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Feeding the Hungry Heart: The Experience of Compulsive Eating
Feeding the Hungry Heart
The Experience of Compulsive Eating
Paperback      ISBN: 0452270839
Describes the experiences of compulsive eaters, examines their obsessions with both food and thinness, and tells how to change one's attitude about eating.
Winter Blues: Everything You Need to Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder
Winter Blues
Everything You Need to Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder
Hardcover      ISBN: 1593852142
Winter isn't a "wonderland" for everyone. Every year, millions of us feel our energy levels ebb and spirits fall as the days grow shorter. In this no-nonsense, up-to-date survival kit for weathering the winter blues, Dr. Norman Rosenthal - the world's foremost expert on the condition - explains what causes SAD and what you can do about it. A self-test allows you to track and evaluate your seasonal mood swings. Armed with a better understanding of what you're up against, Dr. Rosenthal helps you determine an appropriate plan of action. Convenient menus and easy recipes make sticking to a healthy winter diet more enjoyable, and a new section on the benefits of exercise motivates you to stay active even when it's gloomy outside. A step-by-step guide helps you organize your yearly schedule to anticipate seasonal changes, and a special chapter for family and friends teaches loved ones effective ways to show support.
The Instinct To Heal
The Instinct To Heal
Paperback      ISBN: 1594861587
An award-winning psychiatrist and neuroscientist presents seven all-natural approaches to fighting depression and anxiety by building on the body's relationship to the brain, yielding dramatic improvements quickly and permanently. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.
Sos Help for Emotions: Managing Anxiety, Anger, and Depression
Sos Help for Emotions
Managing Anxiety, Anger, and Depression
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0935111522
Rescuing Patty Hearst: Growing Up Sane in a Decade Gone Mad
Rescuing Patty Hearst
Growing Up Sane in a Decade Gone Mad
Paperback      ISBN: 0743255496
A daughter of a schizophrenic mother recounts how she and her sister were held hostage for four years while their mother gave way to psychosis and how the medical system of the 1980s inhibited patient progress and victimized their families.
Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma : The Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experiences
Waking the Tiger
Healing Trauma : The Innate Capacity to Transform Overwhelming Experiences
Paperback      ISBN: 155643233x
Nature's Lessons in Healing Trauma... Waking the Tiger offers a new and hopeful vision of trauma. It views the human animal as a unique being, endowed with an instinctual capacity. It asks and answers an intriguing question: why are animals in the wild, though threatened routinely, rarely traumatized? By understanding the dynamics that make wild animals virtually immune to traumatic symptoms, the mystery of human trauma is revealed. Waking the Tiger normalizes the symptoms of trauma and the steps needed to heal them. People are often traumatized by seemingly ordinary experiences. The reader is taken on a guided tour of the subtle, yet powerful impulses that govern our responses to overwhelming life events. To do this, it employs a series of exercises that help us focus on bodily sensations. Through heightened awareness of these sensations trauma can be healed.
The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know
The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide
What You and Your Family Need to Know
Paperback      ISBN: 1572305258
Thanks to sharper diagnosis and better medicine, the future is brighter for people with bipolar disorder than in past generations. But if you or someone you love is struggling with the frantic highs and crushing lows of this illness, there are still many hurdles to surmount at home, at work, and in daily life. *How can you learn to distinguish between the early warning signs of mood swings and the normal ups and downs of life? *What medications are available, and what are their side effects? *What should you do when you find yourself escalating into mania or descending into depression? *How can you get the help and support you need from family members and friends? *How can you tell your coworkers about your illness without endangering your career? In this comprehensive guide, Dr. David J. Miklowitz offers straight talk that can help you tackle these and related questions, take charge of your illness, and reclaim your life. A leading researcher and clinical specialist who knows what works, Dr. Miklowitz supplies proven tools to help you achieve balance--and free yourself from the emotional and financial havoc that result when symptoms rule your life--without sacrificing your right to rich and varied emotional experiences. This essential resource will help you and your family members come to terms with the diagnosis, recognize early warning signs of manic or depressive episodes, cope with triggers of mood swings, resolve medication problems, and learn to collaborate effectively with doctors and therapists. You'll learn specific ways to ask for support and help from your family and friends--and what to do when their "caring" feels like "controlling." For times when the going gets tough, a wealth of examples of how others have dealt with similar challenges offer new perspectives and new solutions. Whether you have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, are considering seeking help for the first time, or have been in treatment for years, this empowering book is designed to help put you--not your illness--back in charge of your life.
When Food Is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy
When Food Is Love
Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy
Paperback      ISBN: 0452268184
An examination of the link between eating disorders and the need for intimacy explains how eating disorders sabotage intimate relationships and why many people overeat to satisfy their emotional hunger
The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression
The Noonday Demon
An Atlas of Depression
Paperback      ISBN: 0684854678
The author offers a look at depression in which he draws on his own battle with the illness and interviews with others to assess the complexities of the disease, its causes and symptoms, and available therapies.
The Eden Express
The Eden Express
Paperback      ISBN: 0440613930
“One of the best books about going crazy . . . required reading for those who want to understand insanity from the inside.”—The New York Times Book Review Mark Vonnegut set out in search of Eden with his VW bug, his girlfriend, his dog, and his ideals. But genetic predisposition and “a whole lot of **** going down” made Mark Vonnegut crazy in a culture that told him “mental illness is a myth” and “schizophrenia is a sane response to an insane society.” Here he tells his story with the eyes that see from the inside out: a moving remembrance of an era and a revealing look at mental illness . . . and getting well again.