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Freedom: My Book of Firsts
My Book of Firsts
Hardcover      ISBN: 1501147625
A follow-up to the best-selling A Stolen Life traces the author's struggles to adjust after escaping her longtime abductors, detailing her reunions with family members, her experiences with milestone challenges and her consideration of a potential relationship.
The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure: A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery
The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure
A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery
Hardcover      ISBN: 0943015545
One of the founders of a drug rehabilitation center in Malibu describes his son's addiction to heroin and explains the holistic and individualized approach he recommends.
The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence
The Gift of Fear
Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence
Paperback      ISBN: 0440508835
A personal security expert and behavioral consultant discusses the dangerous situations individuals may face, explains how to use the power of intuition to identify and avoid danger, and shares advice on restraining orders, self-defense tactics, and more. Reprint.
Verbal Abuse: Survivors Speak Out on Releationship and Recovery
Verbal Abuse
Survivors Speak Out on Releationship and Recovery
Paperback      ISBN: 1558503048
Drawing on hundreds of letters and interviews, the author outlines solutions to abusive relationships, tells victims where to find shelters and support groups, and analyzes why many therapists misdiagnose problems in violent relationships. Original. 100,000 first printing. Tour.
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
Hardcover      ISBN: 0916856062
Ending the Cycle of Abuse: The Stories of Women Abused As Children and the Group Therapy Techniques That Helped Them Heal
Ending the Cycle of Abuse
The Stories of Women Abused As Children and the Group Therapy Techniques That Helped Them Heal
Hardcover      ISBN: 0876307527
Anna: Sexually abused by her father beginning at age one. Tanya: Raped by her father at age five. Lisa: Neglected by her mother and put into a foster home, she suffered severe and prolonged Satanic ritual abuse at her mother's hand. And Amy...Krista...Shawna...Linda...Virginia... All victims of severe emotional, physical, and sexual abuse as children. These eight women together made a treacherous journey up through the depths of pain, despair, anger, and fear toward newfound self-awareness and inner strength. This poignant odyssey is depicted in Ending the Cycle of Abuse, a volume about a highly promising method of group treatment for adults who have been severely abused as children. Accessible to both therapist and patient, this book is extraordinary because it offers the dual perspectives of both therapist and abuse victims in the group endeavor. This extremely compelling book is composed of the measured words of therapist Dr. Ney and the lucid prose of Anna Petersone of his patients in the group. It is enhanced by moving contributions from other group members as well. The volume traces a carefully evolved process of therapy developed by Dr. Ney over a lifetime of clinical practice and research into child abuse and neglect. Dr. Ney bases his therapeutic technique on the theory of the triangle of abuse involving perpetrator, victim, and observer: transgenerational in nature and changeable under varied circumstances. Realistic and pragmatic, Ending the Cycle of Abuse describes a process that requires abuse victims to accept that they have been forever changed as a result of the abuse they endured. Group members are taught to constructively deal with the guilt, the anger, the rage, the fear, and the despair stemming from their early experiences, and the majority make remarkably good progress. This exceptional volume will give its readers a deeper understanding of child abuse and its effects on the developing child. For therapists who work with abuse victims, it sets forth a time-tested technique for providing significant help to a severely disturbed and growing population. For victims of abuse, it offers the immense relief of self-recognition and the gift of hope.
The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family
The Lost Boy
A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family
Paperback      ISBN: 1558745157
The author continues the story of his own child abuse, and his experiences being a foster child moving in and out of five different foster homes
A Child Called
A Child Called "It"
One Child's Courage to Survive
Paperback      ISBN: 1558743669
Tells the story of a child's abuse at the hands of his alcoholic mother
Invisible Girls: Speaking the Truth About Sexual Abuse
Invisible Girls
Speaking the Truth About Sexual Abuse
Paperback      ISBN: 1580058604
A powerful source of healing for teen girls and young women who have experienced sexual abuse, Invisible Girls offers survivors agency and hope in an era when too many girls have suffered alone The statistics are staggering. One in four girls will experience sexual abuse by the time she is sixteen, and 48 percent of all rapes involve a young woman under the age of eighteen. It's not surprising then, that in a society where sexual abuse of young women is rampant, many women never share their stories. They remain hidden and invisible. In her pioneering work with young survivors through the last thirty years, Dr. Patti Feuereisen has helped teen girls and young women to find their voices, begin healing, and become visible. In this revised second edition, Dr. Patti's gentle guidance and the girls' powerful stories continue to create an encouraging message: Remarkable healing is possible if girls learn to share their stories in their teens and early twenties. With a new introduction, new chapters, and updated resources, this new edition of Invisible Girls has even more to offer girls, young women, and those who care about them.
Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous
Paperback      ISBN: 0916856593