Racism and Ethnic Studies
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Korean Intangible Cultural Properties: Traditional Music and Dance
Korean Intangible Cultural Properties
Traditional Music and Dance
Hardcover      ISBN: 1565911504
The Other Side of the River: A Story of Two Towns, a Death, and America's Dilemma
The Other Side of the River
A Story of Two Towns, a Death, and America's Dilemma
Paperback      ISBN: 038547721x
Explores America's racial antagonisms through the story of two Michigan towns--one white and wealthy, the other Black and poor--and a Black boy's death and its repercussions
Road to Wigan Pier
Road to Wigan Pier
Paperback      ISBN: 0156767503
George Orwell's observations on the appalling living conditions of the unemployed of northern England in 1937, includes evaluations of middle class prejudice and apathy, and a criticism of socialism
Rain of Gold
Rain of Gold
Paperback      ISBN: 038531177x
In Rain of Gold, Victor Villasenor weaves the parallel stories of two families and two countries…bringing us the timeless romance between the volatile bootlegger who would become his father and the beautiful Lupe, his mother–men and women in whose lives the real and the fantastical exist side by side…and in whose hearts the spirit to survive is fueled by a family’s unconditional love.
Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements
Malcolm X Speaks
Selected Speeches and Statements
Paperback      ISBN: 0802132138
Presents the major ideas expounded by the legendary leader of the Black revolution in America through selected speeches delivered from 1963 to his assassination in 1965
Race: How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession
How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession
Hardcover      ISBN: 1565840003
The author of Working and Hard Times examines the leading issue in American politics, presenting the feelings of nearly one hundred Americans on such issues as affirmative action, changing neighborhoods, secret prejudices, and more.
The Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today
The Promise Fulfilled
A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today
Hardcover      ISBN: 0816628327
“Odd Lovoll provides fascinating and important insights about the distinctive presence in American life of Norwegian immigrants and their ancestors. Then again, I might be biased.
Dress, Gender and Cultural Change: Asian-American and African-American Rites of Passage
Dress, Gender and Cultural Change
Asian-American and African-American Rites of Passage
Paperback      ISBN: 1859739792
Within the Hmong American community, mothers and aunts of teenagers use bangles, lace and traditional handwork techniques to create dazzling displays reflecting the gender and ethnicity of their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, as they participate in an annual courtship ritual. This book examines these events to show how dress is used to transform gender construction and create positive images of African American and Hmong American youth. Coming-of-age rituals serve as arenas of cultural revision and change. For each of these communities, the choice of dress represents cultural affirmation. This author shows that within the homogenizing context of American society, dress serves as a site for the continual renegotiation of identity - gendered, ethnic and otherwise.
We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda
We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families
Stories from Rwanda
Paperback      ISBN: 0312243359
A gripping and comprehensive account of the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994 analyzes the events that led up to the slaughter of the Tutsi minority and discusses the event's aftermath. Reprint. 35,000 first printing. Tour.
Shattering The Stereotypes: Muslim Women Speak Out
Shattering The Stereotypes
Muslim Women Speak Out
Paperback      ISBN: 1566565693
Muslim women writers and scholars in the humanities and social sciences from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, most working in the US, offer their own representations of Muslim women in their essays, poems, journalism, religious discourses, fiction, and plays. There is no index. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)