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Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses
Manual of Woody Landscape Plants
Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses
Paperback      ISBN: 0875637957
Landscaping With Stone
Landscaping With Stone
Paperback      ISBN: 0376014296
Includes more than 24 projects that use stone--from paths, patios and steps to decorative boulders, rock gardens and walls, in a book that includes 400 full-color photos, detailed shopping lists for each product and professional advice from stone masons and landscape designers. Original.
Architecture and Beyond: Procter: Rihl
Architecture and Beyond
Procter: Rihl
Paperback      ISBN: 1908967404
In a world dominated by hyper-specialisation, there are few architects that inhabit multiple areas consistently through their career. Procter-Rihl is a multidisciplinary studio that navigates between architecture, furniture, product design, exhibition, and landscaping. Procter-Rihl believes that architecture should be culturally--and climate--responsive, engaging with its place but also challenging. Unlike a typical contextual approach, the work creates tension between the vernacular and a new aesthetic. These contradictions add a layer of complexity to the reading of the architecture. Spatially, the practice explores complex geometries, which create dynamic experiences. Diagonal juxtaposition or a simple shift, or stretching of, a traditional form can produce an illusion of greater space. In their furniture work the studio is known for light structure and transparent acrylic where cut edges define a form based on the drawn line. Architecture and Beyond: Procter-Rihl comprises four parts or actions: fold, perforate, float and weave. Each chapter illustrates the practice's design method and way of working, highlighting key elements in construction.
Industrial Landscapes
Industrial Landscapes
Hardcover      ISBN: 0262025078
The great photographers of industrial landscapes offer a stunning retrospective of their most compelling work, featuring coal mines, iron ore mines, steel mills, power stations with cooling towers, lime kilns, and grain elevators, among other subjects.

Water damage to the top right corner of dust jacket and cover.

Forever Green: A Landscape Architect's Innovative Gardens Offer Environments to Love and Delight
Forever Green
A Landscape Architect's Innovative Gardens Offer Environments to Love and Delight
Hardcover      ISBN: 0983388997
Forever Green presents the stunning American landscapes of Mario Nievera's design, in climates as diverse as tropical Florida and temperamental New York.
The Garden Floor: From Gravel Gardens to Chamomile Lawns
The Garden Floor
From Gravel Gardens to Chamomile Lawns
Hardcover      ISBN: 1570761663
Hardcover      ISBN: 1558492585
Ossian Cole Simonds (1855-1931) was one of the country's earliest and most important landscape architects, the progenitor of the "middle-western movement" of landscape design. He laid out college campuses, arboretums, estates, parks, and the much admired Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. He was also an influential teacher, author, and founder of university programs in landscape architecture, and the only midwesterner among the eleven charter members of the American Society of Landscape Architects. First published in 1920, Landscape-Gardening presents Simonds's carefully conceived and still timely ideas about an approach to landscape design in which nature is both partner and model. In eighteen well-illustrated chapters, he addresses the design of many different types of landscapes - from residences to parks to school grounds - and recommends an approach based on respect for natural systems and acceptance of stewardship responsibility.
Midwest Home Landscaping: Including South-central Canada
Midwest Home Landscaping
Including South-central Canada
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1580114970
Midwest Home Landscaping, Including Southern Canada, third edition, shows how to beautify 23 common landscape situations, such as front and back entries, walkways, borders, slopes, and patios. Each situation is presented with a variation, for a total of 46 designs. In addition, the book explains how to install and care for the plants, ponds, walls, and fences involved in the landscape designs. Plants that are proven performers in the Midwest are used in the designs and described in full detail. Step-by-step instructions provide the essential knowledge to tackle each project. United States: IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI Canada: Ontario (southern)
Water Landscapes
Water Landscapes
Hardcover      ISBN: 9881668867
This book showcases various waterscape designs merged into landscape architecture all over the world.
Garden Projects
Garden Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 1561580856
Gathers instructions for twenty-two projects originally published in Fine Gardening magazine, including plans for fences, ponds, patios, earth walls, and artificial bog gardens