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A Splintered History of Wood: Belt-Sander Races, Blind Woodworkers, and Baseball Bats
A Splintered History of Wood
Belt-Sander Races, Blind Woodworkers, and Baseball Bats
Paperback      ISBN: 0061373575
In a world without wood, we might not be here at all. We wouldn't have had the fire, heat, and shelter that allowed us to expand into the planet's colder regions. If civilization somehow did develop, our daily lives would be vastly different: there would be no violins, baseball bats, chopsticks, or wine corks. The book you are now holding wouldn't exist. Spike Carlsen's A Splintered History of Wood is a grand celebration of all things wooden and the characters who lovingly shape them—eccentric artisans and passionate enthusiasts who have created some of the world's most beloved musical instruments, feared weapons, dazzling architecture, and bizarre forms of transportation. From champion chainsaw carvers to blind woodworkers, from the Miraculous Staircase to the Lindbergh kidnapping case, here is a passionate, personal, amazingly entertaining exploration of nature's greatest gift.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0881922684
Bamboos are fascinating for their beauty and elegance, and their variety of form, not to mention their importance in the symbolism of Far Eastern poetry and art. They have already acquired an important status as cultivated plants in North America, and are becoming more prominent also in Europe. Plantsmen and garden designers have recognised for a long time the many possibilities offered by the individual species. Many of them are hardy. There are bamboos suitable for large and small gardens, and they can be highly effective in hedges, in woods, or as individual, freestanding plants. They are effective in both starring and supporting roles. They can be used on terraces, on balconies, in conservatories and even in roof gardens. The special appeal of bamboos has tempted many an uninformed gardener to buy one, and this can sometimes be followed by failure and disappointment. Here at last the reader is offered information on bamboos and their uses; morphology and structure; characteristics of the major genera; species and cultivars for the garden; planting and cultivation; uses in garden design; container growing; use as raw material; and problems in cultivation.
Armitage's Garden Perennials: A Color Encyclopedia
Armitage's Garden Perennials
A Color Encyclopedia
Hardcover      ISBN: 0881924350
Provides descriptions and illustrations for perennials in 136 genera
Prick: Cacti and Succulents: Choosing, Styling, Caring
Cacti and Succulents: Choosing, Styling, Caring
Hardcover      ISBN: 1784723673
Cacti and succulents are the hottest new trend. These spiny little plants are taking Instagram by storm, and are steadily making their way into the most stylish homes. With their striking shapes and many different colors, they provide the perfect, low maintenance design accent for contemporary living spaces. Easy to care for, they also bring tranquillity and mindfulness. Gynelle Leon founded London's first ever shop dedicated to cacti and succulent, called Prick. Here, with inspirational and achievable styling tips and advice, she shares her secrets to using these plants to transform your home. With profiles on the huge range of cactus varieties and information on caring for and styling your houseplants, this is the perfect guide to bringing the outdoors in.
A Weed by Any Other Name: The Virtues of a Messy Lawn, or Learning to Love the Plants We Don't Plant
A Weed by Any Other Name
The Virtues of a Messy Lawn, or Learning to Love the Plants We Don't Plant
Hardcover      ISBN: 0807085529
Chronicles a year in the life of a suburban mom and professional weed scientist to describe her advocacy of what she calls "plants out of place," in a recipe-enhanced tribute to the virtues of clovers, dandelions, and other unpopular lawn-cluttering plants.
Minnesota & Wisconsin Getting Started Garden Guide: Grow the Best Flowers, Shrubs, Trees, Vines & Groundcovers
Minnesota & Wisconsin Getting Started Garden Guide
Grow the Best Flowers, Shrubs, Trees, Vines & Groundcovers
Paperback      ISBN: 1591865700
Minnesota & Wisconsin Getting Started Garden Guide features plant recommendations from one of the region’s most highly respected and experienced master gardeners, with selections that will thrive amid the states’ unique growing conditions.
The Man Who Planted Trees
The Man Who Planted Trees
Paperback      ISBN: 1933392819
A barren region in France is brought back to life by the efforts of Elzeard Bouffier who, with great determination, plants 100 acorns everyday over thirty years
50 High-Impact Low-Care Garden Plants
50 High-Impact Low-Care Garden Plants
Paperback      ISBN: 0881929506
The author of The Well-Tended Perennial Garden profiles fifty key plants that are perfect for a year-round garden, pest resistant, climate tolerant, cold hardy, and easy to cultivate and maintain, accompanied by useful gardening tips, advice, and hints based on the author's own gardening experience.
Gardening With Conifers
Gardening With Conifers
Paperback      ISBN: 177085908x
"Covers virtually every aspect of conifer use and culture in a format accessible to horticultural students and home gardeners alike ... Magnificently highlighted by more than 250 striking color photographs ... Conifers are showcased in their full glory as richly textured, brilliantly colored, and subtly structured plants deserving of a spot in every garden." -- Booklist Fifteen years after this review, we present a revised and expanded edition of this highly acclaimed reference. Among the changes is the addition of a foreword by Michael A. Dirr, author of such classics as Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia. New content and updates are found in "Why Conifers?", "The Magic of Conifers", "A Closer Look at Conifers" and in the detailed practical section, "Growing Conifers in Your Garden". This edition features the author's comprehensively revised Directory of 600 conifers, so current that it includes Wollemia nobilis, a two million-year-old species only recently found and genetically identified, and available at a select few nurseries. Other new features are "Conifers that Grow on You" and "The Mauergarten Story", which chronicles the author's design of the garden at one of Germany's premiere nurseries. Comprehensive in scope and lavishly illustrated, the book includes a directory of more than 600 conifers and expert advice on: - Size and growth rates, Canada/USA hardiness ratings - Site and soil preferences - Planting, maintenance and propagation - Pruning, pests and diseases - Dwarf conifers and ground covers - Conifers in containers, moving conifers, and more. Gardening with Conifers is a thorough and beautiful guide to coniferous trees and shrubs of the world available to North American gardeners. Stunning color photographs show conifers young and old in a variety of environments, from small gardens to many-acred gardens. It reveals the magic that conifers bring to a garden and how they create structure and balance for year-round visual interest and color.
Trees and Shrubs: A Gardener's Encyclopedia
Trees and Shrubs
A Gardener's Encyclopedia
Paperback      ISBN: 1554078369
Provides full-color photos and complete information--including growing zones and common names, color variations, growth habit, propagation techniques, recommended uses, problem parasites or diseases and extra cultivation notes--for more than 1,500 trees and shrubs. Original.