Jewish Cooking
Save the Deli: In Search of Perfect Pastrami, Crusty Rye, and the Heart of Jewish Delicatessen
Save the Deli
In Search of Perfect Pastrami, Crusty Rye, and the Heart of Jewish Delicatessen
Paperback      ISBN: 0547386443
Part culinary travelogue, part cultural history, part rallying cry, Save the Deli is a must-read for anyone whose idea of perfect happiness is tucking into a pastrami on rye with a pickle on the side. Corned beef. Pastrami. Brisket. Matzo balls. Knishes. Mustard and rye. In this book about deli’s food, history, and characters, its greatest triumphs, spectacular failures, and ultimately its very future, David Sax goes deep into the world of the Jewish delicatessen. From New York to Chicago, Florida, L.A., Montreal, Toronto, Paris, and beyond, Sax strives to answer the question: Can the Jewish deli thrive, and if so, how? Funny, poignant, and impeccably written, Save the Deli is the story of one man’s search to save a defining element of a culture—and the sandwiches—he loves.
The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen: A Fresh Take on Tradition
The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen
A Fresh Take on Tradition
Hardcover      ISBN: 145491436x
Organized according to the Jewish calendar, The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen combines the modern focus on fresh foods with ancient roots and recipes. These dishes are lighter and brighter, reflective of the flavors of the Jewish Diaspora. It's Jewish cooking for a new generation, featuring everything from traditional brisket, chicken soup, gefilte fish, and the best-ever potato latkes to more unusual fare like the Bulgarian cheese puffs known asbouikos; Simple Farro Soup with Chickpeas and Escarole; Lamb, Butternut Squash, and Quince Tagine; Penne with Zucchini Sauce; Roast Chicken with Tangerines, Green Olives, and Silan; Buckwheat, Bowties, and Brussels Sprouts; and Carob Molasses Ice Cream. Amelia Saltsman's melting-pot approach to flavors and ingredients will win over today's cooks, eager for a new take on Jewish food.
Seasons of Our Joy: A Modern Guide to the Jewish Holidays
Seasons of Our Joy
A Modern Guide to the Jewish Holidays
Paperback      ISBN: 0827609302
Circling the Jewish calendar from Rosh Hashanah to Tisha B'Av, this lively, accessible guide provides rituals, recipes, songs, prayers, and suggestions for new approaches to holiday observance. Rabbi Arthur O. Waskow explores the meaning of each holiday in relation to the history of the Jewish people and individual spirituality, examines how the place of each holiday in the cycle of the moon and the changing seasons affects the mood of the day, and suggests ritual and spiritual ways to prepare for each festival. In his extensive afterword to this new edition of Seasons of Our Joy, Rabbi Waskow addresses the many changes Judaism has undergone in the last thirty years, as feminist Judaism, neo-Chassidic mysticism, eco-Judaism, and Jewish meditation have newly colored our understanding of the festivals.
Second Helpings, Please!: A Project of Mount Sinai Chapter Act to End Violence Against Women
Second Helpings, Please!
A Project of Mount Sinai Chapter Act to End Violence Against Women
Paperback      ISBN: 1770503196
Now in a new edition with over 175,000 copies sold. This revised edition includes a selection of low-calorie and quick and easy microwave recipes, plus tips for today's busy cook. First published in 1968, this is the go-to cookbook for young newly independent adults, newly marrieds and people who simply love food. Originally conceived as a culinary celebration of Jewish Holy Days, Second Helpings, Please! has evolved into an indispensable cooking treasury -- one designed with convenience in mind but packed with all sorts of helpful tips and advice for the amateur cook. From discussion of oven temperatures to substitutions (when you have run out of fresh milk, for example) from a primer on how to measure to a dictionary of food terms, this soup-to-nuts compendium features over 500 recipes. A comprehensive index, charts of recommended freezer storage time, glossaries, special occasion menus and dieting hints add even more to the package.

Secrets of a Jewish Baker: Recipes for 125 Breads from Around the World
Secrets of a Jewish Baker
Recipes for 125 Breads from Around the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 1580088449
For more than twenty years, George Greenstein owned and operated a Long Island bakery that produced all sorts of baked goods, from all sorts of ethnic traditions—focaccia and Irish soda bread, Bavarian pumpernickel and naan—including many from his own culture, such as Jewish corn bread, challah, and bagels. His bakery was one of those neighborhood treasures where every weekday evening commuters picked up brown paper bags filled with a dozen Vienna rolls straight from the oven, and every weekend morning lines extended out the door for hours.In this James Beard Award-winning cookbook, Greenstein reveals 125 recipes for the yeasted and quick breads that have been handed down through his family by three generations of bakers—the breads that made his bakery so well-loved for so many years. And now that most neighborhood bakeries like Greenstein's are long since closed, this classic collection serves not only to teach bakers everywhere how to make those delicious, classic breads, but it also preserves authentic versions of the included Jewish recipes for all to enjoy.With the same helpful features that made this a cherished cookbook upon its original publication—separate instructions for mixing each recipe by hand, food processor, and stand mixer; tips for baking a week's worth of bread in as few as two hours; invaluable baker's secrets; and a very approachable style throughout—this revised edition also includes twelve new recipes to satisfy both old fans and new. So bring the spirit of that great old bakery back to life right in your very own kitchen, filling every room of your house with the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread. And rest assured you'll bake with ease and success every time, thanks to George and his long-learned, very happily shared SECRETS OF A JEWISH BAKER.
