Minnesota Writing
25 Minnesota Poets #2
25 Minnesota Poets #2
Paperback      SKU: 1199175528
The Adventures of Hank Fenn
The Adventures of Hank Fenn
Paperback      ISBN: 1523316691

For Hank, Sam never became Mark Twain. As a riverboat pilot, Sam saved young Hank from the crushing paddle wheels as the boy stowed away on the City of Memphis. Sam returned Hank to Minnesota when news reached downriver that Hank's mother was on trial for killing the father Hank had run away from. Years later, in a barber's chair prior to his mother's funeral, Hank reads a frog story that's awful close to a tall tale Sam once told. The magazine claims it's written by a fellow named Mark Twain. THE ADVENTURES OF HANK FENN (Americana #4) sends Hank searching the West-and then the East-for Mr. Twain. All along he and Sam exchange letters and make plans that never seem to get them together-Twain always on the road or abroad. Hank does find hatred and brutality while railroading and mining throughout this new frontier. He finds Calamity Jane in a Wyoming mining camp and Custer breaking treaties. He finds the Emperor of these United States. Ultimately Hank finds love, boys to raise and gold to unearth on a Black Hills mountaintop.

Alice and Her Grand Bell
Alice and Her Grand Bell
Paperback      ISBN: 150754779X

ALICE AND HER GRAND BELL tells concurrent stories of two families-unwittingly related-and several eras. At the brink of the first Gulf War, 18-year-old Brock dreads his sister's deployment in the Gulf while he seeks answers for twin brothers lost to Vietnam. Instead, he discovers his father's secret about dodging World War II and a legendary family Civil War hero is exposed as no more than a deserter. The parallel story deals with Grace-born of the rape of her mother by that same Yankee deserter-and her family's journey through the South's Reconstruction. Grace grows from teenage baseball writer to venerable whistle-blower-fighting for Woman's Suffrage and the Cincinnati Reds, and against the Indiana KKK and most everything else.

All the Things You Are: Essays
All the Things You Are
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1935666940

This collection of essays moves forward with a lilt, exploring the musical character of daily life within a variety of contexts including Big Band lyrics, community art festivals, and childhood recollections.

Bar Yarns and Manic-Depressive Mixtapes: Jim Walsh on Music from Minneapolis to the Outer Limits
Bar Yarns and Manic-Depressive Mixtapes
Jim Walsh on Music from Minneapolis to the Outer Limits
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1517901812

Bar Yarns and Manic Depressive Mix Tapes distills thirty delirious, jam-packed years of some of the best music writing ever to come out of the Twin Cities. As a writer and musician, the ever-curious Jim Walsh has lived a life immersed in music, and it all makes its way into his columns and feature articles, interviews and reviews, including personal essays on life, love, music, family, death, and, yes, the manic-depressive highs and lows that come with being an obsessive music lover and listener.

From Minneapolis's own Prince to such far-flung acts as David Bowie, the Waterboys, Lucinda Williams, Parliament-Funkadelic, L7, the Rolling Stones, the Ramones, U2, Hank Williams, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley and Nirvana, Walsh's work treats us to a chorus of the voices and sounds that have made the music scene over the past three decades. The big names are here, from Rosanne Cash to Bruce Springsteen to Bob Marley and Jackson Browne, but so are those a little shy of superstardom, like the Tin Star Sisters and Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, the Gear Daddies, Semisonic, and The Belfast Cowboys.

The book is also a tour (de force) of the Twin Cities' most celebrated music venues past and present, from the Prom Ballroom to Paisley Park to Duffy's. When Walsh isn't celebrating the sheer magic of live music or dreaming to tunes blasting from the car console, he might be surveying the scene with the Hamm's Bear at Grumpy's or the Double Deuce or singing the last night at the Uptown Bar blues. Whether he's dishing dirt with Yoko Ono or digging the Replacements' roots, giving an old rocker a spin or offering a mic to the latest upstart, Jim Walsh reminds us that in the land of a thousand lakes there are a thousand dances, and the music never dies.

Capturing the pure notes and character of the sound of the Twin Cities and beyond, with a keen eye for trends and the telling detail, his book truly is a mix tape of thirty years of unforgettable music.

