Holiday Cooking
Southern Holidays
Southern Holidays
Hardcover      ISBN: 1469617897

Debbie Moose's Southern Holidays is a cook's celebration of the richly diverse holiday traditions of today's South. Covering big traditional holidays such as Christmas and Mardi Gras, this must-have addition to the Savor the South(R) cookbook collection also branches out into regional and cultural holidays that honor newer southern traditions, including recipes from real cooks hailing from a range of ethnic traditions and histories. The cooks' stories accompanying the recipes show how holiday foods not only hold cherished personal family memories but also often have roots in a common past that ties families together in a shared southern history.

The cookbook's inclusive culinary vision is organized by the four seasons to mark the progress of the year. Featuring seventeen holidays and fifty recipes, it includes such classics as Coconut King Cake for Mardi Gras and Smoky Red Rice for Juneteenth, as well as southern twists on time-honored delicacies, from Cajun-Style Rice Dressing for Thanksgiving to Sweet Potato Latkes for Hanukkah. Southern Holidays also highlights how international holiday dishes have been adopted in the region over time, from Moravian Sugar Cake for Christmas to Vietnamese Spring Rolls for the coastal South's Blessing of the Fleet.

Steaks, Chops, Roasts, and Ribs: A Best Recipe Classic
Steaks, Chops, Roasts, and Ribs
A Best Recipe Classic
Hardcover      ISBN: 0936184787

This cookbook presents over 300 tested recipes for all kinds of meat dishes and a shopping guide for selecting cuts of meat.

Swedish Christmas
Swedish Christmas
Hardcover      ISBN: 9178431778

Looks at the cultural traditions of celebrating Christmas in Sweden, providing stories, photographs, and traditional recipes.

The Swedish Christmas Table: Traditional Holiday Meals, Side Dishes, Candies, and Drinks
The Swedish Christmas Table
Traditional Holiday Meals, Side Dishes, Candies, and Drinks
Paperback      ISBN: 1510738207
Festive foods for a traditional Christmas season.

Yuletide is a time of delicious smells wafting through the halls: onions sizzling on the stove, a wood fire gently smoldering in the grate, and fresh-baked gingerbread ready to hang on the tree. It's a time of tradition and recipes handed down from one year to the next. The Swedish Christmas Table is a festive homage to the international history of the month of snow and mulled wine, advent calendars, and gathering family. Set your table with such seasonal delicacies as:

  • Mulled wine, eggnog, and seasonal cocktails
  • Roasted nuts
  • Fudge, nougat, and marzipan
  • Christmas ham
  • Vegetable pie with roasted walnuts
  • Frosted fruit
  • And so much more to delight and impress

  • Discover new holiday favorites and update old traditions. Featuring vibrant and retro holiday collages, The Swedish Christmas Table is a Christmas cookbook to inspire, cherish, and hold on to for years to come.
    Sweet Treats for the Holidays: Edible Creations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and More!
    Sweet Treats for the Holidays
    Edible Creations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and More!
    Paperback      ISBN: 1462114180

    Offers recipes for holiday themed desserts, including rice crispie Santa hats, Muhindi waffles, and Oreo Gelt cookies.

    Taste of Home Halloween Mini Binder: 100+ Freaky Fun Recipes & Crafts for Ghouls of All Ages
    Taste of Home Halloween Mini Binder
    100+ Freaky Fun Recipes & Crafts for Ghouls of All Ages
    Hardcover      ISBN: 1617657689
    Make magic this autumn when you dig into the essential guide, Taste of Home Halloween Here you'll find dozens of spooky, cute, spirited and fun Halloween foods to delight boys and ghouls of all ages. We tossed in top pumpkin-carving tips and party ideas, too To round out the collection, cozy up with some of the best-loved recipes from the slow cooker as well as the pumpkin patch. Fall flavors abound in this keepsake collection of 100+ scrumptious recipes. And, the book concludes with a Day of the Dead bonus chapter brimming with lively Mexican flair

    Pumpkin Carving Guide

    Creepy Bites & Sips

    Halloween Suppers

    Trick-or-Treat Sweets

    Fall Slow Cooker Classics

    Five-Star Pumpkin Favorites

    Bonus: Day of the Dead

    Great Pumpkin Desserts

    Spiced Pumpkin Custard Pie

    Day of the Dead Cookies

    Apple & Cider Mini Scones

    Halloween Punch

    Spooky Snack Mix

    Mummy-Wrapped Brie

    Witch's' Caviar

    Autumn Leaf Cutouts

    Ghostly Cupcake Cones

    Deluxe Walking Nachos

    Make-a-Monster Pizza

    Pear Cider

    Cauldron Dip
    Thanksgiving 101: Celebrate America's Favorite Holiday with America's Thanksgiving Expert
    Thanksgiving 101
    Celebrate America's Favorite Holiday with America's Thanksgiving Expert
    Paperback      ISBN: 0061227315

    Every fourth Thursday of November, Americans open their homes to friends and families. But when was the last time most of us made dinner for such a big crowd? With Thanksgiving 101 by your side, preparing for the holiday will be a pleasure. With step-by-step instructions for classic Thanksgiving dishes, as well as new twists on old favorites, this book will become gravy-stained in its first outing. Whether you're looking for new ways to cook turkey; traditional trimmings, chutneys, or chowders; a vegetarian entr e; or fresh ideas for regional classics, including Cajun-or Italian-inspired tastes, Thanksgiving 101 serves up a delicious education for novice and experienced cooks alike. And cooks will turn to these dishes all year long whenever they are throwing a big party.