Secrets of a Kosher Girl: A 21-Day Nourishing Plan to Lose Weight and Feel Great (Even If You're Not Jewish)
Secrets of a Kosher Girl
A 21-Day Nourishing Plan to Lose Weight and Feel Great (Even If You're Not Jewish)
Paperback      ISBN: 1682614999
Nationally recognized registered dietitian-nutritionist Beth Warren has been sharing her kosher expertise and practical nutrition approach to healthy living for years. Secrets of a Kosher Girl integrates the ancient principles of a kosher diet and lifestyle with proven weight-loss strategies emphasizing whole foods, or "clean eating." This easy-to-follow 21-day diet and exercise plan results in an average loss of 6 to 11 pounds and improvements in mood, muscle mass, and energy, along with cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Beth lost weight on her proven program and shows how you can too. First, you’ll discover how to prepare your mind, body, and pantry to follow the diet successfully, and how it’s important to have the strong discipline and intuitive eating techniques inherent in a kosher diet to condition your mind. Next, Beth explains how physical activity is not only important to health and weight loss, but how this concept has been around since biblical times. Last, Beth provides everything you need to start the program: 21 days of meal plans, recipes, and daily fitness goals, with motivational biblical quotes to inspire you along the way. Lose weight the kosher way!
Sephardic Israeli Cuisine: A Mediterranean Mosaic
Sephardic Israeli Cuisine
A Mediterranean Mosaic
Paperback      ISBN: 0781813107
Sephardic cuisine is truly a mosaic of a variety of Mediterranean influences. Typical ingredients include cinnamon, cloves, fenugreek, saffron, almond essence, rose and orange flower water, tahini paste, artichokes, fava beans, olives, fennel, couscous, semolina and bulgur. Noted cookbook author Sheilah Kaufman guides home cooks through the specialties of the Israeli kitchen in this unique collection of recipes. Includes 120 easy-to-follow recipes, as well as a brief history of the Jews and their wanderings, and guides to kosher dining, Jewish holidays, and food terms.
Shaya: An Odyssey of Food, My Journey Back to Israel
An Odyssey of Food, My Journey Back to Israel
Hardcover      ISBN: 0451494164
An exciting debut cookbook that confirms the arrival of a new guru chef . . . A moving, deeply personal journey of survival and discovery that tells of the evolution of a cuisine and of the transformative power and magic of food and cooking. From the two-time James Beard Award-winning chef whose celebrated New Orleans restaurants have been hailed as the country's most innovative and best by Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Saveur, GQ, and Esquire. . • "Alon's journey is as gripping and as seductive as his cooking . . . Lovely stories, terrific food." --Yotam Ottolenghi, author of Jerusalem: A Cookbook • "Breathtaking. Bravo." --Joan Nathan, author of King Solomon's Table Alon Shaya's is no ordinary cookbook. It is a memoir of a culinary sensibility that begins in Israel and wends its way from the U.S.A. (Philadelphia) to Italy (Milan and Bergamo), back to Israel (Jerusalem) and comes together in the American South, in the heart of New Orleans. It's a book that tells of how food saved the author's life and how, through a circuitous path of (cooking) twists and (life-affirming) turns the author's celebrated cuisine--food of his native Israel with a creole New Orleans kick came to be, along with his award-winning New Orleans restaurants: Shaya, Domenica, and Pizza Domenica, ranked by Esquire, Bon Appétit, and others as the best new restaurants in the United States. These are stories of place, of people, and of the food that connects them, a memoir of one man's culinary sensibility, with food as the continuum throughout his journey--guiding his personal and professional decisions, punctuating every memory, choice, every turning point in his life. Interspersed with glorious full-color photographs and illustrations that follow the course of all the flavors Shaya has tried, places he's traveled, things he's experienced, lessons he's learned--more than one hundred recipes--from Roasted Chicken with Harissa to Speckled Trout with Tahini and Pine Nuts; Crab Cakes with Preserved Lemon Aioli; Roasted Cast-Iron Ribeye; Marinated Soft Cheese with Herbs and Spices; Buttermilk Biscuits; and Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Whipped Feta.
Traditional Jewish Baking: Retro Recipes Your Grandma Would Make… If She Had a Mixer
Traditional Jewish Baking
Retro Recipes Your Grandma Would Make… If She Had a Mixer
Hardcover      ISBN: 1624142796
While today’s kitchens have become more technologically advanced, there is an increasing amount of new bakers who wish to learn their families’ good old recipes. These traditional, homey treats have been passed down from one generation to the next, but are not without their assumptions – sometimes we all wish we could ask our grandmas what “as much as it takes
Yiddish Cuisine: Authentic and Delicious Jewish Recipes
Yiddish Cuisine
Authentic and Delicious Jewish Recipes
Hardcover      ISBN: 3848010283
Just like religious festivals, songs, or humor, cuisine is a constitutive part of the Jewish tradition. In this book, Parisian delicatessen-owner Florence Kahn shares with us century-old Yiddish recipes that not only feed the hungry, but also delight the soul. Classics of Jewish cuisine, including meals for religious holidays, are explained step-by-step and illustrated by mouth-watering photographs. Florence Kahn's easy-to-follow recipes unite the best of Yiddish traditions with a contemporary approach and show the diversity of Jewish cooking. The author's tips on recipes variations and her explanations about the origins of dishes are a great addition to the contents.