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Coaching Youth Soccer
Coaching Youth Soccer
4th Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0736063293
Designed to develop a soccer programme for children of 14 years of age and under, this fourth edition includes activities and coaching tips. Teaching the fundamentals of offense and defense, it also addresses key communication and safety issues. Fun, and effective instruction are stressed, helping to create an environment that promotes learning.
The Hitting Edge
The Hitting Edge
Paperback      ISBN: 073603336x
Hitting a hard-thrown baseball is one of the most difficult skills in sports. The Hitting Edge simplifies the task by focusing on key features common in every successful hitter's swing: dynamic balance, sequential rotation, axis of rotation, and bat lag. Author Tom Robson identified these hitting “absolutes” through extensive video analysis and research and his on-field role as a major league hitting coach. He confirmed the importance of the four factors by studying the best hitters of the modern era, such as Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire, and working with top batsmen like Rafael Palmeiro and John Olerud. And a hitter doesn't need to be an all-star to benefit from Robson's instruction, because it applies across all levels of competition and allows for all types of individual swing styles. Robson also recognizes that batters aren't robots, and human factors sometimes interfere with hitting mechanics. So he also teaches how to develop better focus and a more positive attitude at the plate. But it takes more than the right stroke to develop consistent contact and power. Focus. Split-second timing. An eye for the perfect pitch. Great hitting requires all these elements and more. Much of The Hitting Edge is dedicated to the physical and mental details of preparing for the pitch, followed by six information-packed chapters on the mechanics of the swing. Loaded with concise instruction, skill demonstration, photos, effective drills, and more, Robson's book cleans up where other hitting books strike out. Take the knowledge available in this book with you to every at-bat and you'll have The Hitting Edge.
Beyer on Speed: New Strategies for Racetrack Betting
Beyer on Speed
New Strategies for Racetrack Betting
Paperback      ISBN: 0618871721
The creator of a revolutionary new racetrack-betting technique that calculates a horse's speed in previous races offers an understandable, anecdotal explanation of how to use these figures to win at the track, in a new edition of the classic handicapping guide. Reprint.
Good Enough to Dream
Good Enough to Dream
Hardcover      ISBN: 0385189125
The author recounts his first season, in 1983, as president of the Utica Blue Sox, a single A baseball team in the New York-Penn League
Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends, and Eerie Events
Haunted Baseball
Ghosts, Curses, Legends, and Eerie Events
Paperback      ISBN: 1599210223
Presents a collection of anecdotes, folk tales, ghost stories, and paranormal events related to various baseball teams, games, players, and fields of play as recalled by management, umpires, teammates, and fans.
Physics of Baseball
Physics of Baseball
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 0060964618
Discusses the scientific principles involved in pitching and hitting a baseball, looks at the properties of bats, and describes the flight of a baseball
Play by Play: Baseball, Radio and Life in the Last Chance League
Play by Play
Baseball, Radio and Life in the Last Chance League
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0609608711
A prominent NPR personality describes how he chose to go on sabbatical to pursue a lifelong dream to become a play-by-play baseball announcer and offers a detailed journal of his 2000 season with the Aberdeen Arsenal, a minor league franchise. 25,000 first printing.
Baseball: 100 Classic Moments in the History of the Game
100 Classic Moments in the History of the Game
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789451212
Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan provides the foreword to this fascinating history of professional baseball's greatest moments, in more than four hundred photographs from the National Baseball Hall of Fame that capture the finest players, games, triumphs, and tragedies in baseball history.
Ted Williams: The Biography of an American Hero
Ted Williams
The Biography of an American Hero
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0385507488
Traces the baseball legend's initial signing as a teenager with the Boston Red Sox in 1938, his record-setting batting averages that remained unchallenged for more than sixty years, his two-time service as a fighter pilot, and his love-hate relationship with fans and the media.
Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy
Sandy Koufax
A Lefty's Legacy
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0060195339
A portrait of the elusive baseball pitcher considers him as both a champion athlete and a symbol for his beliefs, citing such career achievements as his perfect game in September 1965 and his refusal to pitch a World Series opening game that fell on a Jewish holy day.