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The Cinematic Art of World of Warcraft
The Cinematic Art of World of Warcraft
Hardcover      ISBN: 1945683678
The drums of war thunder once again . . . World of Warcraft redefined online gaming for millions and millions of people, and in the fifteen years since its launch, each new chapter in the game
8-bit Apocalypse: The Untold Story of Atari's Missile Command
8-bit Apocalypse
The Untold Story of Atari's Missile Command
Paperback      ISBN: 1419738933
The Toxic Meritocracy of Video Games: Why Gaming Culture Is the Worst
The Toxic Meritocracy of Video Games
Why Gaming Culture Is the Worst
Paperback      ISBN: 1517900417
In this work for general readers, students, and scholars, author Christopher Paul (communication, Seattle University) plumbs the dark side of video gaming culture, from abusive player communities to the misogyny, sexism, and racism rampant in the white male dominated gaming industry. Throughout, he examines the pervasive influence of meritocracy in video games, showing how meritocratic ideology shows up in game design and game narratives, and busts the meritocratic myth that players who achieve high status have done so though their own efforts only. He gives suggestions on how to change the culture of video games, using ideas taken from professional sports and higher education, such as active recruiting and the intentional promotion of positive values, in order to create a more diverse and accepting gaming culture. Some games discussed include Tomb Raider, World of Warcraft, Street Fighter, Mafia Wars, Overwatch, and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The author has written other books on video games. Annotation
A History of Videogames: In 14 Consoles, 5 Computers, 2 Arcade Cabinets - and an Ocarina of Time
A History of Videogames
In 14 Consoles, 5 Computers, 2 Arcade Cabinets - and an Ocarina of Time
by Unknown
Hardcover      ISBN: 1787390640
The Works of Fumito Ueda: A Different Perspective on Video Games
The Works of Fumito Ueda
A Different Perspective on Video Games
Hardcover      ISBN: 2377840361
An emblematic question that has been fueling debates for years, the question of the artistic essence of video games continues to be debated today. If it appears essential for the recognition of the cultural value of the medium, this subject actually creak many teeth.Among the games that fuel the debate, a trilogy stands out particularly, signed by the Japanese developer Fumito Ueda whose approach to creation -propose something that did not exist elsewhere - has inhabited the making of each of its productions: ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian.
Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Marvel VS. Capcom 3
Fate of Two Worlds
Paperback      ISBN: 0744012872
BradyGames' Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Signature Series Guide includes the following: Worlds Collide for the Ultimate Faceoff After a decade of waiting, the biggest names from the Marvel Universe will clash head on with the combined might of Capcom's best known and most feared roster of gaming characters. Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds will deliver the best ever match up of legendary fighters and no holds barred fighting action. Complete Frame Data for Every Character! -Learn the startup, active, recovery, and hit advantage of every attack for every character in the game to punish your challengers in versus mode! Techniques and Game Plans from Tournament Pros! -Discover the best moves for every character and every occasion. Dominate your opposition with zoning techniques, pressure tactics, and ambiguous mix-ups! Individual Character Strategy and Team Building Tactics! -Learn the best crossover and hyper team combo attacks for every character. Create the best team for your playstyle! Insane Combos and Versus Play Setups! -Tips to keep your opposition cornered and combos to destroy them when they make mistakes.
The Art of Titanfall
The Art of Titanfall
Hardcover      ISBN: 178329194x
Collects concept art and renders of the video game's characters, settings, and weapons, and features commentary from the artists.
The Crash Bandicoot Files: How Willy the Wombat Sparked Marsupial Mania
The Crash Bandicoot Files
How Willy the Wombat Sparked Marsupial Mania
Hardcover      ISBN: 1506706495
A deluxe hardcover reproduction of Naughty Dog's original Crash Bandicoot developer's bible! Take a rare glimpse into the making of a videogame icon, and gain a first-hand taste of the undistilled creativity that brought Crash, Cortex, Aku Aku, and the rest of your favorite characters to millions of screens around the world! Reproducing Naughty Dog's original design document for Crash Bandicoot from the best available sources, this unique volume features original concept illustrations and includes a foreword from Crash's creators to lend insight into how Crash Bandicoot came to be the unforgettable videogame character he is today. This tome is sure to please all who possess a thirst for imagination and curiosity surrounding the creation of games!
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Official Guide
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Official Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0744019036
A full-color guide offers full coverage of all the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters; comprehensive strategies and move sets; and a free code for the guide's digital version. Simultaneous. (Hardcover collector's edition also available.)
The Art of Overwatch
The Art of Overwatch
Hardcover      ISBN: 1506703674
Filled with never-before-seen art, a full-color volume reveals the creative process behind one of the most popular first-person-shooter games of all time, which has become a global phenomenon with over 30 million players.