Seeds and Bulbs
Paperback      ISBN: 0789414546
Offers advice on planting bulbs and provides information on the most popular varieties
Burpee Basics Bulbs: A Growing Guide for Easy, Colorful Gardens
Burpee Basics Bulbs
A Growing Guide for Easy, Colorful Gardens
Paperback      ISBN: 0028626370
Concentrating on widely available garden bulbs and basic cultivation requirements, a guide divides the flowering classes of bulbs into spring, summer, and fall bloomers and shows beginning gardeners how to grow them without chemicals
Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs
Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0881925470
The Cape Region, at the southern tip of Africa, is easily among the richest centres for bulbous plants. Nearly 1200 species find their home there and almost three-quarters of them occur nowhere else. This complete account is an essential aid to the identification of all species.
Naturalizing Bulbs
Naturalizing Bulbs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0805046313
Explains how to plant bulbs where they can succeed on their own with little or no maintenance, and describes the conditions required by hundreds of popular bulb species
Seed Libraries: And Other Means of Keeping Seeds in the Hands of the People
Seed Libraries
And Other Means of Keeping Seeds in the Hands of the People
Paperback      ISBN: 0865717826
Historically, seed companies were generally small, often family-run businesses. Because they were regionally based, they could focus on varieties well-suited to the local environment. A Pacific Northwest company, for example, would specialize in different cultivars than a company based in the Southeast. However the absorption of these small, independent seed businesses into large multinationals, combined with the advancement of biotechnology resulting in hybrids and GMO seeds, has led to a serious loss of genetic diversity. The public is now at the mercy of the corporations that control the seeds. In the past few years, gardeners have realized the inherent danger in this situation. A growing movement is striving to preserve and expand our stock of heritage and heirloom varieties through seed saving and sharing opportunities. Seed Libraries is a practical guide to saving seeds through community programs, including: - Step-by-step instructions for setting up a seed library - A wealth of ideas to help attract patrons and keep the momentum going - Profiles of existing libraries and other types of seed saving partnerships Whoever controls the seeds controls the food supply. By empowering communities to preserve and protect the genetic diversity of their harvest, Seed Libraries is the first step towards reclaiming our self-reliance while enhancing food security and ensuring that the future of food is healthy, vibrant, tasty, and nutritious. Cindy Conner is a permaculture educator, founder of Homeplace Earth and producer of two popular instructional gardening DVDs. She is also the author of Grow a Sustainable Diet.
Seedswap: The Gardener's Guide to Saving and Swapping Seeds
The Gardener's Guide to Saving and Swapping Seeds
Hardcover      ISBN: 1611800919
Presents a guide to seed saving and creating a seed bank, providing information on why seed banks are important, which seeds to swap and save, and how to get involved with the worldwide horticultural campaign to save seeds.

The Triumph of Seeds: How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, & Pips Conquered the Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History
The Triumph of Seeds
How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, & Pips Conquered the Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History
Hardcover      ISBN: 0465055990
We live in a world of seeds. From our morning coffee to the cotton in our clothes, seeds support diets, economies, lifestyles, and civilizations. In The Triumph of Seeds, award-winning conservation biologist Thor Hanson builds on his own triumph in Feathers?itself a masterwork of natural and cultural history?to explore seeds as both a natural phenomenon and a human one. Spanning locations ranging from the Raccoon Lodge?Hanson’s backyard writing hideout-cum-laboratory?to the coffee plantations of the Amazon, from our flower patches and backyard gardens to the spice routes of Kerala, The Triumph of the Seeds is a book of knowledge, adventure, and wonder by an enchanting writer who embodies both the charm of stories told by the fireside at an old country store and the hard-won expertise of a professor of field biology. A worthy heir to the grand tradition of Aldo Leopold and Bernd Heinrich, this book is essential reading for anyone who loves to see a plant grow.