2002

Still Life with Oysters and Lemon: On Objects and Intimacy
Still Life with Oysters and Lemon
On Objects and Intimacy
Paperback      ISBN: 0807066095

Mark Doty's prose has been hailed as tempered and tough, sorrowing and serene (The New York Times Book Review) and achingly beautiful (The Boston Globe). In Still Life with Oysters and Lemon he offers a stunning exploration of our attachment to ordinary things-how we invest objects with human store, and why.

Prospects for the Nation, Volume 4: Recent Essays in British Landscape, 1750-1880
Prospects for the Nation, Volume 4
Recent Essays in British Landscape, 1750-1880
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300063830

This fascinating book provides a picture of the changing state of British landscape studies. Art historians, historians, geographers, and literary scholars discuss a wide range of topics: the role of landscape in the construction of a national identity; tourism and the politics of the picturesque; the relation of scientific observation to naturalistic landscape; and the depiction of rural labor. In so doing, they point up the extent to which scholarship has moved from concerns with individual artists to broader issues of representation and society. The authors challenge a number of orthodoxies in chapters that reconsider the role of women amateurs in landscape painting, recast the notion of John Sell Cotman's genius, explore the imaging of the nation, and examine the development of the history of watercolor painting. With essays by Maxine Berg, Stephen Copley, Stephen Daniels (with Susanne Seymour and Charles Watkins), Elizabeth Helsinger, Andrew Hemingway, Alan Howkins, Charlotte Klonk, Kay Dian Kriz, Anne Pullan, Kim Sloan, Sam Smiles, and the editors, the book is pluralistic in content and multidisciplinary in nature. It not only indicates where matters stand at the moment but suggests directions for future scholarship.

The Lost Masters: World War II and the Looting of Europe's Treasurehouses
The Lost Masters
World War II and the Looting of Europe's Treasurehouses
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1566491657
The Pursuit of Spiritual Wisdom: The Thought and Art of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin
The Pursuit of Spiritual Wisdom
The Thought and Art of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin
Hardcover      ISBN: 0838637493

This book explores van Gogh's and Gauguin's conviction that the purpose of visual art in human culture is to communicate a spiritual understanding of existence comparable to the wisdom contained in the metaphors and parables of myths, religions, and literature. Monographic studies in the book, which entail many new interpretations of van Gogh's and Gauguin's imagery, reveal the ways in which their ideas and the specific events of their personal lives shaped their creation of meaningful symbolic motifs.