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Keys to Music Rudiments, Book 1
Keys to Music Rudiments, Book 1
Paperback      ISBN: 1551220199
Workbooks designed as either companion books to the Keys to Music Rudiments textbook or as independent writing books in music theory, these workbooks are arranged in a progressive order complimentary to most existing textbooks. A certificate of merit is included to be awarded upon completion of each level.
Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education
Nurtured by Love
The Classic Approach to Talent Education
Paperback      ISBN: 0874875846
This book is the cornerstone upon which to build any Suzuki-oriented library. In it the author presents the philosophy and principles of Suzuki's teaching methods. Through the examples from his own life and teaching, Suzuki establishes his case for early childhood education and the high potential of every human being, not just those seemingly gifted.
Inside the Hits
Inside the Hits
Paperback      ISBN: 0634014307
How does a song become more than words and music to represent or influence the voice of a generation? Inside the Hits dissects more than 60 of the most powerful and memorable hit songs since the birth of rock and roll to reveal the roots of their success. Author Wayne Wadhams examines the key ingredients that made the songs work then and now, including: melody, lyrics, performance, production, artist image, promotion, and market timing. What really stopped Mick Jagger from getting "Satisfaction"? How did a secretary who was mistaken for a prostitute give Donna Summer her new sound? Find all the answers in Inside the Hits. "Reading Inside the Hits was like reliving some of the most memorable moments in rock and roll. A captivating read for industry professionals and fans alike." - Phil Ramone
Swing: Third Ear-The Essential Listening Companion
Third Ear-The Essential Listening Companion
Paperback      ISBN: 0879306009
Written by one of jazz journalism's best and most knowledgeable critics, this book explores the full swing spectrum from its origins in the 1920s through its current retro resurgence. Features intriguing capsule biographies of 400 of the best musicians, from classic artists like Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman to retro swingers such as the Brian Setzer Orchestra and Lavay Smith and the Red Hot Skillet Lickers, with each artist's most notable CDs reviewed and rated, plus info on film appearances, books, and hard-to-find recordings. Includes insightful essays that explore this music's cultural impact, fun photos and swing memorabilia.
All About Music Technology In Worship
All About Music Technology In Worship
Paperback      ISBN: 063405449x
No church musician today is completely prepared to offer their music ministry in the varied and demanding settings of worship without a working knowledge of music technology. Providing instrumentations of great sounds created, arranged and enhanced for worship is a real workout, even for those of us who are not technologically challenged. This book brings you easy-to-understand instructions for everything from synthesizers, MIDI and sequencing to percussion, bass and guitar technology. Subjects such as the history of music technology in worship, hard disk recording, and using music technology in small to large traditional settings are explored.
Early Rock 'N' Roll: Complete Lyrics for 200 Songs
Early Rock 'N' Roll
Complete Lyrics for 200 Songs
Paperback      ISBN: 0634044834
Lyrics to 200 super songs that started the rock revolution, including: All I Have to Do Is Dream * All Shook Up * At the Hop * Baby Love * Barbara Ann * Be-Bop-A-Lula * Big Girls Don't Cry * Blue Suede Shoes * Bo Diddley * Book of Love * Calendar Girl * Chantilly Lace * Charlie Brown * Crying * Dancing in the Street * Do Wah Diddy Diddy * Don't Be Cruel (To a Heart That's True) * Earth Angel * Fun, Fun, Fun * Great Balls of Fire * He's a Rebel * Heatwave (Love Is like a Heatwave) * Hello Mary Lou * Hound Dog * I Walk the Line * It's My Party * Kansas City * The Loco-Motion * My Boyfriend's Back * My Guy * Oh, Pretty Woman * Peggy Sue * Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay * Sixteen Candles * Splish Splash * Stand by Me * Stupid Cupid * Surfin' U.S.A. * Teen Angel * A Teenager in Love * Twist and Shout * Walk like a Man * Where the Boys Are * Why Do Fools Fall in Love * Willie and the Hand Jive * and more.
Saxophone Primer
Saxophone Primer
Paperback      ISBN: 0871663740
Berlioz: Romeo Et Juliette
Romeo Et Juliette
Paperback      ISBN: 0521377676
Berlioz's "dramatic symphony" Rom et Juliette is regarded by many as his finest work; it is certainly among the most original. This book summarizes the complex genesis of the work before examining the music closely and always with a view to understanding its dramatic implications. Julian Rushton quotes and discusses the early and later critical reception and concludes by suggesting a way of hearing the work that recognizes the value of its mixed genre. The complete libretto is provided in both English and French.
Materials of Western Music
Materials of Western Music
Paperback      ISBN: 1551220369
This series was created to afford serious students of Western music the opportunity of relating the component parts of the music they have played, that is, melody, harmony, rhythm, phrasing and structure. The harmonic vocabulary has been introduced in a logical order using melodic lines and examples from a wide variety of composers, periods, styles and media. Companion volumes encourage creative discussion of the music examples, more time for sight reading and more time for keyboard harmony.
Inside Classic Rock Tracks: Songwriting and Recording Secrets of 100+ Great Songs, from 1960 to the Present Day
Inside Classic Rock Tracks
Songwriting and Recording Secrets of 100+ Great Songs, from 1960 to the Present Day
Paperback      ISBN: 0879306548
Presenting a remarkable selection of songs ranging from vintage rock 'n' roll to today's electronic dance music, this book analyzes in fine detail the writing and recording techniques behind 100 selected singles and album cuts to see exactly what makes a great track great. Whether you're a musician looking for inspiration or creative tips, or a music lover who wants to get the most from your record collection, Inside Classic Rock Tracks is a unique combination of critical appreciation and hands-on insight. Readers will discover exactly how different sounds within songs are achieved, and the various ways engineers throughout the history of popular music have arranged and recorded them. Analyzes music from the worlds of funk, folk rock, surf, blues, disco, country, hard rock, Britpop, RandB, reggae, psychedelic rock, punk, Motown, techno and more.