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Letters from the Earth
Letters from the Earth
Paperback      ISBN: 0060921056
An American classic, with more than 320,000 copies sold-- some of Twain's most pungent and hilarious writings.
West With the Night
West With the Night
Paperback      ISBN: 0865471185
Describes growing up in an Africa that no longer exists, training and breeding race horses, flying mail to Sudan, and being the first woman to fly the Atlantic, east to west
Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History
Wonderful Life
The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History
Paperback      ISBN: 039330700x
A study of the Burgess Shale, a sea bed 530 million years old, and attempts to tackle what the findings are and what it means
Family Math
Family Math
Paperback      ISBN: 0912511060
The Stars: A New Way to See Them
The Stars
A New Way to See Them
Paperback      ISBN: 0395248302
A beginner's comprehensive guide to the stars, presenting the constellations in shapes that correspond sensibly to their names. Includes forty charts of the skies through the seasons.
Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness
Desert Solitaire
A Season in the Wilderness
Paperback      ISBN: 0671695886
An account of the author's experiences, observations, and reflections as a seasonal park ranger in southeast Utah
Science and the Enlightenment
Science and the Enlightenment
Paperback      ISBN: 0521286190
Science and the Enlightenment is a general history of eighteenth-century science covering both the physical and life sciences. It places the scientific developments of the century in the cultural context of the Enlightenment and reveals the extent to which scientific ideas permeated the thought of the age. The book takes advantage of recent scholarship, which is rapidly changing our understanding of science during the eighteenth century. In particular it describes how science was organized into fields that were quite different from those we know today. Professor Hankins's work is a much needed addition to the literature on eighteenth-century science. His study is not technical; it will be of interest to all students of the Enlightenment and the history of science, as well as to the general reader with some background in science.
The Weather Wizard's Cloud Book: How You Can Forecast the Weather Accurately and Easily by Reading the Clouds
The Weather Wizard's Cloud Book
How You Can Forecast the Weather Accurately and Easily by Reading the Clouds
Paperback      ISBN: 0912697105
Explains different types of clouds
History of Greek Mathematics: From Thales to Euclid
History of Greek Mathematics
From Thales to Euclid
Paperback      ISBN: 0486240738
Volume 1 of an authoritative two-volume set that covers the essentials of mathematics and includes every landmark innovation and every important figure. This volume features Euclid, Apollonius, others.
The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge
The Great Bridge
The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge
Paperback      ISBN: 067145711x
A detailed account of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge providing background on its engineering history as well as the political and social climate of the late-nineteenth century