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Tough Plants: Unkillable Plants for Every Garden
Tough Plants
Unkillable Plants for Every Garden
Paperback      ISBN: 1552975266
Following tips on improving garden conditions, introduces plants adaptable to such challenging situations as salt air exposure, sun-baked sites, and sandy soil.
Landscape and Englishness
Landscape and Englishness
Hardcover      ISBN: 1861890222
Landscape has been central to definitions of Englishness for centuries. David Matless argues that landscape has been the site where English visions of the past, present and future have met in debates over questions of national identity, disputes over history and modernity, and ideals of citizenship and the body. Landscape and Englishness is extensively illustrated and draws on a wide range of material - topographical guides, health manuals, paintings, poetry, architectural polemic, photography, nature guides and novels. The author first examines the inter-war period, showing how a vision of Englishness and landscape as both modern and traditional, urban and rural, progressive and preservationist, took shape around debates over building in the countryside, the replanning of cities, and the cultures of leisure and citizenship. He concludes by tracing out the story of landscape and Englishness down to the present day, showing how the familiar terms of debate regarding landscape and heritage are a product of the immediate post-war era, and asking how current arguments over care for the environment or expressions of the nation resonate with earlier histories and geographies. " ... cultural history at its best, subtle, multi-layered and full of new ideas and insights ... this book is a 'must'."—Contemporary British History " ... creates a convincing portrait of the changing meanings of the English landscape in the twentieth century."—Times Literary Supplement
Western Garden Book
Western Garden Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0376038756
Thoroughly revised and updated, this valuable gardening handbook for Western gardeners describes more than two thousand thousand plants that can be grown in twenty-four specific climates, from Idaho, Utah, and Arizona to the Pacific beaches and tells how to care for them. Original.
Landscape Construction 1-2-3: Expert Edvice from the Home Depot
Landscape Construction 1-2-3
Expert Edvice from the Home Depot
      ISBN: 0696217651
Packed with practical techniques and technical know-how to help do-it-yourselfers succeed.Covers fences and gates, retaining walls, outdoor sheds, trellises and arbors, outdoor electricity, plumbing and drainage, and working with concrete."Wisdom of the Aisles" on every page guarantees a beautifully landscaped yard.Guarantees great results with step-by-step instructions, timeframe for completion, plus skills and materials lists.Plenty of helpful tips and shortcuts that the pros use.
The Education of a Gardener
The Education of a Gardener
Paperback      ISBN: 1590172310
Russell Page, one of the legendary gardeners and landscapers of the twentieth century, designed gardens great and small for clients throughout the world. His memoirs, born of a lifetime of sketching, designing, and working on site, are a mixture of engaging personal reminiscence, keen critical intelligence, and practical know-how. They are not only essential reading for today’s gardeners, but a master’s compelling reflection on the deep sources and informing principles of his art. The Education of a Gardener offers charming, sometimes pointed anecdotes about patrons, colleagues, and, of course, gardens, together with lucid advice for the gardener. Page discusses how to plan a garden that draws on the energies of the surrounding landscape, determine which plants will do best in which setting, plant for the seasons, handle color, and combine trees, shrubs, and water features to rich and enduring effect. To read The Education of a Gardener is to wander happily through a variety of gardens in the company of a wise, witty, and knowledgeable friend. It will provide pleasure and insight not only to the dedicated gardener, but to anyone with an interest in abiding questions of design and aesthetics, or who simply enjoys an unusually well-written and thoughtful book.
Thomas Church, Landscape Architect: Designing a Modern California Landscape
Thomas Church, Landscape Architect
Designing a Modern California Landscape
Hardcover      ISBN: 0970973152
Backyard Water Gardens: How to Build, Plant & Maintain Ponds, Streams & Fountains
Backyard Water Gardens
How to Build, Plant & Maintain Ponds, Streams & Fountains
Paperback      ISBN: 1591865530
Backyard Water Gardens is a complete overview of everything you need to know in order to create a backyard water feature, from ideas, to installation, to maintaining, to stocking with plants and fish.
The Gardens of William Morris
The Gardens of William Morris
Hardcover      ISBN: 1556708718
Profiles one of the founders of the Arts & Crafts movement, shows his home and garden, and looks at how plants inspired his designs
Reinventing the Garden: Chaumont - Global Inspirations from the Loire
Reinventing the Garden
Chaumont - Global Inspirations from the Loire
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500511330
An in-depth study based on a ten-year history of the Chaumont festival, a world celebrated garden and landscape design forum, encompasses more than two hundred photographs, in addition to insights from public reaction, new and upcoming designers, and the work of such notable designers as Lynden Miller, Peter Latz, and Adriaan Geuze.
Japanese Garden Design
Japanese Garden Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 0804820716
One of the better volumes on the principles of Japanese garden design, avoiding much of the annoying sentimentalism to which Western writers on Japanese gardens are prone. Keane, a landscape architect, integrates Japanese history, philosophy, geography, art, and culture into his discussion of Japanese design principles and aesthetics, bringing the gardens he describes to life. Excellent color photographs and detailed drawings. 11x9". Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.