Naval Warfare
The Battlecruiser Hood
The Battlecruiser Hood
Paperback      ISBN: 184486202x
The destruction of the HMS Hood by the Bismarck in 1941 was one of the most shocking episodes in the history of the Royal Navy. Built during World War I, it was the largest, fastest and one of the most handsome capital ships in the world. This entry in the Anatomy of a Ship series—now in paper—features a detailed description of every aspect of the beloved battlecruiser. In addition to analyzing the genesis of its design and its contemporary significance, this exceptional study features superb line drawings, technical details, and the Hood's full service history.
Battleship Arizona: An Illustrated History
Battleship Arizona
An Illustrated History
Paperback      ISBN: 159114678x
The tragic sight of the USS Arizona burning after the attack on Pearl Harbor is etched in the collective memory of the United States citizens that lived through that infamous day. The ship sustained more losses in one day than any other ship in the U.S. Navy's history--1,177 men. Now available in paperback, Battleship Arizona describes in detail the battleship's twenty-five-year career, including the attack at Pearl Harbor, via the riveting stories of her survivors. Paul Stillwell draws on nearly one hundred interviews of former crewmen and countless official documents to present a full history of the famous warship.
The Battleship Bismarck
The Battleship Bismarck
Paperback      ISBN: 1591140714
The Bismarck is probably the most famous warship of WWII. The German battleship, 45,000 tons, was completed in early 1941 and went on to sink the 'Mighty Hood', pride of the Royal Navy, during one of the most sensational naval encounters ever. After a dramatic chase around the North Atlantic, involving many units of the Royal Navy, Bismarck was finally dispatched with gunfire and torpedoes less than five months after she was completed. Now available in paperback, The Battleship Bismarck is the finest documentation of this famous ship ever published. What makes this and all 'Anatomy of the Ship' volumes unique is a complete set of superbly executed line drawings, both the conventional type of plan as well as explanatory views, with fully descriptive keys, complete with color references on the book cover as well as large scale plans on the interior flaps.
The Battleship Builders: Constructing and Arming British Capital Ships
The Battleship Builders
Constructing and Arming British Capital Ships
Hardcover      ISBN: 1591140277
The launch in 1906 of HMS Dreadnought, the world's first all-big-gun battleship, rendered all existing battle fleets obsolete while at the same time wiping out the Royal Navy's numerical advantage. Britain urgently needed to build an entirely new battle fleet of these larger, more complex and more costly vessels. In this she succeeded spectacularly: in little over a decade fifty such ships were completed, almost exactly double what Germany achieved. This heroic achievement was made possible by the country's vast industrial nexus of shipbuilders, engine manufacturers, armament firms and specialist armor producers, whose contribution to the creation of the Grand Fleet is too often ignored.
The Battleship Dreadnought
The Battleship Dreadnought
Paperback      ISBN: 1844862062
Launched in 1906, HMS Dreadnought revolutionized battleship design. As the first “all-big-gun
The Battleship Holiday: The Naval Treaties and Capital Ship Design
The Battleship Holiday
The Naval Treaties and Capital Ship Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 1848323441
Even as World War I was ending, the victorious great powers were already embarked on a potentially ruinous new naval arms race, competing to incorporate the wartime lessons and technology into ever-larger and costlier capital ships. This competition was curtailed by the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, which effectively banned the construction of such ships for years to come, and mandated the scrapping of those under construction. This
Battleship Missouri: An Illustrated History
Battleship Missouri
An Illustrated History
Paperback      ISBN: 1591142318
Now available in paperback, this book traces the complete story of the Missouri from her keel-laying in 1941, her participation in the Japanese surrender in 1945, and her contribution to the Persian Gulf War. Through extensive interviews and research with records from the Naval Heritage and History Command, National Archives, Harry S. Truman Library, and other repositories, author Paul Stillwell has produced an engrossing portrait of the ship and her crew. With a detailed chronology of the ship's legendary career, dozens of human interest stories, and hundreds of photographs and drawings, Battleship Missouri serves as a fine tribute to one of the great ships of the modern era.
Battleship Texas
Battleship Texas
Paperback      ISBN: 0890965196
A little history and much mechanical detail of the only US warship to fight two world wars. Heavily illustrated (b&w) with extensive captions. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
The Battleship Warspite: Detailed in the Original Builders' Plans
The Battleship Warspite
Detailed in the Original Builders' Plans
Hardcover      ISBN: 1526719371
The technical details of early 20th century British warships were recorded in a set of plans produced by the builders on completion of every ship. Known as the “as fitted
Battleships of the Scharnhorst Class: The Scharnhorst and Gneisenau: the Backbone of the German Surface Forces at the Outbreak of War
Battleships of the Scharnhorst Class
The Scharnhorst and Gneisenau: the Backbone of the German Surface Forces at the Outbreak of War
Paperback      ISBN: 159114177x
The warships of the World War II German Navy are among the most popular subjects in naval history, and one of the best collections is the concise but authoritative six volume series written by Gerhard Koop and illustrated by Klaus-Peter Schmolke. Each book contains an account of the development of a particular class, a detailed description of the ships, with full technical details, and an outline of their service, and are heavily illustrated with plans, battle maps and a substantial collection of photographs. The first five volumes of this much sought after series are now available in paperback, with the sixth volume German Light Cruisers of World War II, planned for release in the fall of 2014. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were the products of a long, involved, and politically-determined design process that witnessed this class of battleships develop from an improved Pocket Battleship to what many described as a battlecruiser. These ships were the most active, and successful, of the Kriegesmarine's major warships, took part in numerous famous operations, including the infamous 'Channel Dash." and played a key part of Germany's struggle to wrest control of the sea at the outbreak of World War II. Each was superbly equipped and armed, and designed to cause maximum disruption to Allied shipping. This reference book traces their history, accompanied by outstanding technical drawings and precise specifications.