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Forever Green: A Landscape Architect's Innovative Gardens Offer Environments to Love and Delight
Forever Green
A Landscape Architect's Innovative Gardens Offer Environments to Love and Delight
Hardcover      ISBN: 0983388997
Forever Green presents the stunning American landscapes of Mario Nievera's design, in climates as diverse as tropical Florida and temperamental New York.
Landscape Handbook for the Tropics
Landscape Handbook for the Tropics
Paperback      ISBN: 1870673417
This book promises to fill a gap in the literature that has remained unbridged far too long. It is the only book available on the subject.
The Garden Floor: From Gravel Gardens to Chamomile Lawns
The Garden Floor
From Gravel Gardens to Chamomile Lawns
Hardcover      ISBN: 1570761663
Western Garden Book
Western Garden Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0376038756
Thoroughly revised and updated, this valuable gardening handbook for Western gardeners describes more than two thousand thousand plants that can be grown in twenty-four specific climates, from Idaho, Utah, and Arizona to the Pacific beaches and tells how to care for them. Original.
Landscaping Revolution: Garden With Mother Nature, Not Against Her
Landscaping Revolution
Garden With Mother Nature, Not Against Her
Hardcover      ISBN: 0809226650
A manual and political tract advocating a change in America's landscaping ideology, arguing that it involves too much water, pesticide, herbicide, and exotic plant uses.
Ian Mcharg: Conversations With Students: Dwelling in Nature
Ian Mcharg
Conversations With Students: Dwelling in Nature
Paperback      ISBN: 1568986203
One of the legendary figures in twentieth-century landscape design, Ian McHarg transformed the fields of landscape architecture and planning through his personal methodology, his unique curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania, and his own inspired writing. In classic texts such as his landmark 1969 book Design with Nature, McHarg painted an incredibly rich and exuberant picture of the organic world while conjuring up a vision of a more wholesome and productive metropolis. In this new entry in the popular Conversations with Students series, we are proud to make McHarg's never-before-in-print lecture 'Collaboration with Nature' available for the first time. Captured on tape in the 1970s, the lecture is the sequel to Design with Nature. This is a must-read for anyone in the fields of landscape architecture, environmental science, and urban planning.
Gardening with Hardy Heathers
Gardening with Hardy Heathers
Hardcover      ISBN: 0881927821
A timely and comprehensive review of these high-color, low-maintenance garden plants. The sight of a wild landscape covered with heathers in full bloom is breathtaking, so it is little surprise that people have found ways of introducing these rewarding plants into their gardens. In the residential context they excel, offering color in the drabbest months and a huge diversity of height, habit, and other valuable characteristics in return for modest cultural demands. A fascinating account of the unique ecological niche they occupy—including their remarkable adaptation to make use of the nitrogen and phosphorus unavailable to most other plants— provides a fitting context for discussion of their specific cultural needs. The detailed selection of cultivated hardy heathers conveniently provides gardeners with the best garden performers while further lists allow them to search for heathers for specific qualities such as heat tolerance, ground cover, or early summer blooming. Design options for displaying heathers at their best in the garden are provided along with advice on spacing, pruning, propagation, pests, and diseases. In this fascinating and beautifully illustrated work, classic wild-collected cultivars are described alongside the latest introductions to produce an invaluable reference that will inspire heather enthusiasts and gardeners for generations to come.
Sunset Midwestern Landscaping Book
Sunset Midwestern Landscaping Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0376035250
Grow More With Less: Sustainable Garden Methods: Less Water - Less Work - Less Money
Grow More With Less
Sustainable Garden Methods: Less Water - Less Work - Less Money
Paperback      ISBN: 1591865514
Horticultural expert Vincent Simeone helps you plan your green garden in this practical, holistic guide. With detailed, strategic timelines for both short-term and long-term gardening techniques, Grow More with Less lets you put your best foot forward in creating an efficient, sustainable home landscape. From composting and mulching to planting trees, author Vincent Simeone covers all the eco-friendly essentials in one straightforward handbook. Simeone makes the what, how, and why of sustainable gardening unmistakably clear: why we should plant for the long-term, how to make the best plant selections possible, how to manage invasive species, how to make the most of your lawn (regardless of its size), the importance of IPM (integrated pest management) in fighting insects and pests, how to conserve water with proper irrigation, installing rain barrels and cisterns, and more. Even when the solution is to do nothing—for instance, leaving some parts of a lawn un-mowed in order to save time and money while attracting local wildlife—Grow More with Less enables you to confidently make the call. With effective, time-proven recommendations like these, field-tested in a large botanical garden and adapted for home use by Vincent Simeone, Grow More with Less is your complete step-by-step personal roadmap for green gardening.
A Life Spent Changing Places
A Life Spent Changing Places
Hardcover      ISBN: 0812242637
The title does not make clear that this is an autobiography. Halprin (1916-2009) completed the manuscript in the last years of his life. It is a charming and vigorous narrative of life and work illustrated with family photos, drawings made during all phases of his life, and photos of projects. Laurie Olin (landscape architecture, U. of Pennsylvania) provides a foreword summarizing highlights of the great landscape architect's career, contributions, and legacy--particularly his strong interest in a process of creation that reaches into the minds of many people. The book's format is horizontal (11x8.5)--elegantly designed in a manner that allows readers to walk through text and photos as if in the company of a highly creative and articulate friend. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (