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Shrapnel in the Heart: Letters and Remembrances from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Shrapnel in the Heart
Letters and Remembrances from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Paperback      ISBN: 0394759885

More than one hundred letters left at Washington's Vietnam Veterans Memorial are accompanied by interviews with the authors of the letters, families of soldiers killed in the war

Fire From The Sky: Seawolf Gunships In The Mekong Delta
Fire From The Sky
Seawolf Gunships In The Mekong Delta
Hardcover      ISBN: 1591144477

This is the dramatic history of the HAL-3 Seawolves, the U.S. Navy's first and only helicopter gunship squadron of the Vietnam War. The squadron was established "in country" to support the fast, pugnacious river patrol boats of the brown water navy. Flying combat-worn Hueys borrowed from the Army, the mission of the Seawolves quickly expanded to include rapid response air support to any friendly force in the Delta needing immediate, no-holds-barred assistance. Operating in two-plane detachments from specifically configured LSTs, hastily constructed bases, and primitive campsites, the navy gunships and their crews responded to calls within minutes. Flying in all kinds of weather, day and night, they arrived at tree-top level with forward-firing rockets and flex-guns blazing. Door gunners hung outside the violently maneuvering helicopters delivering a hail of fire with their hand-held M-60 machine guns. The Seawolves inserted SEALs deep into enemy territory, and extracted them, often despite savage enemy opposition. They rescued friendly combatants from almost certain capture or death, and evacuated the wounded when Medevac helicopters were not available. Gleaned from historical documents and the colorful recollections of more than sixty Seawolf warriors, this is the first complete history of the most decorated Navy squadron of the Vietnam War. Naval aviator Richard Knott recounts the story of the Seawolves from the dawning of the concept to the moment the last squadron commander turned out the lights.

Leading the Way: How Vietnam Veterans Rebuilt the U.S. Military : An Oral History
Leading the Way
How Vietnam Veterans Rebuilt the U.S. Military : An Oral History
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0345374983

Al Santoli's bestselling Everything We Had was a landmark book about the Vietnam War - hailed by the Chicago Sun-Times as "oral history at its best" and praised by soldiers and civilians alike as one of the most powerful, truthful accounts of that conflict. Now in Leading the Way, Santoli brings us a stunning oral history of the United States military from Vietnam through Desert Storm, and beyond. Leading the Way is a historic record of the rebuilding and reenergizing of America's armed forces, as told by the combat veterans who helped to bring it about.
Fifty-six military professionals bring to life the most critical moments they have experienced in combat, from the Central Highlands of Vietnam to the air-strips of Panama and the deserts of Kuwait and Somalia. But just as riveting as their battle stories are their behind-the-scenes accounts of how confidence, discipline, and integrity were restored to the military after Vietnam by the work and example of its leaders. In Leading the Way, senior sergeants and officers tell their own stories in their own voices.
General Charles ("Chuck") Horner was thrust as a young, untested Air Force captain into the Rolling Thunder mission over North Vietnam - and drew on his crucial experiences there when he served as Commanding General of the Central Command Air Forces during Desert Storm.
Command Sergeant Major William Earl McCune fought in Vietnam as a draftee, then decided he didn't want to go back to the Chicago ghetto. He soldiered for the next twenty-six years, and enforced discipline for an inexperienced tank battalion in Saudi Arabia.
General Alfred Gray worked to solve the drug problems and racial tensions that plagued the Marine Corps during the "wilderness years" after Vietnam. Later, with dedicated officers like Colonel Michael Wyly, Gray pioneered the revolutionary new Maneuver Warfare Doctrine that has helped to save Marines' lives.
Commander Timothy Holden served on a frigate off the coast of Vietnam, then trained to become one of the elite Navy SEALs. His command of coastal special operations missions involving Navy SEALs in the Gulf War was crucial to the Allies' success.
Colonel Wes Fox, a Marine private in Korea and recipient of the Medal of Honor in Vietnam, blasts the notion that technology alone won the Persian Gulf War and praises the intelligence of the soldiers and the judgment of their officers during the war.
As compelling to read as it is far-reaching in its implications, Leading the Way reveals crucial truths about the heart and mind of America's military, a military which now faces new challenges in a world torn by ethnic violence and regional instability. Anyone who cares about the recent past, the present, and the future of our armed forces will find Leading the Way essential, and fascinating, reading.

