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Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide, Includes Downloadable Forms
Starting & Building a Nonprofit
A Practical Guide, Includes Downloadable Forms
Paperback      ISBN: 1413325998
Starting & Building a Nonprofit explains in detail how to start a nonprofit that is both effective and sustainable, and can continue doing its good work even if the founders move on. It is written for people who are passionate about a cause, but may not know the first thing about the legal structure of nonprofits or how to manage them. It explains from A to Z how to organize people, money and resources legally and strategically, in line with the unique rules governing nonprofit organizations in the US.
The Retail Start-up Book: Successfully Plan, Launch and Grow a Business
The Retail Start-up Book
Successfully Plan, Launch and Grow a Business
Paperback      ISBN: 0749484721
Build a successful and profitable retail strategy by focusing on the key areas every retailer must get right: developing a strategic marketing plan, financial management and buying and visual merchandising.
How to Write a Business Plan: Win Backing and Support for Your Ideas and Ventures
How to Write a Business Plan
Win Backing and Support for Your Ideas and Ventures
Paperback      ISBN: 0749486430
Gain essential skills for career development and craft a winning business plan to secure the support you need with this one-stop guide to producing the most professional and convincing plans possible.
Shortcut Your Startup: Speed Up Success With Unconventional Advice from the Trenches
Shortcut Your Startup
Speed Up Success With Unconventional Advice from the Trenches
Paperback      ISBN: 1501173006
From the Reum brothers—former Goldman Sachs investment bankers, successful operators, and investors—comes Shortcut Your Startup, a practical playbook for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, filled with unconventional yet accessible advice for maximizing your business venture. Courtney and Carter Reum have years of experience in the field, from investing in over 130 companies, including Lyft, Pinterest, Warby Parker, and ClassPass, to driving the success of their own liquor brand, VEEV Spirits. The Reum brothers have learned from every triumph and tribulation, and over the years have developed an effective and easy-to-understand guide to help entrepreneurs through the startup journey from inception to sale. Complete with personal anecdotes and real-life advice from the business playing field, Shortcut Your Startup outlines Courtney and Carter’s ten key “Startup Switchups” that flip traditional advice on its head: · Get into the Trenches · Know if You’re a Speedboat or a Sailboat · Obsessively Take Advantage of Your Unfair Advantages · Do What You Do Best, and Outsource the Rest · Build in Flexibility and a Diversified Focus · Think Milestones, Not Time · Nail It Before You Scale It · 1 Percent Better Is 1000 Percent Better · Gain Buy-in with Heart-Based Momentum · Success Doesn’t Equate to a Successful Exit Whether you’re a veteran entrepreneur looking for new ways to boost performance and reinvent your brand, or an aspiring entrepreneur ready to take a leap of faith, Shortcut Your Startup is essential reading to speed up your success!
The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future
The $100 Startup
Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future
Hardcover      ISBN: 0307951529
Shares advice for transitioning away from unfulfilling jobs to embark on adventurous, meaningful careers, outlining recommendations for starting a personal business with a minimum of time and investment while turning ideas into higher income levels. 60,000 first printing.
The Yogi Entrepreneur: A Guid to Earning a Mindful Living Through Yoga
The Yogi Entrepreneur
A Guid to Earning a Mindful Living Through Yoga
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1492883301
Many yoga teachers are great at teaching but struggle with the business of yoga. The Yogi Entrepreneur is a powerful guidebook for the thousands of aspiring yoga teachers around the world who have a passion for sharing their yoga but resist the business of teaching.Based on decades of experience, Darren Main offers guidance for building classes, leading workshops and developing an ethical career as a yoga teacher. This second edition includes a new chapter on getting it all done and even more guidance around creating a dynamic website and and social networking presence. With more than fifty free and low-cost marketing tips and dozens of resources, this book will help teachers world-wide realize that balancing your checkbook can be every bit as yogic as doing a headstand. Whether you are a new teacher just getting started or a seasoned instructor looking for fresh ideas to breathe new life into your work, The Yogi Entrepreneur is the book for you.
Grow Your Handmade Business: How to Envision, Develop, and Sustain a Successful Creative Business
Grow Your Handmade Business
How to Envision, Develop, and Sustain a Successful Creative Business
Paperback      ISBN: 1603429891
Are you ready to make a living from your craft? Applying her trademark "you-can-do-it" coaching style to the nuts and bolts of business planning, Kari Chapin covers all of the issues involved in turning your creative hobby into a successful business--from mapping out a business plan to expanding production and distribution, finding funding, and addressing legal matters. With this definitive guide, you'll discover how to grow your business beyond the dining room table and finally quit your day job.
Never Get a
Never Get a "Real" Job
How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business, and Not Go Broke
Hardcover      ISBN: 0470643862
"Go to work for the best boss in the world-yourself Never Get a "Real" Job challenges the social conventions behind the old-school, 9-to-5 "real" job, and empowers entrepreneurs to take control of their lives, fears, and careers. Successful entrepreneur Scott Gerber dissects failures, shares hard-learned lessons, and presents practical, affordable, and systematic action steps to building, managing, and marketing a successful business that accompanies being your own boss. The proven no-holds-barred approach presented in Never Get a "Real" Job teaches aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, students and recent college graduates how to quit the rat race and achieve financial independence without going broke. Author Scott Gerber is not the product of a wealthy family or storied entrepreneurial heritage. Nor is he the outcome of a traditional business school education or a corporate executive turned small business owner. Rather, he is an authentic, self-taught entrepreneur who has survived and thrived despite never holding a "real" job. Start your business based on your passions using the included self-assessment tools that include tips on how to make the leap between the dream and the doing without breaking the bank. Successfully transition into being your own boss, and never work in anyone else's office again with Never Get a "Real" Job."--
Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business
Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business
Paperback      ISBN: 1413326137
Provides answers to legal questions in plain English about starting and running a small business, including information on getting permits and licenses, finding start-up money, and negotiating a lease. Includes charts, graphs, tables and forms. Original.
Shark Tank Secrets to Success: How to Propel Your Business from the Tank to the Bank
Shark Tank Secrets to Success
How to Propel Your Business from the Tank to the Bank
Paperback      ISBN: 1484723252
A follow-up to Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business outlines strategic steps for applying the author's philosophies to a working company, sharing practical tips and insightful anecdotes for approaching the challenges of daily business practices. Original. 50,000 first printing.