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The Immortal Evening: A Legendary Dinner with Keats, Wordsworth, and Lamb
The Immortal Evening
A Legendary Dinner with Keats, Wordsworth, and Lamb
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393080994
A window onto the lives of the Romantic poetsthrough the re-creation of one legendary night in 1817.
Selected Prose of T. S. Eliot
Selected Prose of T. S. Eliot
Paperback      ISBN: 0156806541
Thirty-one of Eliot's most influential critical essays on general literary topics, individual authors, and social and religious themes are edited in their entirety or in substantial extract by the distinguished English scholar-critic
Good Poems, American Places
Good Poems, American Places
Paperback      ISBN: 014312076x
Another wonderful poetry anthology from Garrison Keillor-rooted in the American landscape. Greatness comes in many forms, and as Garrison Keillor demonstrates daily on The Writer's Almanac, the most affecting poems in the canon are in plain English. Third in Keillor's series of anthologies, Good Poems, American Places brings together poems that celebrate the geography and culture that bind us together as a nation. Think of these poems as postcards from the road, by poets who've gotten carried away by a particular place-a town in Kansas, a kitchen window in Nantucket, a Manhattan street, a farm in western Minnesota. Featuring famous poets and brash unknowns alike, the verses in this exhilarating collection prove that the heart can be exalted anywhere in America.
Parti-Colored Blocks for a Quilt
Parti-Colored Blocks for a Quilt
Paperback      ISBN: 0472063383
Essays by the distinguished American author, Marge Piercy, examine feminist culture, the nature of literature, and the writing of her poetry and novels
The Sounds of Poetry: A Brief Guide
The Sounds of Poetry
A Brief Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0374526176
America's Poet Laureate offers a journey inside the world of poetry to explore the fundamental workings of this literary art, explaining how different sounds can be used to express meaning and images
Painless Poetry
Painless Poetry
Paperback      ISBN: 0764145916
(back cover) Really. This isn't going to hurt at all . . . If you're convinced that you hate poetry, or if you think poems are dull and difficult, you're likely to change your opinion when you open this book. The author explains many different ways of writing poems, and presents examples that show how poetry includes exciting stories that grip your imagination, the lyrics of your favorite songs, and many other forms of verbal expression that are recognized as poetry. You'll learn fascinating ways to read and evaluate many different kinds of poems, and you'll also discover the pleasure of writing original poems of your own. But most important of all, you'll discover that far from being dull and difficult, poetry is fun! For Middle School and High School Students
The Romantic Poets and Their Circle
The Romantic Poets and Their Circle
Paperback      ISBN: 1855144778
- Includes entertaining, thumbnail biographies of the key figures at the forefront of the theme or movement, or who were closely connected to the personality in question - Updated from the highly successful series Character Sketches and Insights, and refreshed with a contemporary design and accessible format The ideal of the 'inspired' artist owes its origin to the figures of the Romantic period, who revolutionized English art and literature. In this book, Richard Holmes explores the portraits and lives of such key poets as Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Keats, and assesses the impact of their work on contemporary culture and society.
The Practice of Poetry: Writing Exercises from Poets Who Teach
The Practice of Poetry
Writing Exercises from Poets Who Teach
Paperback      ISBN: 006273024x
This guide to writing poetry combines essays by practicing poets and poetry teachers with exercises covering inspiration, the senses, voice, structure, and revision
Reading Emily Dickinson's Letters: Critical Essays
Reading Emily Dickinson's Letters
Critical Essays
Paperback      ISBN: 1558499016
Emily Dickinson, who regarded a letter as "a joy of Earth," was herself a gifted epistolary artist -- cryptic and allusive in style, dazzling in verbal effects, and sensitively attuned to the recipients of her many letters. In this volume, distinguished literary scholars focus intensively on Dickinson's letter-writing and what her letters reveal about her poetics, her personal associations, and her self-awareness as a writer. Although Dickinson's letters have provided invaluable perspective for biographers and lovers of poetry since Mabel Loomis Todd published the first selection in 1894, today's scholarly climate opens potential for fresh insights drawn from new theoretical approaches, informed cultural contextualizations, and rigorous examination of manuscript evidence. Essays in this collection explore ways that Emily Dickinson adapted nineteenth-century epistolary conventions of women's culture, as well as how she directed her writing to particular readers, providing subtly tactful guidance to ways of approaching her poetics. Close examination of her letters reveals the conscious artistry of Dickinson's writing, from her auditory effects to her experiments with form and tone. Her well-known correspondences with Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Susan Dickinson, Helen Hunt Jackson, and Otis Phillips Lord are examined here, but so too are previously neglected family communications with her aunt Kate Sweetser and cousin Eugenia Montague. Contributors find in these various letters evidence of Dickinson's enthusiastic participation in a sort of epistolary book club involving multiple friends, as well as her loving attentiveness to individuals in times of both suffering and joy. These inquiries highlight her thoughts on love, marriage, gender roles, art, and death, while unraveling mysteries ranging from legal discourse to Etruscan smiles. In addition to a foreword by Marietta Messmer, the volume includes essays by Paul Crumbley, Karen Dandurand, Jane Donahue Eberwein, Judith Farr, James Guthrie, Ellen Louise Hart, Eleanor Heginbotham, Cindy MacKenzie, Martha Nell Smith, and Stephanie Tingley.
The Art of Recklessness: Poetry As Assertive Force and Contradiction
The Art of Recklessness
Poetry As Assertive Force and Contradiction
Paperback      ISBN: 1555975623
In Dean Young’s sprawling and subversive first book of prose on poetry, imagination swerves into primitivism and surrealism and finally toward empathy. How can recklessness guide the poet, the artist, and the reader into art, and how can it excite in us a sort of wild receptivity, beyond craft? “Poetry is not a discipline,” Young writes. “It is a hunger, a revolt, a drive, a mash note, a fright, a tantrum, a grief, a hoax, a debacle, an application, an affect . . .”