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Handmade Nation: The Rise of Diy, Art, Craft, and Design
Handmade Nation
The Rise of Diy, Art, Craft, and Design
Paperback      ISBN: 1568987870
Today's crafters are no longer interested in simply cross-stitching samplers or painting floral scrolls on china. Instead, the contemporary craft movement embraces emerging artists, crafters, and designers working in traditional and nontraditional media. Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching has revolutionized the embroidery industry. Each year Nikki McClure sells thousands of her cut-paper wall calendars. Emily Kircher recycles vintage materials into purses. Stephanie Syjuco manufactures clothing under the tag line 'Because Sweatshops Suck.' These are just some of the fascinating makers united in the new wave of craft capturing the attention of the nation, the Handmade Nation. Faythe Levine traveled 19,000 miles to document what has emerged as a marriage between historical technique, punk culture, and the D.I.Y. ethos. For Handmade Nation (along with the documentary film of the same name, coming in 2009) she and Cortney Heimerl have selected 24 makers and 5 essayists who work within different media and have different methodologies to provide a microcosm of the crafting community. Participants in this community share ideas and encouragement through websites, blogs, boutiques, galleries, and craft fairs. Together they have forged a new economy and lifestyle based on creativity, determination, and networking. Twenty-four artists from Olympia, Washington, to Providence, Rhode Island, and everywhere in between show their work and discuss their lives. Texts by Andrew Wagner of American Craft Magazine, Garth Johnson of Extremecraft.com, Callie Janoff of the Church of Craft, Betsy Greer of Craftivism.com, and Susan Beal, author of Super Crafty, supply a critical view of the tight-knit community where ethics can overlap with creativity and art with community. Handmade Nation features photographs of the makers, their work environment, their process, their work, and discussions of how they got their start and what motivates them. Handmade Nation is a fascinating book for those who are a part of the emerging movement or just interested in sampling its wares.
On The Threshold: Home, Hardwood, And Holiness
On The Threshold
Home, Hardwood, And Holiness
Hardcover      ISBN: 0813342961
A meditation on living within a family and community explores the relationship between the upkeep of house and home and the upkeep of the spirit, through a contemplative journey toward feeling comfortable with one's self and one's beliefs. 15,000 first printing.
Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things: How to Turn a Penny into a Radio, Make a Flood Alarm With an Aspirin, Change
Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things
How to Turn a Penny into a Radio, Make a Flood Alarm With an Aspirin, Change
Paperback      ISBN: 0740738593
A quirky, do-it-yourself handbook explains how to transform simple, everyday items and objects--ranging from milk and aspirin to rubber bands--into a variety of unusual survival, security, self-defense, or even silly applications, furnishing detailed step-by-step instructions and diagrams for more than forty handy projects. Original.
Extreme Pumpkins
Extreme Pumpkins
Paperback      ISBN: 1557885222
The founder of ExtremePumpkins.com presents a selection of his truly terrifying and wickedly gory pumpkin carving designs, including Puking Pumpkin, Drowning Pumpkin, Crime Scene Pumpkin, Cannibal Pumpkin, and many more, just in time for Halloween fun. Original. 40,000 first printing.
Crafty Superstar: Make Crafts on the Side, Earn Extra Cash, and Basically Have It All
Crafty Superstar
Make Crafts on the Side, Earn Extra Cash, and Basically Have It All
Paperback      ISBN: 1600613209
Drawing on advice of industry experts, the author offers a guide for crafters seeking to sell their wares, in a resource that includes information on selling online, at local boutiques and at craft shows; color photos; and helpful sidebars and templates. Original.
Scary Scenes For Halloween
Scary Scenes For Halloween
Paperback      ISBN: 0806948426
Provides instructions for making Halloween decorations, and suggests ideas for invitations, place cards, and refreshments for holiday parties
Milk-Based Soaps: Making Natural, Skin-Nourishing Soap
Milk-Based Soaps
Making Natural, Skin-Nourishing Soap
Paperback      ISBN: 0882669842
Includes instructions and recipes for creating different types of soaps--including vegetable-based soaps, beauty soaps, and specialty soaps--and describes how to package and market them
Shelf Life: Modern Package Design 1920-1945
Shelf Life
Modern Package Design 1920-1945
Paperback      ISBN: 081180075x
Shows and describes antique packaging for cosmetics, grooming products, food, beverages, health care products, cigarettes, auto care products, office products, games, puzzles, and art supplies
The Sneaky Book for Girls: How to Perform Sneaky Magic Tricks, Escape a Grasp, Use Sneaky Codes and Syphers, Detect Counterfeit Currency, and Make Spy Devices, Backpacks and Sne
The Sneaky Book for Girls
How to Perform Sneaky Magic Tricks, Escape a Grasp, Use Sneaky Codes and Syphers, Detect Counterfeit Currency, and Make Spy Devices, Backpacks and Sne
Paperback      ISBN: 0740777149
"Thank you, Cy . . . for opening up the world of tinkering and creativity to a whole new generation . . . looking to get their hands dirty with new and exciting projects." --NPR's Ira Flatow, host of Science Friday "Like a real MacGyver, Tymony is hoping to save the world one gizmo at a time." --Los Angeles Times Cy Tymony's The Sneaky Book for Girls picks up where The Daring Book for Girls left off. While The Daring Book for Girls includes pointers on secret note-passing skills, The Sneaky Book for Girls goes one step further by showing gals how to write a note in invisible ink, craft the note into a sneaky Frisbee, and then properly recycle the note after its secrets have been divulged. In addition to profiles of more than a dozen famous women, this clever book also provides complete how-to instructions, along with diagrams for sneaky gadgets, survival skills, magic tricks, communication codes, science and crafting projects, as well as recycling and conservation techniques.
Amulets: Sacred Charms Of Power And Protection
Sacred Charms Of Power And Protection
Paperback      ISBN: 1594770255
Explores amulets from every angle, including their symbolism and the diverse material used to craft them, as well as the objects and people they protect. Original.