The Septic System Owner's Manual
The Septic System Owner's Manual
Paperback      ISBN: 0936070404

Offers information about the tank, drainfield, soil, down the drain, maintenance, red alerts, graywater systems, advanced systems, upgrades, and a brief history of waste disposal.

Stanley Easy Home Plumbing Repairs
Stanley Easy Home Plumbing Repairs
Paperback      ISBN: 1627109854

Fix the drip. Stanley Quick Guides offer even the most intimidated homeowner straightforward, no- nonsense repair advice and training. With this handy reference book, Easy Home Plumbing Repairs, you will rapidly learn everything you need to know about repairing your plumbing, from tips on tools and materials to clearing a clogged sink and even replacing different styles of faucets.

Reliable, professional tips and instruction for the most common plumbing repairs. Author David Schiff puts his extensive experience in home improvement and construction to work for you. He'll guide you through the twists and turns of plumbing repairs beginning with helpful hints for whether you should repair or replace your faucet down to the nitty gritty of unclogging your toilet. For a complete listing of all the plumbing repairs you can accomplish, check out the Table of Contents tab. Here's a quick look at a few of the repairs you can make:

  • Clearing a Clogged Sink
  • Repairing a Leaky Single-Handed Faucet
  • Replacing a Single-Handed Faucet
  • Repairing a Leaky Two-Handed Faucet
  • Replacing a Two-Handed Faucet
  • Fixing a Running Toilet

Open a tool box full of essential home improvement tips from the experts at Stanley. The Stanley Quick Guide series offers authoritative, reliable, and concise DIY information empowering even the most unskilled homeowners to take on any home repair project with confidence. Get started now on Drywall, Plumbing, Wiring, and Home Energy Savings projects.

Durable, spiral-bound, highly visual, easy-to-reference books. Simply flip open your laminated book to tackle home improvement projects like weather-stripping doors and windows; replacing light fixtures; repairing faucets; and closing window openings. The projects vary from the simplest of tasks to the more complex guided by colorful how-to photographs throughout and no nonsense, professional advice.

Taunton's Plumbing Complete: Expert Advice from Start to Finish
Taunton's Plumbing Complete
Expert Advice from Start to Finish
Paperback      ISBN: 1561588555

If you want to tackle a home plumbing job yourself -- and save a few bucks in the process -- here's the book for you.

In Plumbing Complete, master plumber Rex Cauldwell gives you all the expert advice you'll need to handle virtually any plumbing project with confidence.

From the basic plumbing problems everyone faces to complex challenges that are a little trickier, you'll learn everything you need to get things running smoothly again. (The few projects not covered by the author are ones that absolutely should be handled by a plumbing professional.)

What's unique about this book is how easy it is to find and use the valuable information on every page -- with detailed instructions and clear, step-by-step photos that make every procedure easy to understand and implement.

You'll also appreciate the intuitive finding devices and table of contents featuring visual symbols that make it easy to find whatever type of project you're looking for -- and get started quickly.

Here's an example of what you'll discover.

  • The tools you'll need for every project
  • Understanding the drain/vent system
  • How to clean and unclog pipes
  • Repairing faucets and toilets
  • Installing a new bath
  • Working with kitchen appliances
  • How to fix outdoor plumbing

    When you consider the high cost of even the most simple plumbing repair job, it's easy to see how this useful book can be a smart investment that helps you save on every job you handle yourself.

Ugly's Plumbing References
Ugly's Plumbing References
Paperback      ISBN: 0763780065

Ugly's Plumbing References is a quick, on-the-job resource specifically designed to provide plumbing professionals with the most commonly required information on installing plumbing piping, fixtures, and appliances in both commercial and residential buildings. This essential pocket guide includes diagrams, calculations, and quick explanations on how to select proper materials, tools, and equipment, as well as how to size sanitary drainage, vent, and water supply piping, calculate water demand, test and inspect plumbing systems, and much more. Unlike other plumbing pocket guides, Ugly's incorporates invaluable information for license preparation, such as tips on studying plumbing systems, drawings, and the operation of typical systems, the latest tools and digital devices within the trade, and methods for handling the latest digital equipment.

* Thorough coverage of pipes, fittings, fixtures, and appliances
* Coverage of safe plumbing terms, codes and standards, and helpful abbreviations and symbols
* Step-by-step overview of conversions and equivalents, fractions, angles, shapes, and forms
* Special section on hand signals for hoisting and knots and
Ultimate Guide: Plumbing, 4th Updated Edition
Ultimate Guide
Plumbing, 4th Updated Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 1580117880

This updated and expanded edition of Creative Homeowner's comprehensive, bestselling plumbing how-to book covers the most up-to-date products and techniques. Strong emphasis in the how-to information is placed on doing things correctly, so all of the projects use only code-compliant techniques. Ultimate Guide: Plumbing, 4th Edition prepares the do-it-yourselfer to handle any plumbing task in the home, from replacing a washer in a leaky faucet to renovating a bathroom. It also gives readers an overview of a house's plumbing system, including supply, waste, and vent piping, and explains the basic physics that keep everything working well. In addition to learning how to plan and complete each project, readers learn how to spot and improve outdated or dangerous techniques and materials in their home plumbing system.

Understanding Boat Plumb & Watpb
Understanding Boat Plumb & Watpb
Paperback      ISBN: 1574092634

In his latest guide to the technical issues facing boat owners, John C. Payne deals with the topic of boat plumbing and water systems. With photos and technical drawings, the book covers such topics as fresh water systems, hot water systems, galley plumbing systems, watermaker systems, salt water systems, and bilge pump systems.

Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds
Water Storage
Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds
Paperback      ISBN: 0964343363

A do-it-yourself guide to designing, building, and maintaining your water tank, cistern or pond, and sustainably managing groundwater storage. It will help you with your independent water system, fire protection, and disaster preparedness, at low cost and using principles of ecological design. Includes building instructions for several styles of ferrocement water tanks.