Body to Job
Body to Job
Paperback      ISBN: 1945572701
Former porn star, Christopher Zeischegg (aka Danny Wylde), gathers six years of writing into one definitive collection. A memoir of an adult film career from beginning to end and a life lived after, marked by post-porn dysphoria. Interspersed with select fiction, Zeischegg writes about youthful naivete, sex worker love, pro-porn activism, disenchantment, and violence. Body to Job is the ex-porn star's third book, and his most comprehensive to date—an explicit work of vulnerability, longing, terror, and life.
Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women
Mustang Ranch and Its Women
Paperback      ISBN: 0449006581
A female doctor chronicles her observations of and eye-opening interviews with the women living and working as legal prostitutes at Nevada's Mustang Ranch, the nation's largest brothel. Reprint.
Child Pornography: Law and Policy
Child Pornography
Law and Policy
Hardcover      ISBN: 0415499879
Child Pornography: Law and Policy draws on interdisciplinary work in order to critically address the law relating to child pornography. Child pornography is recognized as a specific form of child abuse and there are now many national, and international, efforts to tackle it. Yet despite these efforts, the volume of child pornography, particularly on the internet, is increasing. The law has reacted to this situation by adapting its definitions, increasing sentences and providing new powers to law enforcement. It is, however, unclear how far the law should extend. What should the relationship be between criminalization and free-speech? Is there a link between the "use" of child pornography and contact offending? The issue of child pornography has been the subject of considerable literature in the areas of psychology, sociology and psychiatry. These studies provide the basis for a greater understanding of the nature of child pornography, as well as the profiles and behaviour of those who access or produce such material. Child Pornography: Law and Policy brings this wider literature to bear on the legal and policy frameworks relating to child pornography, questioning both the appropriateness and the effectiveness of the law in this context.

Coming Out Like a Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy
Coming Out Like a Porn Star
Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy
Paperback      ISBN: 0990557162
This one-of-a-kind book shares intimate personal stories of porn performers "coming out" to family, friends, partners, lovers, and community. The contributors represent a wide range of races, ethnicities, and genders. They include Joanna Angel, Annie Sprinkle, Betty Blac, Nina Hartley, Candida Royalle, Conner Habib, Dale Cooper, Christopher Zeischegg, Cindy Gallop, Drew DeVeaux, Erika Lust, Gala Vanting, Casey Calvert, Lorelei Lee, Stoya, Ignacio Rivera AKA Papí Coxxx, and many others. Jiz Lee is a genderqueer performer who, fascinated by the radical potential of sex, love, and art, has worked in over two hundred projects within indie, queer, and mainstream adult genres, written on gender and porn inThe Feminist Porn Book, and taught queer sex workshops.
The DIY Porn Handbook: A How-To Guide to Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolution
The DIY Porn Handbook
A How-To Guide to Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolution
Paperback      ISBN: 0937609811
The Economy of Prostitution in the Roman World: A Study of Social History and the Brothel
The Economy of Prostitution in the Roman World
A Study of Social History and the Brothel
Hardcover      ISBN: 0472113623
An in-depth study of the different venues for the sale of sex in the Roman world
Erotism: Death and Sensuality
Death and Sensuality
Paperback      ISBN: 0872861902
Taboo and sacrifice, transgression and language, death and sensuality—Georges Bataille pursues these themes with an original, often startling perspective. He challenges any single discourse on the erotic. The scope of his inquiry ranges from Emily Bronte to Sade, from St. Therese to Claude Levi-Strauss and Dr. Kinsey; and the subjects he covers include prostitution, mythical ecstasy, cruelty, and organized war. Investigating desire prior to and extending beyond the realm of sexuality, he argues that eroticism is "a psychological quest not alien to death.
Ethical Porn for Dicks: A Man's Guide to Responsible Viewing Pleasure
Ethical Porn for Dicks
A Man's Guide to Responsible Viewing Pleasure
Paperback      ISBN: 0996485236
Our media is filled with confusing, polarizing messages about the dangers of porn, while at the same time sexually explicit images are pronounced in advertising and entertainment. Using a natural question/answer format for people feeling fear and shame about porn use, this accessible, funny, and well-informed book is the first one to offer men a nonjudgmental way to discover how to view and use pornography responsibly. David J. Ley, PhD, is an internationally recognized expert on issues related to sexuality and mental health. He has authored two books, published in the Los Angeles Times and Playboy, and appeared on television with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Phil.
Explicit Utopias: Rewriting the Sexual in Women's Pornography
Explicit Utopias
Rewriting the Sexual in Women's Pornography
Paperback      ISBN: 1438457081
Provides an incisive account of women’s porn and queer porn of the 1980s and 1990s.
The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure
The Feminist Porn Book
The Politics of Producing Pleasure
Paperback      ISBN: 155861818x
The Feminist Porn Book brings together for the first time writings by feminists in the adult industry and research by feminist porn scholars. This book investigates not only how feminists understand pornography, but also how feminists do porn?that is, direct, act in, produce, and consume one of the world's most lucrative and growing industries. With original contributions by Susie Bright, Candida Royalle, Betty Dodson, Nina Hartley, Buck Angel, and more, The Feminist Porn Book updates the debates of the porn wars of the 1980s, which sharply divided the women's movement, and identifies pornography as a form of expression and labor in which women and other minorities produce power and pleasure. Tristan Taormino is an award-winning author, columnist, editor, sex educator, and feminist pornographer. She is the author of seven books including The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women and Opening Up. She runs the adult film production company Smart Ass Productions and is an exclusive director for Vivid Entertainment. Celine Parreñas Shimizu is an associate professor of film and performance studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and founding editor of Camera Obscura. Mireille Miller-Young is assistant professor of feminist studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.