25000 Years of Erotic Freedom
25000 Years of Erotic Freedom
Hardcover      ISBN: 081094846x
With each new technological advance, pornography has proliferated and degraded in quality. Today, porn is everywhere, but where is it art? 25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom surveys the history of pornography and argues that the success and vibrancy of a society relates to its permissiveness in sexual matters. This history of erotic art brings together some of the most provocative illustrations ever published, showcasing the evolution of pornography over diverse cultures from prehistoric to modern times. Beginning with the Venus of Willendorf, created between 24,000-22,000 bce, and book-ended by contemporary photography, it also contains a timeline covering major erotic works in several cultures. 25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom ably captures the ancient and insuppressible creative drive of the sexual spirit, making this book a treatise on erotic art.
At Home With Pornography: Women, Sex, and Everyday Life
At Home With Pornography
Women, Sex, and Everyday Life
Paperback      ISBN: 0814742378
Juffer demonstrates how women's consumption of erotica and porn for their own pleasure can be empowering while simultaneously reinforcing conservative ideals. She shows, for instance, how the Victoria's Secret catalog functions as a kind of pornography whose popularity is enhanced by both its reliance on Victorian themes of secrecy and privacy and by its appeals to the pleasures of modern career women. In her pursuit to understand what women like and how they get it, Juffer delves into adult cable channels, erotic literary anthologies, sex therapy guides, cyberporn, masturbation, and sex toys, showing the degrees to which these materials have been domesticated for home consumption.
Bare: The Naked Truth about Stripping
The Naked Truth about Stripping
Paperback      ISBN: 1580051219
It began when she was a teenager with an awareness of her body and the reaction other people had to it. It continued with the realization that women's bodies often gave them a strange power over men. As an adult, it became a fascination with professional sex workers, leading to a plunge into their world. Bare follows the author and her fellow dancers through Seattle strip clubs and bachelor parties - exploring in riveting detail Eaves's own motivations and behavior, as well as those of her co-workers - as they make their way through the sometimes exhilarating, often disturbing world of stripping. Bare demands that we take a closer look at the way sexuality is viewed in our culture: what, if anything, constitutes "normal" desire; the ethics of swapping money - or anything else - for sex; and how women and men navigate the perilous contradictions and double standards that make up today's socio-sexual conversation.
Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema
Behind the Pink Curtain
The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema
Paperback      ISBN: 190325454x

Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry
Big Porn Inc
Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry
Paperback      ISBN: 1876756896
The unprecedented mainstreaming of the global pornography industry is transforming the sexual politics of intimate and public life. This title offers an expose of the hidden realities of a multi-billion dollar global industry that promotes itself as a fashionable life-style choice.

Black and White and Blue: Adult Cinema from the Victorian Age to the VCR
Black and White and Blue
Adult Cinema from the Victorian Age to the VCR
Paperback      ISBN: 1550227912
In the 1920s they were called stags, smokes, or blue movies; today it's adult films. But until now, apart from brief summaries in film histories and scholarly articles, there has been no complete history of the pornographic film industry. That gap is filled by this lively and insightful book that provides commentary on individual movies and traces the evolution of film styles and storylines through nearly a century of X-rated material. All the research for the book is based on viewings of the movies—many of the oldest are now archived on DVDs—and on interviews with living actors and producers. Tracing an arc from the masks and dim lighting of the earliest days to the realism and absence of trick photography in the 1920s and 1930s, the account then ponders the obsession with close-ups of body parts in later decades. The overview ends in the late 1970s, when the advent of home videos changed adult entertainment completely.
Bodies and Souls: The Tragic Plight of Three Jewish Women Forced into Prostitution in the Americas
Bodies and Souls
The Tragic Plight of Three Jewish Women Forced into Prostitution in the Americas
Paperback      ISBN: 0060090243
Traces the forced slavery and prostitution of thousands of young Jewish women from the 1860s to the beginning of World War II, revealing how a notorious Mafia gang exploited victims who were looking to escape poverty and anti-Semitism, women who subsequently formed the religious order known as the Society of Truth. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.
Body to Job
Body to Job
Paperback      ISBN: 1945572701
Former porn star, Christopher Zeischegg (aka Danny Wylde), gathers six years of writing into one definitive collection. A memoir of an adult film career from beginning to end and a life lived after, marked by post-porn dysphoria. Interspersed with select fiction, Zeischegg writes about youthful naivete, sex worker love, pro-porn activism, disenchantment, and violence. Body to Job is the ex-porn star's third book, and his most comprehensive to date—an explicit work of vulnerability, longing, terror, and life.
Bound and Gagged: Pornography and the Politics of Fantasy in America
Bound and Gagged
Pornography and the Politics of Fantasy in America
Paperback      ISBN: 0822323435
An examination of how sexual fantasy and pornography are policed in contemporary American culture.
Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women
Mustang Ranch and Its Women
Paperback      ISBN: 0449006581
A female doctor chronicles her observations of and eye-opening interviews with the women living and working as legal prostitutes at Nevada's Mustang Ranch, the nation's largest brothel. Reprint.