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Next Generation Football Training: Off-Season Workouts Used by Today's NFL Stars to Build Pro Athlete Strength and Give Your Team the Competitive Edge
Next Generation Football Training
Off-Season Workouts Used by Today's NFL Stars to Build Pro Athlete Strength and Give Your Team the Competitive Edge
Paperback      ISBN: 1624142400
For years, Abdul Foster has been training his brother Arian Foster, a well-known and talented running back for the Houston Texans, and other NFL stars. In this book, Abdul presents his proprietary, effective and sought after training program that helps these NFL stars succeed. It features tips and advice from current NFL players who have gone through Abdul's training - Andre Johnson, Glover Quin Jr., James Ihedigbo, Brandon Lafell, Duane Brown, Owen Daniels and Darius Slay. This book is a must-have for every serious high school football player and coach. It is scalable, realistic and achievable for youths with determination, desire to excel and dreams of an NFL career. In fact, Foster said he would have made the pros if he had had this program growing up - and his brother did! Abdul calls it the "new wave" of football training, a modern approach less about over-training and more about training smarter. It's not until young talented players reach the NFL that they learn how to train properly with exercises that develop flexibility, speed & agility, stability and full-body strength that makes them dynamite players on the field. This book bridges the gap by giving kids the exercises and workouts the NFL stars use - adapted if necessary for younger athletes - information on preventing and recovering from injury, and a nutritional guide. This book is the perfect gift for any young football player with big dreams.
Paperback      ISBN: 0812989260
Soon to be a major motion picture starring Will Smith, Concussion is the riveting, unlikely story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, the pathologist who made one of the most significant medical discoveries of the twenty-first century, a discovery that challenges the existence of America’s favorite sport and puts him in the crosshairs of football’s most powerful corporation: the NFL.
Paper Lion: Confessions of a Last-String Quarterback
Paper Lion
Confessions of a Last-String Quarterback
Hardcover      ISBN: 0316284505
After practicing with the Detroit Lions for four weeks, the author participates in an exhibition game as the team's quarterback and recounts his experiences with an insider's perspective.
Never Ran, Never Will: Boyhood and Football in a Changing American Inner City
Never Ran, Never Will
Boyhood and Football in a Changing American Inner City
Hardcover      ISBN: 1610398688
Describes the history and impact of the Mo Better Jaguars, a football team in a poor Brooklyn neighborhood and the people who have had their lives shaped for the better by playing and participating. 20,000 first printing.
Inside the Helmet: Life As a Sunday Afternoon Warrior
Inside the Helmet
Life As a Sunday Afternoon Warrior
Hardcover      ISBN: 1592402984
An unstinting report on life in the NFL by one of its most outspoken athletes reveals the players he believes to have employed less-than-admirable tactics, the drug therapies used to help injured players to return to games, the pressures of multi-million-dollar contracts, and more.
100 Things Michigan State Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die
100 Things Michigan State Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die
Paperback      ISBN: 1629373133
Most Michigan State Spartans fans have taken in a game or two at Spartan Stadium or Jack Breslin Student Events Center, have seen highlights of Magic Johnson, and have heard the story of the famous Game of the Century. But only real fans know the history of ?the Walk,
When Pride Still Mattered: Lombardi
When Pride Still Mattered
Paperback      ISBN: 1451611455
In this groundbreaking biography, David Maraniss captures all of football great Vince Lombardi: the myth, the man, his game, and his God.
Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away: A Love Letter to My Family
Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away
A Love Letter to My Family
Hardcover      ISBN: 1501136607
After five major concussions, NFL tight-end Ben Utecht of the Indianapolis Colts is losing his memories. This is his powerful and emotional love letter to his wife and daughters—whom he someday may not recognize—and an inspiring message for all to live every moment fully. At the age of thirty-four, Ben Utecht has accumulated a vast treasure of memories: tossing a football in the yard with his father, meeting his wife with whom he’d build a loving partnership and bring four beautiful daughters into the world, writing and performing music, catching touchdown passes from quarterback Peyton Manning, and playing a Super Bowl Championship watched by ninety-three million people. But the game he has built his living on, the game he fell in love with as a child, is taking its toll in the most devastating way. After at least five concussions—and an untold number of micro-concussions—Ben is suffering from multiple traumatic brain injuries that have erased his important memories. Knowing that his wife and daughters could someday be beyond his reach and desperate for them to understand how much he loves them, he penned a secret letter for them to read one day after his essential self is gone. Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away chronicles his remarkable journey from his early days throwing a football back and forth with his father in Minnesota to speaking about traumatic brain injury before Congress, and how his faith keeps him strong and grounded as he waits for a difficult future. Ben recounts the experiences that have shaped his life and imparts the lessons he’s learned along the way. Emotionally powerful, inspiring, and uplifting, Ben’s story will captivate and encourage you to make the most of every day and treasure all of your memories.
Never Die Easy: The Autobiography of Walter Payton
Never Die Easy
The Autobiography of Walter Payton
Paperback      ISBN: 0375758216
In an inspirational memoir, the late football great describes his love affair with his sport, his achievements on and off the field, his private life, his personal beliefs, and goals, and his battle with the liver cancer that would claim in life in 1999. Reprint. 100,000 first printing.
Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream
Friday Night Lights
A Town, a Team, and a Dream
Paperback      ISBN: 0306824205
With a new afterword by the author Return once again to the timeless account of the Permian Panthers of Odessa--the winningest high-school football team in Texas history. Odessa is not known to be a town big on dreams, but the Panthers help keep the hopes and dreams of this small, dusty town going. Socially and racially divided, its fragile economy follows the treacherous boom-bust path of the oil business. In bad times, the unemployment rate barrels out of control; in good times, its murder rate skyrockets. But every Friday night from September to December, when the Permian High School Panthers play football, this West Texas town becomes a place where dreams can come true. With frankness and compassion, H. G. Bissinger chronicles a season in the life of Odessa and shows how single-minded devotion to the team shapes the community and inspires--and sometimes shatters--the teenagers who wear the Panthers' uniforms. The author’s new afterword not only updates the story but also offers a sure-to-be controversial assessment of the state of football today.