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Briefwechsel (2 Volumes)
Briefwechsel (2 Volumes)
Hardcover      SKU: 1199379433
Der Spanische Jakobsweg
Der Spanische Jakobsweg
      ISBN: 3150187923
Streetwise German
Streetwise German
Paperback      ISBN: 0844225142

Have you always wanted to speak German like a native? Containing 15 humorous, down-to-earth dialogues, Streetwise German contains the colloquial language and slang that will make you sound authentic. Exercises and brief grammar notes help you practice what you have learned. At last, a way to learn the German you won't hear in class

Briefe Von Friedrich Nietzsche Juni 1850 - September 1864. Briefe an Friedrich Nietzsche Oktober 1849 - September 1864
Briefe Von Friedrich Nietzsche Juni 1850 - September 1864. Briefe an Friedrich Nietzsche Oktober 1849 - September 1864
German    Hardcover      ISBN: 3110059126
Friedrich Wilhelm Ii. König Von Preußen (1744-1797)
Friedrich Wilhelm Ii. König Von Preußen (1744-1797)
Hardcover      ISBN: 379172083X
McGraw-Hill's German Student Dictionary
McGraw-Hill's German Student Dictionary
German    Paperback      ISBN: 0071592407

Your best first reference to the German language

As you start your study of the German language, you need a reliable bilingual dictionary with the basic words you need, not the advanced terms you don't. With McGraw-Hill's German Student Dictionary you'll find what you need quickly and easily-without being overwhelmed with text.

This book features:

  • 3,500 essential words, each with grammatical information, easy-to-use pronunciation guide, verb conjugation (when appropriate), and an example sentence
  • Numerous subentries to explain shades of meaning and idiomatic expressions related to the principal entries
  • A collection of grammar tips and hints, including common mistakes to avoid
  • Helpful appendices of useful information such as common names in German, weights and measures, maps, numbers, and more

Begin your language learning with the authoritative McGraw-Hill's German Student Dictionary at your side. It provides the perfect complement to your German studies.

Harper Collins German College Dictionary
Harper Collins German College Dictionary
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062708171

The HarperCollins German College Dictionaryis a standout--you're holding the best buy on the shelf in your hands right now. Here's why:

  • More entries, greater value. Fully revised and updated, the HarperCollins German College Dictionary simply offers better coverage at a better price than its competition.

  • Ideal for today's user. Over 355,000 entries and translations, extensive examples to illustrate how words are used in context, and in-depth treatment of idiomatic translation make the HarperCollins German College Dictionarythe only one to own.

  • Invaluable translation aid. The most frequently used words in both languages are treated in detail, helping the reader not only to understand but also to translate idiomatically.
In addition, it includes thousands of examples and phrases showing German as it is used today and how translation varies depending on context, with clear guidance as to differences in meaning and usage to help pinpoint the exact translation required.

Here's a sampling of the new terms this edition includes:

birthing pool
mobile phone
body double
control freak
screen saver
DNA fingerprinting
snail mail
dream ticket
frequent Flyer
World Wide Web
glass ceiling

German: How to Speak and Write It
How to Speak and Write It
Paperback      ISBN: 0486202712

This is probably the most delightful, useful, and comprehensive elementary book available for learning spoken and written German, with or without a teacher. Working on the principles that a person learns more quickly by example than by rule, the author has put together a book that abounds in immediately usable German sentences and phrases on a wide variety of subjects.
The student will find pleasure in the amusing sketches and drawings used to imbed new vocabulary firmly in the student's mind, in the many excellent photographs of cities and landmarks in German-speaking countries, and in the glimpses of German culture and custom subtly interwoven into the conventional material.
The book, though eminently useful for self-study, is especially amenable to classroom use or study with a private tutor. The variety of teaching aids that this book places at the teacher's disposal is remarkable. The lessons contain dialogues, grammar and idiom studies (replete with examples), and extensive practice exercises. In addition there are 28 full-page and double-page sketches of specific scenes (a harbor, a zoo, a theatre, etc.) with pertinent items numbered and identified in German and English; sketches and photographs, which the student is asked to describe in German; German proverbs, jokes, and more.
The dialogues and reading material encompass an exceptionally wide range of real-life situations, and are extended to include most of the basic vocabulary one would need in each situation. The analysis of German pronunciation is very comprehensive (and the simple phonetic system used in the early stages is readable by sight). The practice exercises are carefully designed to allow the student to use what he learned. The closing sections contain a summary of grammar, a guide to letter writing (with sample German letters), and a valuable study guide to German literature by Dr. Richard Friedenthal.
The book differs from others of its type in that it gives more attention to the elementary stages of learning, and the rate of progress is less rapid than usual. This means that any intelligent person, even if he is an absolute beginner, can with sufficient application arrive at the end of the course confident of having acquired a solid foundation for further study.

Geschichte Der Stadt Rothenburg O.t. *bis Zu Deren Ende Als Freie : Rothenburger Chronik
Geschichte Der Stadt Rothenburg O.t. *bis Zu Deren Ende Als Freie : Rothenburger Chronik
Paperback      SKU: 1199245461

"*Bis Zu Deren Ende Als Freie : Rothenburger Chronik. Neu Hrsg. Von Rud. Albrecht. 1905, Small 4to, 123 pgs. Very beautifully crafted book with full page plates and decorative edges to some pages. Cover shows only light wear and has a piece of tape along bottom edge.

Destination Par
Destination Par
by Bucksch
Hardcover      ISBN: 3000210954