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The Art Book
The Art Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0714836257
Depicts five hundred paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the present, each by a different artist, in alphabetical order by artist, with a brief description of the work and its place in art history and in the artist's career
Toothpicks and Logos: Design in Everyday Life
Toothpicks and Logos
Design in Everyday Life
Paperback      ISBN: 0192804448
A new approach to design traces its role throughout history, focusing on the special relationship between people and objects, and examines the role of design in architecture, multimedia, computers, software, and government.
American Art Deco
American Art Deco
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810918501
Explores the tradition of the streamlined design and reveals how it was manifested in the great buildings, furniture, and merchandise of the 1930s
The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology
The Art of Art History
A Critical Anthology
Paperback      ISBN: 0192842420
The history of art has been written and rewritten since classical antiquity. Since the foundation of the modern discipline of art history in Germany in the late eighteenth century, debates about art and its histories have intensified. Historians, philosophers, psychologists, and anthropologists among others have changed our notions of what art history has been, is, and might be. The Art of Art History is a unique guide to understanding art history through a critical reading of the field's most innovative and influential texts over the past two centuries. Each section focuses on a key issue: aesthetics, style, history as an art, iconography and semiology, gender, modernity and postmodernity, deconstruction and museology. More than thirty readings from writers as diverse as Winckelmann, Kant, Gombrich, Warburg, Panofsky, Heidegger, Lisa Tickner, Meyer Schapiro, Jacques Derrida, Mary Kelly, Michel Foucault, Rosalind Krauss, Louis Marin, Margaret Iversen, and Nestor Canclini are brought together, and Donald Preziosi's introductions to each topic provide background information, bibliographies, and critical elucidations of the issues at stake. His own concluding essay is an important and original contribution to scholarship in the field.
Conceptual Art
Conceptual Art
Paperback      ISBN: 0714833886
Mark Dion
Mark Dion
Paperback      ISBN: 0714836591
The Coral Sea
The Coral Sea
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393039080
A collection of lyrical writings provides a tribute to the author's enduring friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe and describes the late artist's coming of age, relationship with Sam Wagstaff, and battle with AIDS.
Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties
Factory Made
Warhol and the Sixties
Hardcover      ISBN: 0679423729
An illustrated portrait of Andy Warhol's Silver Factory profiles the members of the avant-garde group, which included Lou Reed, Nico, Edie Sedgwick, Billy Name, Gerard Malanga, Paul Morrissey, Joe Dallesandro, Candy Darling, Baby Jane Holzer, Henry Geldzahler, Ultra Violet, and Viva, showing how this unique mixture of creative individuals transformed 1960s pop culture. 25,000 first printing.
Introducing Postmodernism
Introducing Postmodernism
Paperback      ISBN: 1840460563
Artspeak: A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords, 1945 to the Present
A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords, 1945 to the Present
Paperback      ISBN: 0789203650
Discusses the terms, movements, and major artists in the modern American and European art world