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E Project
E Project
Paperback      ISBN: 9579437793
The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis: Modeling Suitability, Movement, and Interaction
The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis
Modeling Suitability, Movement, and Interaction
Paperback      ISBN: 1589483057
The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 3: Modeling Suitability, Movement, and Interaction describes practical applications of modeling concepts in a geographic information system (GIS). This book shows readers how they can explore spatial interaction, site selection, routing, and scheduling, and explains how to best interpret the results of the analysis. With full-color maps and illustrations and sample applications, this book will help students studying GIS and professional GIS analysts better use models to evaluate locations and analyze movement.
iMac Portable Genius
iMac Portable Genius
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1118147588
Tips, tools, and shortcuts on the latest features of the iMac Completely updated to cover the latest features and capabilities of the iMac, this handy guide is packed with useful tips, full-color screenshots, and savvy advice to show you how to get the most out of your iMac. You'll find cool information on iMacs as well as the new iLife '11 suite (Garageband, iMovie, and iPhoto) and the exciting OS X Lion operating system. Veteran author Guy Hart-Davis shows you how to set up and customize your iMac so that it will work best for you, plus he shows you how to get more from your iMac, whether you're switching from an older Mac or migrating from Windows. - Explores the best ways to maximize the amazing speed and impressive graphics of the new iMac - Highlights all the bells and whistles of the new iMac, including the new Magic Mouse, iLife applications, and the new OS - Provides you with the most up-to-date, accessible, useful information on the most used features of the iMac - Covers troubleshooting and maintaining your iMac and its related hardware and software Arm yourself with the most accessible, useful information possible with iMac Portable Genius, Third Edition by your side.
What to Think About Machines That Think: Today's Leading Thinkers on the Age of Machine Intelligence
What to Think About Machines That Think
Today's Leading Thinkers on the Age of Machine Intelligence
Paperback      ISBN: 006242565x
In a newest addition to the best-selling Edge Question Series, the founder and publisher of the influential online science salon asks 175 leading scientists, philosophers and artists to answer the question “What do you think about machines that think?" Original. 50,000 first printing.
Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and Wordpress
Build Your Own Website
A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and Wordpress
Paperback      ISBN: 1593275226
A humorous, illustrated guide introduces the basics of creating a website, including HTML tags, CSS, customizing Word Press, plugins, and choosing domain name.
Droid 4 For Dummies
Droid 4 For Dummies
Paperback      ISBN: 1118336747
As compared to the existing smartphone For Dummies titles, this one is very concise. The chapter size is between 8 and 12 pages, covering very basic information in a friendly, informative, and entertaining style. The basic items covered include setup, operation as a phone, communications using texting, e-mail, the web, social networking, and (if the hardware supports it) video chat. Information is provided on any apps specific to the phone, as well as details on how to use the Android Market. Connection and configuration information is discussed on a detailed level. The book's goal is for the reader to get more out of their smartphone than offered by the tiresome and limited manual (pamphlet,actually). Along the way they'll be entertained and enjoy the process of discovering what their phone can do. As usual, humor is generously peppered through the text. It provides relief, but never gets in the way of important stuff. The reader will end up keeping this book close, referring to it often as they explore the features of the latest, most technologically wizbang phone in the universe. The book covers: 1. Droid 4 Setup 2. Basic Operations 3. Text and Typing 4. Phone Duties 5. The Address Book 6. Messages In and Out 7. Portable Web Browsing 8. Social Networking 9. Video Chat 10. Phone Apps 11. The Android Market 12. Wireless Networking Wizardry 13. Share and Synchronize 14. Customization
The Internet Police: How Crime Went Online, and the Cops Followed
The Internet Police
How Crime Went Online, and the Cops Followed
Paperback      ISBN: 0393349454
A veteran reporter describes how authorities in Australia, Belgum, Ukraine and the United States combined forces to respond to a child pornography ring as well as how other criminal sting operations have been policed and patrolled online. Reprint.
Teach Yourself Visually Macs
Teach Yourself Visually Macs
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0470888482
Each illustrated resource offers visual learners a great beginner's guide to a particular topic, augmenting step-by-step instructions with full-color screen shots.
Icon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business
Icon Steve Jobs
The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business
Hardcover      ISBN: 0471720836
An examination of one of the greatest success stories of the digital age looks at the success Steve Jobs has had with Pixar and his rejuvenation of Apple through the introduction of the iMac and iPod.
Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms
Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms
Paperback      ISBN: 0764147552
This updated edition includes the most recent terms relating to constantly expanding computer and internet technology. More than 3,200 terms and definitions deal with-- - Practical guidance for business software users - Computer security, law, and ethics - Computer programming, with examples in several computer languages - Social media, Internet culture, and their latest developments Previous editions of this user-friendly book have proved especially helpful to readers who feel intimidated by computer technicians' jargon. The authors clarify technical terminology while keeping to the highest standards of accuracy. One grateful reader called this book the "Rosetta Stone" for deciphering computer terms. Features many line illustrations and tables.