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Cyclogeography: Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier
Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier
Hardcover      ISBN: 1907903992
Cyclogeography lifts the lid on the hidden world of Cycle Couriers, the 'solitary creatures of the underworld', and the strange or illicit contents of the parcels they deliver. Here Jon Day explores the extraordinary subculture of courier bicycle races including the Cycle Messenger World Championships and the Alleycat races.
Road Biking Minnesota: A Guide to the Greatest Bike Rides in Minnesota
Road Biking Minnesota
A Guide to the Greatest Bike Rides in Minnesota
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0762738014
Details 41 routes from short easy rambles for beginners to multi-day classics for touring cyclists.
The Curse of the Rainbow Jersey: Cycling's Most Infamous Superstition
The Curse of the Rainbow Jersey
Cycling's Most Infamous Superstition
Paperback      ISBN: 1621240010
The Curse of the Rainbow Jersey is a peculiar lens on the history of professional cycling. It examines the infamous curse associated with wearers of the tunic awarded to the winner of the World Cycling Championships. The opening chapters look at how the curse originated with the death of Stan Ockers in 1955, other famous sports curses (including Curse of the Bambino, the US Masters Par 3 curse, and the curse placed on the Australian soccer team by a witch doctor), and also the history of the world cycling championships. The main body of the book is comprised of chapters dedicated to particular wearers of the rainbow jersey who were struck by misfortune, personal tragedy, or death. Examples include Paolo Bettini, whose brother died in a car crash on the way to a party to celebrate Paolo's win; Jean-Pierre Monser who died in a race while wearing the jersey; and Tommy Simpson, who died while racing two years after being crowned champion. The ill fortune visited upon wearers of the rainbow jersey is bizarre and tragic; but is it anything more than random chance? The final chapter of the book evaluates whether this level of bad luck is higher than for any other sample of humanity. A chilling look at the history of cycling, sure to fascinate any fan of the sport. Graham Healy is a cyclist and journalist living in Dublin, Ireland.
Mountain Biking the Twin Cities
Mountain Biking the Twin Cities
Paperback      ISBN: 1560447435
Includes 21 mountain bike rides in and around the Twin Cities' secluded parks and natural areas in Minnesota.
Bicycling Along The World's Most Exceptional Routes
Bicycling Along The World's Most Exceptional Routes
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789208466
This book presents 25 exceptional bicycle rides throughout the world--not only in North and South America and Europe but also Nepal/Tibet, Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan, Russia, India, Morocco, and Iceland, among other locations. Routes are designed to require seven to fourteen days, and each route is rated on a scale from easy to strenuous. For example, a
Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong, the Tour De France, and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever
Lance Armstrong, the Tour De France, and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever
Paperback      ISBN: 1592408885
An assessment of Lance Armstrong's doping scandal and fraud-based business successes exposes the support network of money, power, and cutting-edge science that enabled his seven Tour de France victories.
Anatomy of Cycling: A Trainer's Guide to Cycling
Anatomy of Cycling
A Trainer's Guide to Cycling
Paperback      ISBN: 1770851712
Avid cyclists ride on average 150-200 days per year for up to 3-4 hours a day. With its low impact on the joints and high caloric burn rate, cycling is a great choice for anyone wanting to get (and stay) in shape. It is accessible to all fitness levels and allows for easy progression. At all levels, cycling demands extreme physical effort and stamina to power the bicycle and to maintain correct form and speed, especially if for an extended time. Most of the work is in pushing down on the pedal, which uses all of the muscles in the leg. Equally important are the supporting muscles, which support the upper body, provide balance, reduce fatigue and increase endurance. Anatomy of Cycling addresses all of these needs. The exercises are designed to work the wide range of muscles that come into play when cycling. All of them can be done at home using just seven items: a mat, a chair, a "Bosu ball," a small medicine ball, a large Swiss Ball, a small roller and a large roller. The exercises are organized into four units: - Flexibility Exercises: Mostly stretches, these help to counteract stiffness and increase blood flow. - Leg-Strengthening Exercises: Legs power the bicycle and by pedaling faster, gain speed. Strength is essential to sprinting and hill-climbing skills. These weight-bearing exercises are also beneficial to bones, a benefit that a cycling-only regimen lacks. - Core-Strengthening Exercises: A strong core contributes to a fluid pedal stroke, energy efficiency and overall stability. - Balance and Posture Exercises: These exercises, including swimming, help to build back strength and improve stability, both helpful in counteracting the shoulder and lower back problems that trouble cyclists. Anatomy of Cycling also includes three pre-designed workouts -- Beginner's, Intermediate and Advanced -- as well as seven specific workouts: Quadriceps-Strengthening, Healthy Back, Core-Stabilizing, Low-Impact, Stamina, Balancing and Postural. This is an essential reference for road cyclists and triathletes.
The Bike-Owner's Handbook
The Bike-Owner's Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0956205380
Demonstrates how to repair and maintain bicycles through instructions and illustrations, along with descriptions of each part and the tools needed to complete each task.
The Modern Mamil: A Cyclist's A - Z
The Modern Mamil
A Cyclist's A - Z
Hardcover      ISBN: 071123759x
?Every weekend, across the nation's rolling countryside, watch out for the Mamils: middle-aged men in lycraâ?? â?? BBC News â??Mamils make Oxford English Dictionary debutâ?? â?? Telegraph â??Oh the shame of being married to a MAMILâ?? â?? Daily Mail  There is a new breed emerging. They hunt in packs, dressed in unforgiving lycra. Their natural habitat is the local espresso bar, where they obsess about power-to-weight ratios and worship the latest high-tech road bikes. Desperate to shave a few milligrams for speed, they will spend thousands on anything made out of carbon â?? conveniently forgetting about their own waistlines. At night they dream they are Bradley Wiggins or Alberto Contador. They are the Mamils. And they are taking over the world.  The Modern MAMIL â?? a cyclistâ??s A-Z takes a humorous look at cycling and the middle-aged man in lycra.Â
Zinn's Cycling Primer: Maintenance Tips & Skill Building for Cyclists
Zinn's Cycling Primer
Maintenance Tips & Skill Building for Cyclists
Paperback      ISBN: 1931382433
A builder of bicycle frames and a technical writer offers tips, techniques, and special projects designed to improve cycling performance, including advice on how to improve pedal performance and instructions for building a disc brake rear wheel. Original.