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#1 Best Seller: Book Marketing… Reinvented
#1 Best Seller
Book Marketing… Reinvented
Hardcover      ISBN: 1641462876
The rules of book marketing are changing and teh traditional rules of book marketing no longer apply. A new era of marketing books is upon us
The &-Files: Art & Text 1981-2002
The &-Files
Art & Text 1981-2002
Paperback      ISBN: 0979975212
Modeled after the famed TV sci-fi series The X-Files, The &-Files gathers together a covert body of documents following the long and often controversial career of Art & Text, one of the landmark contemporary art magazines of the 1980s and 1990s. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 1981 by Paul Taylor (1957–92), who soon moved to New York City to make his mark as an art critic, the magazine went on to become one of a handful of international art magazines that succeeded in capturing the turmoil and passing brilliance of that period of postmodernism. Perceived through the eyes and ears of its longtime publisher and editor Paul Foss, The &-Files is comprised of an open letter, a lengthy interview, two questionnaires, and other commentaries and bibliographies, offering a unique insider account of the extraordinary advantages and pitfalls of publishing an art magazine.
102 Ways to Earn Money Writing 1,500 Words or Less
102 Ways to Earn Money Writing 1,500 Words or Less
Paperback      ISBN: 158297795x
An award-winning writer unlocks the secrets to securing writing assignments from newspapers, magazines, literary outlines, corporations and other sources of freelance writing jobs. Original.
45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters
45 Master Characters
Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters
Paperback      ISBN: 1599635348
Create unforgettable characters your readers will love! Want to make your characters and their stories more compelling, complex, and original than ever before? 45 Master Characters is here to help you explore the most common male and female archetypes--the mythic, cross-cultural models from which all characters originate. - Explore a wide variety of character profiles including heroes, villains, and supporting characters. - Learn how to use archetypes as foundations for your own unique characters - Examine the mythic journeys of heroes and heroines--the progression of events upon which each archetype's character arc develops--and learn how to use them to enhance your story. Complete with examples culled from literature, television, and film, 45 Master Characters illustrates just how memorable and effective these archetypes can be--from "Gladiators" and "Kings" like Rocky Balboa and Captain Ahab to "Amazons" and "Maidens" like Wonder Woman and Guinevere. Great heroes and villains are necessary to bring any story to life; let this guide help you create characters that stand the test of time.
The African-American Writer's Guide to Successful Self-Publishing: Marketing, Distribution, Publicity, the Internet, and Crafting
The African-American Writer's Guide to Successful Self-Publishing
Marketing, Distribution, Publicity, the Internet, and Crafting
Paperback      ISBN: 0972751971
THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN WRITER'S GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL SELF-PUBLISHING gives you an Easy-to-Follow Ten Step Plan for Successful Writing and Publishing. You will learn Takesha Powell's winning techniques for Successful Self Publishing, as she elaborates on topics such as: How to Make Money with Your Self-Published Book; How to Sign Contracts for Large Advances; How to Get a Literary Agent; How to Craft your ideas; How To Format your Manuscript; How to Capture Your Market; How to Do Internet/Electronic Publishing; How to Write Query Letters and Winning Proposals; How to Market and Promote Your Book for Little or No Money; How to Sell Your Book Nationally. IT'S ALL HERE!! Includes a complete listing of African American Bookstores, Book Publishers, Distributors/Wholesalers, Black Newspapers, Editorial Resources and more
Aldo Manuzio: Renaissance in Venice
Aldo Manuzio
Renaissance in Venice
Paperback      ISBN: 8831723804
The fascinating story of the greatest publisher of all time. The catalog of the Aldo Manutiu exhibition, 500 years after his death, is a tribute to the most famous printer in the history of publishing. It tells how the book changed the world and how and why this change happened in Venice, cosmopolitan city and gateway between East and West.But it is mainly a journey through the world of culture and the arts in Venice between the end of the fifteenth century and the start of the sixteenth, in a crucial period featuring major figures like the painters Bellini, Carpaccio, and the young Giorgione (with the debut of his pupil Titian), illustrious visiting foreign artists like Albrecht Dürer, and intellectuals of European fame such as Erasmus of Rotterdam."
American Pulp: How Paperbacks Brought Modernism to Main Street
American Pulp
How Paperbacks Brought Modernism to Main Street
Paperback      ISBN: 0691173389
"There is real hope for a culture that makes it as easy to buy a book as it does a pack of cigarettes."--a civic leader quoted in a New American Library ad (1951) American Pulp tells the story of the midcentury golden age of pulp paperbacks and how they brought modernism to Main Street, democratized literature and ideas, spurred social mobility, and helped readers fashion new identities. Drawing on extensive original research, Paula Rabinowitz unearths the far-reaching political, social, and aesthetic impact of the pulps between the late 1930s and early 1960s. Published in vast numbers of titles, available everywhere, and sometimes selling in the millions, pulps were throwaway objects accessible to anyone with a quarter. Conventionally associated with romance, crime, and science fiction, the pulps in fact came in every genre and subject. American Pulp tells how these books ingeniously repackaged highbrow fiction and nonfiction for a mass audience, drawing in readers of every kind with promises of entertainment, enlightenment, and titillation. Focusing on important episodes in pulp history, Rabinowitz looks at the wide-ranging effects of free paperbacks distributed to World War II servicemen and women; how pulps prompted important censorship and First Amendment cases; how some gay women read pulp lesbian novels as how-to-dress manuals; the unlikely appearance in pulp science fiction of early representations of the Holocaust; how writers and artists appropriated pulp as a literary and visual style; and much more. Examining their often-lurid packaging as well as their content, American Pulp is richly illustrated with reproductions of dozens of pulp paperback covers, many in color. A fascinating cultural history, American Pulp will change the way we look at these ephemeral yet enduringly intriguing books.
Animation: Grundlagen - 2D-Animation - 3D-Animation
Grundlagen - 2D-Animation - 3D-Animation
German    Paperback      ISBN: 3662539217
Dieser Band der
Antiquarian Bookselling in the United States: A History from the Origins to the 1940s
Antiquarian Bookselling in the United States
A History from the Origins to the 1940s
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313247293
The Art of the Book Proposal: From Focused Idea to Finished Proposal
The Art of the Book Proposal
From Focused Idea to Finished Proposal
Paperback      ISBN: 1585423343
A holistic step-by-step guide to creating an effective non-fiction book proposal offers exercises designed to help a writer track one's progress, prepare an outline, and organize marketing and publicity agendas that will attract an agent or editor. Original. 10,000 first printing.