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The Essential Thread : Tapestry on Wall and Body
The Essential Thread : Tapestry on Wall and Body
Paperback      ISBN: 0912964367
Oriental Rugs Today: A Guide to the Best New Carpets from the East
Oriental Rugs Today
A Guide to the Best New Carpets from the East
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1893163466
Silks For Thrones and Altars
Silks For Thrones and Altars
Paperback      ISBN: 2951883617
SILKS FOR THRONES AND ALTARS presents 77 Chinese textiles from the 14th through the 18th century, divided into three groups. The first group consists of clothing and furnishing fabrics made for and used by the ruling elite of China. Regardless of their dates or the ethnic origins of various dynastic rulers, these trappings of nobility served the political and social goals of those in power. The second group contains Chinese silks found beyond the borders of the empire, specifically in Tibet, Japan, and Western Europe. The presence of Chinese luxury in a foreign context, whether the result of commerce or diplomacy, affected local ideas of status and prestige. The last group presents textiles made for Taoist and Buddhist liturgical use. Within the Buddhist traditions of Tibet and Japan, secular textiles found new uses without losing the prestige with which they had originally been imbued. A catalog of ancient silks and robes from the collection of Myrna and Samuel Myers. Includes full-page color plates of all the pieces.
Henry Moore Textiles
Henry Moore Textiles
Hardcover      ISBN: 0853319936
The Saltillo Sarape
The Saltillo Sarape
      SKU: 281AKJ1019945
The Carpet: Origins, Art and History
The Carpet
Origins, Art and History
Hardcover      ISBN: 1552094383
From the perspective of Western culture, it is not always easy to understand the complexities of the antique Oriental carpet. Part of the fascination lies in its dual nature as a simple, even humble artifact intended to be used in a variety of ways as well as a sophisticated artistic object with ancient designs unfamiliar to us. Providing the tools to understand the decorative and technical aspects of a carpet, including its geographic area of production, The Carpet: Origins, Art and History is a handsome reference book for lovers of art and antiques who are eager to deepen their knowledge of this intriguing world. Intentionally neither a manual nor a guide, this book aims to inform and captivate. The Carpet celebrates its subject with clear and concise text as well as photographs and design diagrams that illustrate the most important ancient carpets. The stunning photographs capture the beauty and intricacy of this extraordinary art and play an important role in the critique and analysis of the various carpet specimens. With diagrams and drawings, this book provides an inspiring study of the carpet in all its dimensions, from decoration and its interpretation to the layout system, the ornamental motifs and their symbolic meaning and origin.
Story Cloths of Bali
Story Cloths of Bali
Hardcover      ISBN: 1580084877
For thousands of years, Balinese textile artists have adorned simple cloths with elaborate embroidered depictions of classic folk epics. As one of the many artistic expressions of Balinese culture, these colorful pieces offer insight into the tradition of storytelling in Bali while reminding us that ancient universal themes of morality, man versus nature, and the triumph over adversity can be just as significant today. In STORY CLOTHS OF BALI, Indonesian art expert Joseph Fischer shares his collection of more than 100 of these exquisite pieces alongside engaging text about how to utilize these textiles to study and appreciate traditional Balinese culture. The first major study of an unusual group of Balinese embroideries, STORY CLOTHS OF BALI is a fascinating glimpse into a culture rich with creativity, diversity, and tradition. Story cloths are used as ritual decorations and offerings in Balinese and Hindu temples, household ancestor shrines, and village ceremonial buildings. Discusses the various stitching techniques employed for each piece, how to determine the skill level of specific stitches, and the cultural significance of each textile. Includes a glossary of important Balinese characters and terms.
Tradition And Beyond: Handcrafted Indian Textiles
Tradition And Beyond
Handcrafted Indian Textiles
Hardcover      ISBN: 8174360840
The outstanding textiles represented in this book were displayed at the Visvakarma series of exhibitions and have a wide-ranging vocabulary of design, technical skill and aesthetic brilliance. Written and edited by renowned names in textile design, this book is, indeed, a treasure for both the textile aficionado and designer.
Traditional Textiles of Cambodia: Cultural Threads and Material Heritage
Traditional Textiles of Cambodia
Cultural Threads and Material Heritage
Hardcover      ISBN: 1932476067
The beautiful photographs show why Cambodian textiles may be regarded as works of art in Western terms, but Green's scholarly text goes deep into the fabric of Cambodian life to explain the essential role that textiles and costume play in tradition, society, and religious practice. She places the evolution of the textiles into the context of significant events from the Angkorian period forward and explains weaving and decorative processes, tools, implements, and meanings from the preparation of silk to the wearing of costumes for classic and rural dance. Green is a scholar and curator based in Australia whose 2002 master's thesis at the Australian National U. looked at the origins of Cambodian textile and costume. Oversize: 8.75x11.3. Annotation
Check Points on How to Buy Oriental Rugs
Check Points on How to Buy Oriental Rugs
Paperback      ISBN: 0804816271