The Best Minnesota Sports Arguments: The 100 Most Controversial, Debatable Questions for Die-Hard Fans
The Best Minnesota Sports Arguments
The 100 Most Controversial, Debatable Questions for Die-Hard Fans
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1402210612

100 great sports debates for each city-from who was the best coach to what was the best play of all time.
The perfect gift for sports fans-the series that's sweeping the nation, and is already a hit in Boston, Chicago and New York.
The best debates for rabid fans
The Best Sports Arguments gives each city or region all the best arguments of their hometown teams, with expert answers from top sports media figures. In fact, the Best Sports Arguments series is the #1 sports debates series on the market Why?
-Each book features 100 debates, the most of any series
-Each city's book is written by authors well-known in the region, leading to fan recognition and media interest.
-They make perfect gifts for sports fans of any age.
-And the debates go on

Between the Lake: The Poets of Linden Hills
Between the Lake
The Poets of Linden Hills
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 0977791505
Blink: Sudden Fiction by Minnesota Writ
Sudden Fiction by Minnesota Writ
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 0965944360
Blues Vision: African American Writing from Minnesota
Blues Vision
African American Writing from Minnesota
Paperback      ISBN: 0873519736

A rich Minnesota literary tradition is brought into the spotlight in this groundbreaking collection of incisive prose and powerful poetry by forty-three black writers who educate, inspire, and reveal the unabashed truth.

Historically significant figures tell their stories, demonstrating how much and how little conditions have changed: Gordon Parks hitchhikes to Bemidji, Taylor Gordon describes his first day as a chauffeur in St. Paul, and Nellie Stone Johnson insists on escaping the farm for high school in Minneapolis. A profusion of modern voices--poet Tish Jones, playwright Kim Hines, and memoirist Frank Wilderson--reflect the dizzying, complex realities of the present.

Showcasing the unique vision and reality of Minnesota's African American community from the Harlem renaissance through the civil rights movement, from the black power movement to the era of hip-hop and the time of America's first black president, this compelling anthology provides an explosion of artistic expression about what it means to be a Minnesotan.

Contributors include: Davida Adedjouma, Louis Alemayehu, E.G. Bailey, Conrad Balfour, Lloyd Brown, Philip Bryant, Sh Cage, Laurie Carlos, Gabrielle Civil, Taiyon Coleman, Kyra Crawford-Calvert, Mary Moore Easter, Evelyn Fairbanks, Pamela R. Fletcher, Shannon Gibney, Taylor Gordon, David Grant, Craig Green, Libby Green, David Haynes, Kofi Bobby Hickman, Kim Hines, Carolyn Holbrook, Steven Holbrook, Kemet Imhotep, Andrea Jenkins, Nellie Stone Johnson, Tish Jones, Etheridge Knight, Arleta Little, Roy McBride, Gordon Parks, Alexs Pate, G.E. Patterson, Anthony Peyton Porter, Louis Porter II, J. Otis Powell‽, Rohan Preston, Ralph Remington, Angela Shannon, Susan J. Smith-Grier, Clarence White, and Frank B. Wilderson III.

Bonus Man
Bonus Man
Paperback      ISBN: 1512207780

BONUS MAN explores the life of Adam "Bonus Man" Bonifacius, a former Great War medic and participant in the Bonus Army March of 1932. The march, a gathering of veterans in Washington D.C. protesting compensations promised but not paid, is ultimately turned back by the U.S. Government with tanks and tear gas. Bonus Man hits the road determined to find a way into medical school-the bonus would've done the trick-and maybe a little revenge along the way. The thing about revenge is, well, he's just not very good at it. He is good at removing bullets, a skill acquired under fire during the war and put into practice when Bonus Man runs smack into a John Dillinger prison break-leading to a gunpoint invitation to stay on as sawbones to the gang. It may not be medical school but it's certainly an education. And Bonus Man falls in love. Twice. If that doesn't complicate things enough, the FBI has an agent on his trail who is convinced not only of Bonus Man's complicity in the Dillinger escape but also in the Lindbergh kidnapping.