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1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0789209055
AIA Guide to the Twin Cities: The Essential Source on the Architecture of Minneapolis and St. Paul
AIA Guide to the Twin Cities
The Essential Source on the Architecture of Minneapolis and St. Paul
Paperback      ISBN: 0873515404
Get ready to discover the great architectural mecca that is Minneapolis and St. Paul. The first comprehensive, illustrated handbook of its kind, AIA Guide to the Twin Cities is the ultimate source to the architectural riches of the metropolitan area. Organized by neighborhood and featuring a wealth of sites—from the highest point on the Minneapolis skyline to the modest St. Paul bungalow vibrant with historical and architectural significance—this invaluable reference has it all: - Illuminating entries for more than 3,000 buildings - Behind-the-scenes details of the structures and their architects - Lively information about local history and regional styles - Highlights of important buildings nearly lost in time - Sixty easy-to-read maps that pinpoint the location of every structure - Dozens of planned walking and driving tours - Over 1,000 photos that illustrate significant buildings and features Retired Pioneer Press architecture critic Larry Millett has spent more than two decades researching and exploring the architectural heritage of the Twin Cities. Millett’s AIA Guide to the Twin Cities is your ticket to the best tour in town. Sponsored in part by the American Institute of Architects Minnesota. Larry Millett has written extensively about Twin Cities architecture. His books include Lost Twin Cities, Twin Cities Then and Now, and Strange Days, Dangerous Nights (all MHS Press), as well as a series of mystery novels featuring Sherlock Holmes.
Layered Urbanisms
Layered Urbanisms
Paperback      ISBN: 0393732509
Layered Urbanisms presents critical discussions and illustrations of urban research and design analysis as carried out in advanced studios with young architects investigating ways to design new urban spaces for New York.
Modern Architecture: A Guidebook for His Students to This Field of Art
Modern Architecture
A Guidebook for His Students to This Field of Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 0226869385
Modern: The Modern Movement in Britain
The Modern Movement in Britain
Paperback      ISBN: 1858944058
Pro Domo
Pro Domo
Hardcover      ISBN: 8496540510
Mvrdv: Km3: Excursions on Capacity
Mvrdv: Km3
Excursions on Capacity
Hardcover      ISBN: 8495951851
KM3 is the story about a world that is densifying. KM3 is a city that is continuously under construction, with space for limitless populations and possibilities. A city that continues to serve all desires, that enlarges our capacities. Beyond scarcity. Beyond separation. Beyond pessimism and protectionism. A city that will lead to a new programmatic "skin" around the globe, swelling beyond the horizontal, surging vertically. The 3D City. A free fall in endless space. Pure depth. Without escape. Yet. KM3 is a hypothesis, a theoretical city, and a possible urban theory.
Details of Modern Architecture
Details of Modern Architecture
Hardcover      ISBN: 026206121x
How did the great architects of this century reconcile their vision of architecture with the realities of building? This is a crucial question that every student of architecture must confront. The Details of Modern Architecture, the first comprehensive analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in the development of architecture, provides not one answer but many. The more than 500 illustrations are a major contribution in their own right. Providing a valuable collective resource, they present the details of notable architectural works drawn in similar styles and formats, allowing comparisons between works of different scales, periods, and styles. Covering the period 1890-1932, Ford focuses on various recognized masters, explaining the detailing and construction techniques that distort, camouflage, or enhance a building. He looks at the source of each architect's ideas, the translation of those ideas into practice, and the success or failure of the technical execution. Ford examines Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House and Fallingwater Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye, and buildings by McKim, Mead & White, Lutyens, Mies van der Rohe, and Schindler from a point of view that acknowledges the importance of tradition, precedent, style, and ideology in architectural construction. He discusses critical details from a technical and contextual standpoint, considering how they perform how they add to or detract from the building as a whole, and how some have persisted and been adapted through time.

The Victorian Gothic Adult Coloring Book
The Victorian Gothic Adult Coloring Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0916144828
Hotel Buildings: Construction and Design Manual
Hotel Buildings
Construction and Design Manual
Hardcover      ISBN: 3869223316
In this handbook on successful hotel planning, the authors present an in-depth planning aid for the design and construction of hotel property. In doing so, the requirements of both hotel operators and planners are considered simultaneously. Hotel Buildings is addressed to architects, interior designers, project managers, as well as project developers, property developers, and hotel operators. Having implemented their own hotel projects, the authors are experts on this building typology. On more than 300 pages they provide valuable advice on avoiding typical planning errors. Accompanied by detailed drawings and explanations, this book is a true asset. > Checklists for planning > Functional diagrams and floor space requirements > Approaches for cost optimisation > Requirements for safety and hazard management > Glossary and keyword index > Trilingual lexicon on hotel planning