    With foolproof recipes, detailed menu timetables, and down-to-earth advice, Thanksgiving 101 is the holiday cook's best friend.

    Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well: A Cookbook
    Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well
    A Cookbook
    Hardcover      ISBN: 1400069912

    From one of America's finest food writers, the former restaurant critic for The New York Times, comes a definitive, timeless guide to Thanksgiving dinner--preparing it, surviving it, and pulling it off in style.

    From the planning of the meal to the washing of the last plate, Thanksgiving poses more--and more vexing--problems for the home cook than any other holiday. In this smartly written, beautifully illustrated, recipe-filled book, Sam Sifton, the Times's resident Thanksgiving expert, delivers a message of great comfort and solace: There is no need for fear. You can cook a great meal on Thanksgiving. You can have a great time.

    With simple, fool-proof recipes for classic Thanksgiving staples, as well as new takes on old standbys, this book will show you that the fourth Thursday of November does not have to be a day of kitchen stress and family drama, of dry stuffing and sad, cratered pies. You can make a better turkey than anyone has ever served you in your life, and you can serve it with gravy that is not lumpy or bland but a salty balm, rich in flavor, that transforms all it touches. Here are recipes for exciting side dishes and robust pies and festive cocktails, instructions for setting the table and setting the mood, as well as cooking techniques and menu ideas that will serve you all year long, whenever you are throwing a big party. Written for novice and experienced cooks alike, Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well is your guide to making Thanksgiving the best holiday of the year. It is not fantasy. If you prepare, it will happen. And this book will show you how.

    Advance praise for Thanksgiving

    "If you don't have Thanksgiving, you are not really having Thanksgiving. This book is as essential to the day as the turkey itself. It's an expert, gently opinionated guide to everything from the cranberry sauce to the table setting to the divvying up of the leftovers, but it's also a paean to the holiday and an evocation of both its past and its promising future. Sam Sifton's Thanksgiving world is the one I want to live in."--Gabrielle Hamilton, bestselling author of Blood, Bones, & Butter

    "The charm of Sam Sifton's Thanksgiving is that he proposes that home cooks treat this culinary Olympics like any other dinner party--don't panic, deconstruct your tasks into bite-size pieces, and conquer that fear of failure. Sam could talk a fledgling doctor through his first open-heart surgery. It's all here--from brining to spatchcocking, sides to desserts--and served up with a generous dollop of reassuring advice from one of America's most notable food writers."--Christopher Kimball, editor of Cook's Illustrated and host of America's Test Kitchen
    Tricky Treats: 20 Ghoulish Goodies to Serve Up on Halloween
    Tricky Treats
    20 Ghoulish Goodies to Serve Up on Halloween
    Paperback      ISBN: 1861089430

    Serve fun and freaky bites for Halloween Grab your little ghouls and goblins and head to the kitchen to make sweet and savory recipes that are as tempting to eat as they adorably decorated. Celebrate in 20 delicious ways, including:

    • Chomping Monster Cookies
    • Peanut Butter Pumpkins
    • Dead Fly Pancakes
    • Sausage Mummies
    • Meringue Ghosts
    • Crawling Spider Whoopies
    • and many more

    It's a party In addition to the spooky snacks in this booklet, there are dozens of quick and easy tips and tricks for successful Halloween parties. Rely on cookbook author Susanna Tee's oodles of ideas, and you can be sure to scare the kids in loads of silly ways.

    Unicorn Food: Magical Recipes for Sweets, Eats, and Treats
    Unicorn Food
    Magical Recipes for Sweets, Eats, and Treats
    Hardcover      ISBN: 1454931299
    A fun and outrageous take on the rainbow-bright unicorn food trend, bursting with fantastic goodness.

    Unicorn food--brightly hued dishes that make you smile--has taken the world by storm. That means the time is ripe for a book-length celebration of its many benefits. (The rainbows The glitter The happiness ) So food writer and stylist Rachel Johnson has gathered 40 of her most over-the-top unicorn creations, including:
    • Rainbow Sprinkle Waffle Cake
    • Unicorn Movie Mix
    • Vanilla Sprinkle Puff Cereal
    • Tie-Dyed Grilled Cheese
    • Unicorn Universe Baked Donuts
    • DIY Rainbow Pasta
    • Glitter Pink Strawberry Marshmallows
    • Sprinkle Cake Truffles
    Curated for maximal magic and presented in swooning full color in a gift-ready package, it's an expression of pure sugary joy.