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Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations
Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible
Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations
Hardcover      ISBN: 1592334733
Forget extreme makeovers! Robert Jones, makeup artist extraordinaire, outlines step-by-step how even the ugliest duckling can become a swan—with makeup alone! In hundreds of awe-inspiring before-and-after photos, Robert makes it easy for any woman to achieve true beauty in this book, which has become the definitive encyclopedia on the subject. Unlike most makeup books that focus on celebrities or the already-glamorous, this book shows every woman how to be her most beautiful. No matter what your age, skin tone, or profile, Robert can show you simple techniques that camouflage flaws and highlight each woman's unique beauty. Best of all, it's EASY! Even if you've never worn makeup before, you can learn how to bring out your best in just a few minutes. This stunning book is also a full-color guide to applying wedding makeup, with countless stunning before-and-after pictures of regular women throughout. It is highly instructional and does not just show model perfect women, instead it focuses on the girl next door, your best friend and you. Every woman can be beautiful on her wedding day, no matter what her age or ethnic background, with Robert's makeup techniques. It features special makeup techniques for morning, midday, afternoon and evening weddings; because with each time of day you will photograph differently and as we all know one of the most important things to think about is how you will photograph. There are also chapters on more makeup tricks for wedding photos, and, of course, makeup for bridesmaids and matrons of honor.
The Beauty Detox Solution: Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin, Renewed Energy and the Body You've Always Wanted
The Beauty Detox Solution
Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin, Renewed Energy and the Body You've Always Wanted
Paperback      ISBN: 0373892322
A renowned nutritionist and beauty expert presents a program based on age-old beauty secrets that rids the body of toxins to look and feel the very best.
Aveda Rituals: A Daily Guide to Natural Health and Beauty
Aveda Rituals
A Daily Guide to Natural Health and Beauty
Paperback      ISBN: 0805058001
A collection of daily activities based on the principles of AVEDA demonstrates the philosophies of life, nutrition, meditation, and much more, leaving room for participants to add their own healthy habits to their daily rituals. Original. Tour.
The Beauty of Color: The Ultimate Make-up Guide for Skin of Color
The Beauty of Color
The Ultimate Make-up Guide for Skin of Color
Hardcover      ISBN: 0399153187
Outlines a program of skin care and makeup for women of color, drawing on the author's experience as a supermodel and founder of a top cosmetics line to explain how to tailor a beauty regime in accordance with a woman's particular skin tone and type. 150,000 first printing.
The Power of Makeup: Looking Your Level Best At Every Age
The Power of Makeup
Looking Your Level Best At Every Age
Paperback      ISBN: 0743250370
Outlines the author's innovative system for defining a personal makeup style, covering such topics as skin care basics, obtaining necessary cosmetics tools, looking younger, and making informed over-the-counter purchases. Reprint. 60,000 first printing.
Style Me Vintage Hair: Easy Step-By-Step Techniques for Creating Classic Hairstyles
Style Me Vintage Hair
Easy Step-By-Step Techniques for Creating Classic Hairstyles
Hardcover      ISBN: 1862059020
Everything you'll need to create vintage hairstyles from the '30s to the '60s. Step-by-step instructions and fantastic photographs. Filled with inspirational images and tips on make-up and accessories.
Model Woman: Eileen Ford and the Business of Beauty
Model Woman
Eileen Ford and the Business of Beauty
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062108077
Describes the woman responsible for one of the world's most successful modeling agencies, depicting her as a sharp business woman with an eye for talent who was not afraid to stick to her standards in order to build her empire.
Cozy's Complete Guide to Girls' Hair
Cozy's Complete Guide to Girls' Hair
Hardcover      ISBN: 1579654223
Presents a comprehensive guide to maintaining and styling hair for girls, including guidelines for identifying hair type, instructions on hair maintenance and products, and tips for hair styles and cuts.
Handmade Beauty: Natural Recipes for Your Face, Body and Hair
Handmade Beauty
Natural Recipes for Your Face, Body and Hair
Hardcover      ISBN: 1910254185
Handmade Beauty is an inspirational guide to making skincare and haircare products at home. Cosmetic experts Juliette Goggin and Abi Righton show how, with a few basic materials and some kitchen equipment, anyone can craft simple yet effective recipes with natural ingredients. Based on the authors' in-depth knowledge of the use of natural products and active ingredients in contemporary skin- and hair care,Handmade Beauty includes some of the latest thinking in natural cosmetics. The first part of the book explores the different ingredients, equipment and methods you need to make the cosmetic projects. Juliette and Abi guide you through the basic principles, such as making infusions, and also explain what you need to know about storage and safety. The second part of the book is devoted to 37 luscious recipes for the face, body and hair, plus suggestions for adaptations. The featured projects cater for all skin and hair types, and include face and body scrubs, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, hand creams, lip balms, body butters, bath bombs, foot sprays, shampoos and hair treatments. Step-by-step illustrations and clear instructions throughout ensure that recipes are easy to follow. The book concludes with ideas on packaging and presenting your beautiful homemade products.
Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic
Paris Street Style
A Guide to Effortless Chic
Paperback      ISBN: 1419706810
One city always seems to win the award for most-wanted style—Paris, where people walking down the avenues mix timeless and trendy pieces in a way that appears effortless. French fashion writers Isabelle Thomas and Frédérique Veysset break down the “je ne sais quoi