Uniforms of the Indo-China and Vietnam Wars
Uniforms of the Indo-China and Vietnam Wars
Hardcover      ISBN: 0713712643
Uncommon Valor: The Recon Company That Earned Five Medals of Honor and Included America's Most Decorated Green Beret
Uncommon Valor
The Recon Company That Earned Five Medals of Honor and Included America's Most Decorated Green Beret
Hardcover      ISBN: 1591145740
Uncommon Valor is a look into the formation and operation of an advanced Special Forces recon company during the Vietnam War. Code-named the Studies and Observations Group, SOG was the most covert U.S. military unit in its time and contained only volunteers from such elite units as the Army's Green Berets, Navy SEALs, and Air Force Air Commandos. SOG warriors operated in small teams, going behind enemy lines in Laos and Cambodia and along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, tasked with performing special reconnaissance, sabotaging North Vietnamese Army ammunition, attempting to rescue downed U.S. pilots, and other black ops missions. During that time, Forward Operating Base-2's (FOB-2's) recon company became the most highly decorated unit of the Vietnam War, with five of its men earning the Medal of Honor and eight earning the Distinguished Service Cross-America's second highest military award for valor. Purple Hearts were earned by SOG veterans at a pace unparalleled in American wars of the twentieth century, with casualties at times exceeding 100 percent. One, Bob Howard, was wounded on fourteen different occasions, received eight Purple Hearts, was written up after three different missions for the Medal of Honor, and emerged from Vietnam as the most highly decorated soldier since World War II's Audie Murphy.
The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam
The Road Not Taken
Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam
Hardcover      ISBN: 0871409410

In this epic biography of Edward Lansdale (1908- 1987), the man said to be the fictional model for Graham Greene's The Quiet American, best-selling historian Max Boot demonstrates how Lansdale pioneered a "hearts and mind" diplomacy, first in the Philippines, then in Vietnam. It was a visionary policy that, as Boot reveals, was ultimately crushed by America's giant military bureaucracy, steered by elitist generals and blueblood diplomats who favored troop build-ups and napalm bombs over winning the trust of the people. Through dozens of interviews and access to neverbefore-seen documents--including long-hidden love letters--Boot recasts this cautionary American story, tracing the bold rise and the crashing fall of the roguish "T. E. Lawrence of Asia" from the battle of Dien Bien Phu to the humiliating American evacuation in 1975. Bringing a tragic complexity to this so-called "ugly American," this "engrossing biography" (Karl Marlantes) rescues Lansdale from historical ignominy and suggests that Vietnam could have been different had we only listened. With reverberations that continue to play out in Iraq and Afghanistan, The Road Not Taken is a biography of profound historical consequence.

USN McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II
USN McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II
Paperback      ISBN: 1472804953

Originally designed as a carrier-born, long-range interceptor armed with radar-guided missiles and tasked with defense against missile-launching bombers, the Phantom II went on to establish itself as one of the most important multirole fighter, attack and reconnaissance aircraft of the twentieth century. Going on to play an important role in the war in Vietnam as a workhorse, in addition to the MiG interceptor, the Phantom was a mainstay of Atlantic Fleet operations, intercepting Soviet bomber and reconnaissance aircraft and turning them away from the carrier groups at the height of the Cold War.

This book reveals the design and development history of the Phantom, its variants and the exported designs adopted by other NATO countries. Packed with illustrations, photographs, and firsthand accounts, it provides the technical history of one of the most famous aircraft ever built.

Our War: What We Did in Vietnam and What It Did to Us
Our War
What We Did in Vietnam and What It Did to Us
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0812925769

A journalist and former Vietnam draft resister explores the divisive legacy of the Vietnam War, offering an insider's view of the antiwar movement of the era and the moral implications of the war and its aftermath

The United States, Southeast Asia, and Historical Memory
The United States, Southeast Asia, and Historical Memory
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1608463230

This book sheds crucial new light on the epochal US interventions in Southeast Asia after World War II. Antiwar activist Fred Branfman describes the tragic lives of Laotian peasants under US bombing. Cambodia scholar Ben Kiernan and colleague Owen Taylor illuminate the course of Cambodia history after unprecedented US bombing. The book also includes classic works by Noam Chomsky, Nick Turse, and Edward Herman.

Mark Pavlick is an independent editor. He was active in the US movement against the Indochina wars in volunteer work with the Indochina Mobile Education Project and the Indochina Resource Center in Washington, DC.


Introduction 1

Richard Falk

1. War Crimes in Indochina and Our Troubled National Soul 5

Fred Branfman

2. Excerpts from Voices from the Plain of Jars 19

Collected by Fred Branfman

3. Legacies of War: Cluster Bombs in Laos 23

Channapha Khamvongsa and Elaine Russell

4. Agent Orange in Vietnam 53

Tuan V. Nguyen

5. Iraq, Another Vietnam? Consider Cambodia 75

Ben Kiernan and Taylor Owen

6. My Lai and the American Way of War Crimes 85

Gareth Porter

7. The Indonesian Domino 101

Clinton Fernandes

8. "So Many People Died" The American System of Suffering, 1965-2014 119

Nick Turse

9. Bloodbaths in Indochina: Constructive, Nefarious, and Mythical (1979) 125

Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman

10. From Mad Jack to Mad Henry: The United States in Vietnam (1975) 173

Noam Chomsky

11. After "Mad Henry" US Policy Toward Indochina Since 1975 201

Ng V ınh Long

12. My Experiences with Laos and the Indochina Wars 221

Interview with Fred Branfman

13. Interview with Noam Chomsky 251

Glossary of Selected Terms 261

Further Action 267

Recommended Reading 273

Acknowledgments 281

Permissions 283

Notes 285

Index 333

Contributors 351

Where War Lives: A Photographic Journal
Where War Lives
A Photographic Journal
Trade Paperback      SKU: 1199086754