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Parti-Colored Blocks for a Quilt
Parti-Colored Blocks for a Quilt
Paperback      ISBN: 0472063383
Essays by the distinguished American author, Marge Piercy, examine feminist culture, the nature of literature, and the writing of her poetry and novels
Berryman's Understanding: Reflections on the Poetry of John Berryman
Berryman's Understanding
Reflections on the Poetry of John Berryman
Hardcover      ISBN: 1555530273
Trembling Air: Poems
Trembling Air
Paperback      ISBN: 155728752x
In these poems, Michelle Boisseau troubles sound into music and light into color. She renders the physics of absence and the deceptions of presence: a garage full of haunted tools, the ordinary and odd lives embodied in medieval paintings, the voice of a father traveling on radio waves. The poems
After Confession: Poetry As Autobiography
After Confession
Poetry As Autobiography
Paperback      ISBN: 1555973558
In an age of memoir, the distinction between fiction and nonfiction has become increasingly blurred, sparking controversy among writers and readers alike. But what about the autobiographical impulse in poetry? In this groundbreaking collection, some of our best contemporary poets contemplate the legacy of the confessional poets such as Plath, Sexton, and Lowell. They also tackle such fiery topics as the nature of authorial responsibility in telling the truth, the focus on issues of self in relation to others and to the natural world, the very essence of craft as transformation, and the role female poets have played in breaking the code of silence. Rich in opinion and theory, After Confession offers the first thorough discussion on the lyric "I"--the boundaries between literal and emotional truth, memory and imagination, person and persona, narcissism and revelation. Contributors: Joan Aleshire Frank Bidart Kimberly Blaeser Joseph Bruchac Marilyn Chin Billy Collins Stephen Dunn Annie Finch Carol Frost Brendan Galvin Pamela Gemin Louise Gl├╝ck David Graham Kimiko Hahn Judith Harris Andrew Hudgins Colette Inez Yusef Komunyakaa Ted Kooser Sydney Lea William Matthews Thylias Moss Carol Muske-Dukes Sharon Olds Alicia Ostriker Stanley Plumly Claudia Rankine Adrienne Rich Kate Sontag Alan Williamson
Leaping Poetry: An Idea With Poems and Translations
Leaping Poetry
An Idea With Poems and Translations
Paperback      ISBN: 0807063932
Selections by Lorca, Vallejo, Ginsberg, Crane, Orr, and others presented together with critical commentary illustrate the author's theory concerning poetic associations
Haiku in English
Haiku in English
Paperback      ISBN: 0804802289
Provides guidelines for the writing and teaching of the popular Japanese poem form
The Scripture of the Golden Eternity
The Scripture of the Golden Eternity
Paperback      ISBN: 0872862917
These classic Kerouac meditations, Zen koans and prose poems express the poet's beatific quest for peace and joy through oneness with the universe.
Dylan's Visions Of Sin
Dylan's Visions Of Sin
Paperback      ISBN: 0060599243
A scholarly analysis of Bob Dylan's lyrics by a Boston University humanities professor discusses the musician's works as a reflection of social conscience, earthly and divine love, and spiritual temptation.
A Guide to the Books of William Blake for Innocent & Experienced Readers: With Notes on Interpretive Criticism 1910-1984
A Guide to the Books of William Blake for Innocent & Experienced Readers
With Notes on Interpretive Criticism 1910-1984
Paperback      ISBN: 0861404084
The writings of William Blake were not really understood by his contemporaries or the Victorians, and it was only in 1910, with the publication of Joseph Wicksteed'sBlake's Vision of the Book of Job, that the long process of comprehending Blake's works seriously began. Part I of this work consists of twelve chapters that are primarily intended to instruct the reader who has little or no acquaintance with Blake's more difficult works.
Robert Creeley: The Poet's Workshop
Robert Creeley
The Poet's Workshop
Paperback      ISBN: 0915032767