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Georgia O'Keeffe
Georgia O'Keeffe
Paperback      ISBN: 0060920009
Examines the artist's long and distinguished career, her personal relationships, and her significance in terms of American art and the women's movement
Secret Lives of Great Artists: What Your Teachers Never Told You About Master Painters and Sculptors
Secret Lives of Great Artists
What Your Teachers Never Told You About Master Painters and Sculptors
Paperback      ISBN: 159474257x
Presents interesting, rare, and scandalous information on the lives of master artists, including Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Andy Warhol.
Who Is Ana Mendieta?
Who Is Ana Mendieta?
Hardcover      ISBN: 1558617035
"Ana's death is one of millions that, despite four decades of feminist struggle, remain underestimated—social crimes that have yet to be fully confronted. . . . The very directness of the graphic novella is an ideal vehicle for the outrage women feel about the extent of domestic and general violence against us. May there be many more visual outcries like this one, to avenge the loss of women like Ana Mendieta."—Lucy Lippard, from the introduction Who Is Ana Mendieta? is a cultural biography of a Cuban American feminist artist working on the cusp of rebellion and regression. Jackson Pollack careens into a tree, killing his lover and himself; Frida Kahlo begins to be received as a significant painter, not only the muse of Diego Rivera; William Burroughs plays William Tell with an apple on his wife's head; Carolee Schneemann pulls a feminist screed out of her vagina and reads it aloud at a performance; Valerie Solanas shoots Andy Warhol. Ana Mendieta, whose bold work about the female body and violence was changing the course of art history, "went out the window" of the New York City apartment she shared with her husband, sculptor Carl Andre, at the height of her career. Andre was tried and acquitted of her murder, and the legacy of Mendieta has been shrouded ever since. Christine Redfern and Caro Caron are artists living and working in Montreal. Lucy Lippard is an internationally known curator, artist, and writer.
Lovingly, Georgia: The Complete Correspondence of Georgia O'Keeffe and Anita Pollitzer
Lovingly, Georgia
The Complete Correspondence of Georgia O'Keeffe and Anita Pollitzer
Paperback      ISBN: 0671692372
Correspondence between the two artists share their views on women's rights, literature, and art
Old Man Goya
Old Man Goya
Hardcover      ISBN: 0375406115
An insightful portrait of Spanish painter Francisco de Goya provides a close-up look at an artist who, for the last thirty-five years of his life, was completely deaf, drawing on Goya's revealing personal correspondence and his dramatic works of art to provide an illuminating study of the creative process. 20,000 first printing.
Vermeer: A View of Delft
A View of Delft
Hardcover      ISBN: 0805067183
The dramatic story of Dutch master painter Jan Vermeer is told against the backdrop of the "golden age" of Dutch culture in the seventeenth century and offers a compelling portrait of Vermeer's life, his artistic career, and his influence on the history of Western art. 17,500 first printing.
Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci
Paperback      ISBN: 014303510x
The author of How We Die tackles the life of Leonardo da Vinci, sharing clues to unlock the secret of the great Renaissance man's love of art and science. Reprint.
Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling
Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling
Paperback      ISBN: 0142003697
Recounts Michelangelo's creation of his masterpiece, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, from his commission from Pope Julius II, through the artist's four years of work, to the final acclaim at the painting's 1512 unveiling.
Artists Unframed: Snapshots from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art
Artists Unframed
Snapshots from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 1616892951
Tucked away among the letters, diaries, and other ephemera in the Smithsonian's archives lies a trove of rarely seen snapshots of some of the twentieth century's most celebrated artists. Unlike the familiar official portraits and genius-at-work shots, these humble snaps capture creative giants with their guard down, in the moment, living life. Pablo Picasso stands proudly on a balcony with young daughter Maya—a tiny, meticulously inked annotation penned by an unknown hand proclaims that "he's very much in love." Jackson Pollock morosely carves a turkey while his mother, Stella, and wife, Lee Krasner, look on. A young Andy Warhol clowns for the camera with college friend Philip Pearlstein, and in a later shot more closely resembles his famously enigmatic public self at a gallery opening with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Paperback      ISBN: 0500202834
Charles Rennie Mackintosh's finest work dates from about a dozen intensely creative years around 1900. His buildings in Glasgow, and especially his craggy masterpiece the Glasgow School of Art, are more complex and playful than anything in Britain at that time. His interiors, many of them designed in collaboration with his wife, Margaret Macdonald, are both spare and sensuous, creating a world of heightened aesthetic sensibility. Finally, during the 1920s, he painted a series of watercolours which are as original as anything he had done before. Since his death, Mackintosh has been lauded as a pioneer of the Modern Movement and as a master of Art Nouveau. This book, with illustrations that include specially prepared plans and sections, takes a clear-eyed view of Mackintosh and his achievement, stripping away the myths to reveal a designer of extraordinary sophistication and inventiveness.