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Printed Textile Design: Profession, Trends and Project Development
Printed Textile Design
Profession, Trends and Project Development
Paperback      ISBN: 8415967675
Printed Textile Design: The Profession, the Evolution, the Design walks us through the different aspects of textile design as a process and a profession. The authors, both design school teachers, describe the steps involved in projects within the fashion, home and garden sectors of textile design, and also examine the specific characteristics of these three sectors. They pay special attention to current tendencies and offer an excellent insight into interpreting trends, which is essential for textile designers. The projects shown, developed by students approaching the professional level, provide the reader with outstanding explanatory case studies. This teaching resource is a key aid for both students and young professionals. It also includes a highly useful list of professional contacts.
Carpets and Rugs of Europe and America
Carpets and Rugs of Europe and America
Hardcover      ISBN: 1558593837
In this comprehensive volume, Sarah Sherrill examines Western carpet design and production from the Middle Ages to the present, in styles that range from magnificent palatial creations to delightful folk designs. With hundreds of dazzling illustrations, Sherrill's authoritative text includes chapters on Moorish weavers and the golden age of carpets in Spain; the exquisite carpets of the Savonnerie, Aubusson, and Beauvais in France; productions from Moorfields, Exeter, and Axminster in England; the intriguing but little-studied rugs of Eastern European countries; the charming and resourceful rugs of America; and an important chapter on modern designs that offers an extensive survey of rugs created by leading artists and architects of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Sherrill's stimulating text, based on years of research, brims with interesting new findings, not only on the history and design of these works, but also technological developments that had an often unrecognized effect on rug design and production.
The Saltillo Sarape
The Saltillo Sarape
      SKU: 281AKJ1019945
The Carpet: Origins, Art and History
The Carpet
Origins, Art and History
Hardcover      ISBN: 1552094383
From the perspective of Western culture, it is not always easy to understand the complexities of the antique Oriental carpet. Part of the fascination lies in its dual nature as a simple, even humble artifact intended to be used in a variety of ways as well as a sophisticated artistic object with ancient designs unfamiliar to us. Providing the tools to understand the decorative and technical aspects of a carpet, including its geographic area of production, The Carpet: Origins, Art and History is a handsome reference book for lovers of art and antiques who are eager to deepen their knowledge of this intriguing world. Intentionally neither a manual nor a guide, this book aims to inform and captivate. The Carpet celebrates its subject with clear and concise text as well as photographs and design diagrams that illustrate the most important ancient carpets. The stunning photographs capture the beauty and intricacy of this extraordinary art and play an important role in the critique and analysis of the various carpet specimens. With diagrams and drawings, this book provides an inspiring study of the carpet in all its dimensions, from decoration and its interpretation to the layout system, the ornamental motifs and their symbolic meaning and origin.
Oriental Rugs Today: A Guide to the Best New Carpets from the East
Oriental Rugs Today
A Guide to the Best New Carpets from the East
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1893163466
Fabulous Fabrics of the 50s
Fabulous Fabrics of the 50s
Paperback      ISBN: 0877018111
The Essential Thread : Tapestry on Wall and Body
The Essential Thread : Tapestry on Wall and Body
Paperback      ISBN: 0912964367
Check Points on How to Buy Oriental Rugs
Check Points on How to Buy Oriental Rugs
Paperback      ISBN: 0804816271
Textile Nature: Textile Techniques and Inspiration from the Natural World
Textile Nature
Textile Techniques and Inspiration from the Natural World
Hardcover      ISBN: 1849943435
Create original textiles inspired by plants, flowers, gardens, and birds. This gorgeous guide demonstrates how to draw directly from nature, use sketchbooks and mood boards to explore the environment, and make small pieces (such as folding books) based on observational drawing and stitch. Covering everything from printing with plants onto fabric to working in three dimensions, this stunning collection includes a range of projects.
Flower Power: Prints from the 1960s
Flower Power
Prints from the 1960s
Paperback      ISBN: 0764306758