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Coming of Age in Samoa: A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilisation
Coming of Age in Samoa
A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilisation
Paperback      ISBN: 0688050336
The classic anthropological study describes what it was like in the 1920s for girls growing up in the primitive culture of the Samoan Islands, offering provocative insights into such topics as childhood, gender roles, and culture. Reprint.
The Nuer: A Description of the Modes of Livelihood and Political Institutions of a Nilotic People
The Nuer
A Description of the Modes of Livelihood and Political Institutions of a Nilotic People
Paperback      ISBN: 0195003225
The Silent Language
The Silent Language
Paperback      ISBN: 0385055498
A study of the non-verbal language which exists in every culture, the elaborate patterns of behavior through which we communicate
Joseph Campbell: A Fire in the Mind
Joseph Campbell
A Fire in the Mind
Paperback      ISBN: 0892818735
Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) forged an approach to the study of myth and legend that made ancient traditions and beliefs immediate, relevant, and universal. His teachings and literary works have shown that beneath the apparent themes of world mythology lie patterns that reveal ways we all may encounter the great mysteries of existence: birth, growth, soul development, and death.
The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
The Teachings of Don Juan
A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
Paperback      ISBN: 0520217578
Provides a structural analysis of the logic system which the author experienced under the influence of peyote and other hallucinogens commonly used by Indian sorcerers
Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value: The False Coin of Our Own Dreams
Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value
The False Coin of Our Own Dreams
Paperback      ISBN: 0312240457
This innovative book is the first comprehensive synthesis of economic, political, and cultural theories of value. David Graeber reexamines a century of anthropological thought about value and exchange, in large measure to find a way out of quandaries in current social theory, which have become critical at the present moment of ideological collapse in the face of Neoliberalism. Rooted in an engaged, dynamic realism, Graeber argues that projects of cultural comparison are in a sense necessarily revolutionary projects: He attempts to synthesize the best insights of Karl Marx and Marcel Mauss, arguing that these figures represent two extreme, but ultimately complementary, possibilities in the shape such a project might take. Graeber breathes new life into the classic anthropological texts on exchange, value, and economy. He rethinks the cases of Iroquois wampum, Pacific kula exchanges, and the Kwakiutl potlatch within the flow of world historical processes, and recasts value as a model of human meaning-making, which far exceeds rationalist/reductive economist paradigms.
The Fall of Public Man
The Fall of Public Man
Paperback      ISBN: 0393308790
"A fascinating evocation of changing styles of personal and public expression. . . ."--Robert Lekachman, Saturday Review
The Language of the Goddess
The Language of the Goddess
Paperback      ISBN: 0500282498
"The first authoritative work on the ancient goddess culture."Boston Globe The Goddess is the most potent and persistent feature in the archaeological records of the ancient world, a symbol of the unity of life in nature and the personification of all that was sacred and mysterious on earth. In this pioneering and provocative volume, Marija Gimbutas resurrects the world of the Goddess-worshipping, earth- centered cultures, bringing ancient matriarchal society vividly to life. She interweaves comparative mythology, early historical sources, linguistics, ethnography, and folklore to demonstrate conclusively that Goddess-worship is at the root of Western civilization. Illustrated with nearly 2,000 symbolic artifacts, Gimbutas' magnum opus is at once a "pictorial script" of the prehistoric Goddess religion and an authoritative work that takes these ancient cultures from the realm of speculation into that of documented fact. Over 500 illustrations.
The Songlines
The Songlines
Paperback      ISBN: 0140094296
Bruce Chatwin—author of In Patagonia—ventures into the desolate land of Outback Australia to learn the meaning of the Aborginals' ancient "Dreaming-tracks." Along these timeless paths, amongst the fortune hunters and redneck Australians, racist policemen and mysterious Aboriginal holy men, he discovers a wondrous vision of man's place in the world.
The Vanishing Hitchhiker: American Urban Legends and Their Meanings
The Vanishing Hitchhiker
American Urban Legends and Their Meanings
Paperback      ISBN: 0393951693
Presents a collection of examples of major American urban legends, one of the most common forms of contemporary American folklore, and explains their popular appeal