Classical Music Biography
21st Century Cellists
21st Century Cellists
Paperback      ISBN: 1890490393
This collection of interviews sparkles with the individual personalities of some of this century's most gifted cellists. With voices as unique as their instruments', these musicians reveal the facets and textures of their professional and personal lives. From the intrepid Bion Tsang to the dynamic Kenneth Slowik and the charming Yo-Yo Ma, these artists and many others discuss what it's like to be a soloist, member of an ensemble, composer, mentor, musical activist and recording artist. How they began, what cultural and historical forces shaped them, how they practice, and what they aspire to - this and more are illuminated in this fascinating volume. Artists include: David Finckel, Ralph Kirshbaum, Laurence Lesser, Yo-Yo Ma, Kermit Moore, Carlos Prieto, Hai-Ye Ni, Kenneth Slowik, Bion Tsang, Jian Wang and Peter Wispelwey.
American Muse: The Life and Times of William Schuman
American Muse
The Life and Times of William Schuman
Hardcover      ISBN: 1574671731
The life and accomplishment of this composer and devoted supporter of the arts is presented in a richly illustrated biography, providing a look at his music, his inspirations, and his respected career as president of the Julliard School and the Lincoln Center.
Arturo Toscanini: The NBC Years
Arturo Toscanini
The NBC Years
Hardcover      ISBN: 1574670697
Arturo Toscanini: The NBC Years details Toscanini's magnificent and heroic 17 years (1937-1954) conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra. The archival broadcast recordings documented and reassessed in this lively account comprise the most complete recorded legacy of Toscanini's orchestral conducting career. The broadcast recordings include his readings of many scores for which he left no approved recording, and his NBC career included performances of works he never conducted before coming to the network. The concerts and the broadcasts were immensely popular, and for generations Toscanini's name became synonymous with conducting. His legendary art and fiery personality also engendered controversy that has yet to subside, but this account takes on the challengers, accepting neither hero worship nor criticism that ignores the evidence.
An Autobiography
An Autobiography
Paperback      ISBN: 0393318567
Stravinsky reflects upon episodes in his life as a composer and performer
Paperback      ISBN: 0711902623
Bach: Essays on His Life and Music
Essays on His Life and Music
Paperback      ISBN: 0674059263
[Step into the classroom with Christoph Wolff]( Johann Sebastian Bach holds a singular position in the history of music. A uniquely gifted musician, he combined outstanding performing virtuosity with supreme creative powers and remarkable intellectual discipline. More than two centuries after his lifetime, Bach's work continues to set musical standards. The noted Bach scholar Christoph Wolff offers in this book new perspectives on the composer's life and remarkable career. Uncovering important historical evidence, the author demonstrates significant influences on Bach's artistic development and brings fresh insight on his work habits, compositional intent, and the musical traditions that shaped Bach's thought. Wolff reveals a composer devoted to an ambitious and highly individual creative approach, one characterized by constant self-criticism and self-challenge, the absorption of new skills and techniques, and the rethinking of riches from the musical past. Readers will find illuminating analyses of some of Bach's greatest music, including the B Minor Mass, important cantatas, keyboard and chamber compositions, the Musical Offering, and the Art of Fugue. Discussion of how these pieces "work" will be helpful to performers--singers, players, conductors--and to everyone interested in exploring the conceptual and contextual aspects of Bach's music. All readers will find especially interesting those essays in which Wolff elaborates on his celebrated discoveries of previously unknown works: notably the fourteen "Goldberg" canons and a collection of thirty-three chorale preludes. Representing twenty-five years of scholarship, these essays--half of which appear here in English for the first time--have established Christoph Wolff as one of the world's preeminent authorities on J. S. Bach. All students, performers, and lovers of Bach's music will find this an engaging and enlightening book.
Bach's Choral Music: A Listener's Guide
Bach's Choral Music
A Listener's Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 1574671804
Includes full-length CD from the Bach Collegium Japan. J.S. Bach - A Listener's Guide to His Choral Music introduces the general listener to a genre of music that is mistakenly supposed to be "difficult." A vivid biographical sketch of Bach's life and times provides the necessary background. The book then takes on the question "What is a cantata?" and guides the listener systematically through fugue, recitative, and aria. The author chooses 30 of Bach's 200 church cantatas that are especially likely to be performed live, and explores them in detail. Studies of the two great oratorios, the "St John Passion" and the "St. Matthew Passion," follow, together with a detailed analysis of what Bach himself probably thought to be his finest work, the "Mass in B Minor." The book is accompanied by a 75-minute CD featuring complete tracks from five of the finest cantatas, as well as several tracks from the two Passions, the Mass, and "Magnifcat."

Beethoven: His Spiritual Developemnt
His Spiritual Developemnt
Paperback      ISBN: 0394701003
From the Author's Preface: "I believe that in his greatest music Beethoven was primarily concerned to express his personal vision of life. This vision was, of course, the product of his character and his experience. Beethoven the man and Beethoven the composer are not two unconnected entities, and the known history of the man may be used to throw light upon the character of his music." Clifton Fadiman has said of this classic study: "It is the most interesting book on music that I have ever read and it is not written for musical experts; rather for people like myself who like to listen to music but can boast no special knowledge of it. It deals not only with music, on which I do not speak with authority, but with human life in general, about which you and I speak with authority every day of our lives."
Beethoven: The First Biography, 1827
The First Biography, 1827
Hardcover      ISBN: 1574670069
Available for the first time in English, this biography, published in Prague only a few months after the composer's death, provides a contemporary view of the man and musician. Eminent Beethoven scholar Barry Cooper puts this curious work into perspective, clarifying inaccuracies in the original 19th-century text. HARDCOVER.
Beethoven: The Philosophy of Music
The Philosophy of Music
Paperback      ISBN: 0745630456
Beethoven is a classic study of the composer's music, written by one of the most important thinkers of our time. Throughout his life, Adorno wrote extensive notes, essay fragments and aides-memoires on the subject of Beethoven's music. This book brings together all of Beethoven's music in relation to the society in which he lived.