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Geometry of Violence and Democracy
Geometry of Violence and Democracy
Hardcover      ISBN: 0253343437
My Guantanamo Diary: The Detainees and the Stories They Told Me
My Guantanamo Diary
The Detainees and the Stories They Told Me
Hardcover      ISBN: 1586484982
An American attorney born to immigrant Afghan parents describes her outrage over the detainments at Guantâanamo, her volunteer role as an interpreter for prisoners, and the plight of those who have been detained for years without trial.
When Ladies Go A-Thieving: Middle-Class Shoplifters in the Victorian Department Store
When Ladies Go A-Thieving
Middle-Class Shoplifters in the Victorian Department Store
Paperback      ISBN: 0195071425
This book focuses on middle-class urban women as participants in new forms of consumer culture. Within the special world of the department store, women found themselves challenged to resist the enticements of consumption. Many succumbed, buying both what they needed and what they desired, but also stealing what seemed so readily available. Pitted against these middle-class women were the management, detectives, and clerks of the department stores. Abelson argues that in the interest of concealing this darker side of consumerism, women of the middle class, but not those of the working class, were allowed to shoplift and plead incapacitating illness--kleptomania. The invention of kleptomania by psychiatrists and the adoption of this ideology of feminine weakness by retailers, newspapers, the general public, the accused women themselves, and even the courts reveals the way in which a gender analysis allowed proponents of consumer capitalism to mask its contradictions.
Penal Colony
Penal Colony
Paperback      ISBN: 0805204180
Fugitive Thought: Prison Movements, Race, and the Meaning of Justice
Fugitive Thought
Prison Movements, Race, and the Meaning of Justice
Paperback      ISBN: 0816643148
According to Hames-Garcia (English, philosophy, and culture, Binghamton U., State U. of New York), minority prison writers/ activists figure among America's "new intellectuals." In his view, prisoners are ideal voices for critiquing existing institutions in re- thinking visions of freedom and justice. His analysis of prison literature and legal theory is informed by such diverse influences as O.Z. Acosta, a Chicano lawyer-activist-novelist, and the writings of inmates of North Carolina's Correctional Center for Women. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
In the Shadow of No Towers
In the Shadow of No Towers
Hardcover      ISBN: 0375423079
The author conveys his experience of the September 11th tragedy in a series of drawings and text that capture the horror of the event, its impact on his own life, and the erosion of American democracy that has occured in the aftermath.
Lost Boy No More: A True Story Of Survival And Salvation
Lost Boy No More
A True Story Of Survival And Salvation
Paperback      ISBN: 0805431861
Lost Boy No More tells the incredible true story of Abraham Nhial—but the story is not his alone. As a nine year-old child, Abraham found himself orphaned as civil war in his homeland of Sudan ravaged his entire village because they refused to embrace Islam. His journey is one of a perilous walk along with 35,000 lost boys of Sudan who fled to Ethiopia. Abraham and others like him made it to the border but hard times were not over as he endured the refugee camps of Ethiopia. Abraham becomes a lost boy no more when he discovers real salvation through Jesus Christ. Lost Boy No More gives more than a narrative of Abraham’s story. It also gives a history of Sudan and the persecution of Christians by Islamic militants.
Dynamite: The Story of Class Violence in America
The Story of Class Violence in America
Paperback      ISBN: 1904859747
"Dynamite harkens back to an era of American capitalism a little less glossy, a little bloodier, and with striking parallels to today."--Feminist Review Labor disputes have produced more violence over a longer period of time in the United States than in any other industrialized country in the world. From the 1890s to the 1930s, hardly a year passed without a serious—and often deadly—clash between workers and management. Written in the 1930s, and with a new introduction by Mike Davis, Dynamite recounts a fascinating and largely forgotten history of class and labor struggle in America’s industrial beginnings. It is the story of brutal exploitation, massacres, and judicial murders of the workers. It is also the story of their response: when peaceful strikes yielded no results, workers fought back by any means necessary. Louis Adamic has written the classic story of labor conflict in America, detailing many episodes of labor violence, including the Molly Maguires, the Homestead Strike, Pullman Strike, Colorado Labor Wars, the Los Angeles Times bombing, as well as the case of Sacco and Vanzetti. Louis Adamic emigrated from Slovenia when he was fifteen years old and quickly joined the American labor force. The author of eleven books, he is now recognized as a great figure in early twentieth-century American literature. He was found shot to death in a burning farmhouse in 1954. Introduction by Jon Bekken, co-author of The Industrial Workers of the World: Its First Hundred Years, 1905–2005 and co-editor of Anarcho-Syndicalist Review.
News Dissector: Passions, Pieces, and Polemics, 1960-2000
News Dissector
Passions, Pieces, and Polemics, 1960-2000
Paperback      ISBN: 1888451203
"As 'News Dissector' on Boston radio, Danny Schechter literally educated a generation..." —Noam Chomsky "Danny Schechter, a kind of journalist without borders, has shaken up public broadcasting, among many other media institutions, in the course of his career as a self-styled 'News Dissector' and human rights advocate..." —The Nation News Dissector brings together Schechter’s writings on human rights, politics, and the media over a span of four decades of activism and reporting, including ten years in radio news reporting and twenty years creating television news and public affairs programs and independent documentaries. These pieces provide a fascinating look at the trajectory of what was once simply called “The Movement
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist
Paperback      ISBN: 094032234x
In 1892, Alexander Berkman, Russian émigré, anarchist, and lover of Emma Goldman, attempted to assassinate industrialist Henry Clay Frick. The act was intended both as retribution for the massacre of workers in the Homestead strike and as an incitement to revolution. Captured and sentenced to serve a prison term of twenty-two years, Berkman struggled to make sense of the shadowy and brutalized world of the prison—one that hardly conformed to revolutionary expectation.