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Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations
Here Comes Everybody
The Power of Organizing Without Organizations
Hardcover      ISBN: 1594201536
Evaluates the significant role being played by technological advances on the formation and experience of modern group dynamics, citing such examples as Wikipedia and MySpace to demonstrate the Internet's power in bridging geographical and cultural gaps. 40,000 first printing.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0387912568
Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
Programming Ruby
The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0974514055
A tutorial and reference to the object-oriented programming language for beginning to experienced programmers, updated for version 1.8, describes the language's structure, syntax, and operation, and explains how to build applications.
Arguing A. I.: The Battle for Twenty-First Century Science
Arguing A. I.
The Battle for Twenty-First Century Science
Paperback      ISBN: 081299180x
Few scientific topics since the theory of biological evolution have inspired as much controversy as artificial intelligence has. Even now, fifty years after the term first made its appearance in academic journals, many philosophers and more than a few prominent scientists and software programmers dismiss the pursuit of thinking machines as the modern-day equivalent of medieval alchemists’ hunt for the philosopher’s stone-a pursuit based more on faith than on skeptical inquiry. In Arguing A.I., journalist Sam Williams charts both the history of artificial intelligence from its scientific and philosophical roots and the history of the A.I. debate. He examines how and why the tenor of the debate has changed over the last half-decade in particular, as scientists are struggling to take into account the latest breakthroughs in computer science, information technology, and human biology. For every voice predicting machines like 2001’s HAL within the next twenty to thirty years, others have emerged with more pessimistic forecasts. From artificial intelligence’s pioneers John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky, to futurist authors Ray Kurzweil and Hans Moravec, to software architects Bill Joy and Jaron Lanier, Arguing A.I. introduces readers to the people participating in the current debate, both proponents and critics of A.I. who are changing the way computers “think” and the way we think about computers. Ultimately, Arguing A.I. is as much a history of thought as it is a history of science. Williams notes that many of the questions plaguing modern scientists and software programmers are the same questions that have concerned scientists and philosophers since time immemorial: What are the fundamental limitations of science and scientific inquiry? What is the nature of intelligence? And, most important, what does it really mean to be human?
PostGIS in Action
PostGIS in Action
Paperback      ISBN: 1935182269
Whether you're canvassing a congressional district, managing a sales region, mapping city bus schedules, or analyzing local cancer rates, thinking spatially opens up limitless possibilities for database users. PostGIS, a freely available open-source spatial database extender, can help you answer questions that you could not answer using a mere relational database. Its feature set equals or surpasses proprietary alternatives, allowing you to create location-aware queries and features with just a few lines of SQL code. PostGIS in Action is the first book devoted entirely to PostGIS. It will help both new and experienced users write spatial queries to solve real-world problems. For those with experience in more traditional relational databases, this book provides a background in vector-based GIS so you can quickly move to analyzing, viewing, and mapping data. Advanced users will learn how to optimize queries for maximum speed, simplify geometries for greater efficiency, and create custom functions suited specifically to their applications. It also discusses the new features available in PostgreSQL 8.4 and provides tutorials on using additional open source GIS tools in conjunction with PostGIS. Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook from Manning. Also available is all code from the book.
The Electronic Eye: The Rise of Surveillance Society
The Electronic Eye
The Rise of Surveillance Society
Paperback      ISBN: 0816625158
Examines the mediated nature of modern society, in which every transaction, phone call, vote, border crossing, and application registers into some computer
In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives
In the Plex
How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives
Hardcover      ISBN: 1416596585
In a book written with full cooperation from top management at Google, the author offers a behind-the-scenes story of the most successful and admired technology company of our time. 125,000 first printing.
Rolfing In Motion: A Guide To Balancing Your Body
Rolfing In Motion
A Guide To Balancing Your Body
Compact Disc      ISBN: 1594770743
This CD presents 38 structural awareness exercises featured in the author's book, Balancing Your Body. The exercises teach you to recognize and respond in appropriate ways to your body's inner messages. Beginning with an exploration of your existing habitual standing and walking patterns, the exercises offer a variety of experiences that will contribute to your standing, sitting, and walking with fluidity and ease, creating new freedom in your physical expression and improving your well-being and overall vitality.
The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby
Paperback      ISBN: 0684801523
A young man newly rich tries to recapture the past and win back his former love, despite the fact she has married
Shadows of the Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness
Shadows of the Mind
A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness
Hardcover      ISBN: 0198539789
Presenting a look at the human mind's capacity while criticizing artificial intelligence, the author of The Emperor's New Mind makes suggestions about classical and quantum physics and the role of microtubules. 45,000 first printing. $23,000 ad/promo. Tour. UP.