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How Soon Is Now: From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation
How Soon Is Now
From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation
Hardcover      ISBN: 1780289723

We are on the brink of an ecological mega-crisis threatening the future of life on earth and our actions over the next few years may well determine the destiny of our descendants. Between a manifesto and a tactical plan of action, How Soon is Now? by radical futurist and philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck outlines a vision for a mass social movement that will address this crisis.

Drawing on a huge range of resources and references Daniel Pinchbeck presents a compelling argument for the need for change on a global basis - it is only when we see ourselves as one planetary tribe that this change can occur. The central thesis is that humanity has self-willed the ecological crisis in order to bring about the necessary conditions for transcendence of our current state of being, by undergoing an initiatory ordeal on a planetary scale.

This collective ordeal is necessary for us to evolve from one state of being - our current level of consciousness - to the next. By passing through this initiation we realize ourselves as one unified being, a planetary super-organism in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth's ecology and the entire web of life. Covering everything from energy and agriculture, to culture, politics, media and ideology, Pinchbeck's book is ultimately about the nature of the human soul and the future of our current world. He calls for an intentional and consciously designed metamorphosis of our current systems, which transform capitalist and exclusive structures into participatory, democratic, and inclusive ones, based on an integration of Eastern metaphysics, social ecology, and radical political thought. "How Soon is Now? gives us the context we need to understand the chaos and turbulence of our times." - Sting
The Late Great United States: What Bible Prophecy Reveals about America's Last Days
The Late Great United States
What Bible Prophecy Reveals about America's Last Days
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1601421419
Will God Bless America--Even in the End Times?

Every day brings more news of a world that seems to teeter on a disastrous precipice:
. Wars of genocide
. Massive earthquakes and typhoons
. The rising cost of foreign oil
. Terrorist bombings
. Economic disasters and lost security
. Crushing federal debt
. Famine and worldwide hunger
. a tidal wave of illegal immigrants

How many of these events and crises are signs of the "end times"? And what will become of the United States? Will America continue to slip as today's lone world superpower, and will it even exist when the sounds of warfare rumble at the Battle of Armageddon?

Clearly explaining the end time prophecies of Scripture, Mark Hitchcock shows that today's geopolitical situation corresponds remarkably to what the Bible predicted thousands of years ago. Prophecies previously dismissed as unbelievable now read like news headlines.

Learn of America's final fate and the outcome of dire events at the end of the age as Mark Hitchcock teaches how to find the only lasting hope in a God who will not forsake us--no matter what cataclysms we experience on earth.
Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache: Tales for Healing and Renewal
Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache
Tales for Healing and Renewal
Paperback      ISBN: 1879181770

The well-guarded cosmology of the Apaches comes to light through the wisdom of these traditional teaching tales.

- Told by the granddaughter of the Apache elder Ten Bears.

- Includes 13 stories of the Tlish Diyan (Apache Snake Clan).

- Provides contemporary insights into these legends to make them relevant to the modern reader.

In a small canyon in the White Mountains of Arizona a young girl sits and listens to her grandfather's stories. They tell of a people known as the Tlish Diyan, or Snake Clan, and how they came to be. She learns the story of her parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts, and an entire lineage that weaves between four leggeds, two leggeds, spirits, ancestors, ritual, adventure, and the creation of the world by Changing Mother and the Giver of All Life. In this way she comes to know and find her place in All Our Relations. This child is Maria Yrac b r , granddaughter of Apache holy man Ten Bears and the hereditary recipient of his philosophy, legends, prophecy, and knowledge.

In the traditional storytelling ways of her ancestors, Maria Yrac b r respectfully weaves her contemporary experience into the tapestry of tales passed down from generations. The legends of the Tlish Diyan she presents in Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache relay how sacred universal laws govern our relationship to the natural world, our interaction with nature, and our respect for each other.
Legends of the Star Ancestors: Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact from Wisdomkeepers Around the World
Legends of the Star Ancestors
Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact from Wisdomkeepers Around the World
Paperback      ISBN: 1879181797

Australian Aboriginal, Japanese, Celtic, Israeli, Native American, and other spiritual leaders from around the world share their stories of extraterrestrial contact and the Star Ancestor prophecies.

- Discusses the relevance of the earth-change prophecies given by ancient Star Ancestors.

- Shows the connection between extraterrestrials and renowned healers and teachers from around the world.

- Contains 70 illustrations by prominent artists.

At the dawn of a new millennium we are rapidly approaching environmental and social crises on a massive global scale. Cries have risen from every corner of the world to challenge the ravaging of Earth and many of her peoples. In Legends of the Star Ancestors traditional wisdomkeepers from diverse cultures share their insights into how Earth's current crisis is part of a larger cosmic plan for the planet's transition into an enlightened age, as prophesized by the Star Ancestors. Furthermore, the star beings that once seeded the Earth remain with us today in order to assist and guide us through this time of transformation.

Healers and teachers from Native American, Israeli, Tibetan, Aboriginal, Islamic, Japanese, and Celtic descent share their knowledge of the role Star Ancestors had within their respective traditions and how it shaped a larger global vision of Earth's future. From contributors as varied as Rabbi Ohad Ezrah to Australian aborigine Jingalu of the Yeagle tribe, we further learn of how star beings continue to make appearances on Earth today through UFOs, dreamtime, and physical encounters.
Lifting the Veil: A Witches' Guide to Trance-Prophesy, Drawing Down the Moon, and Ecstatic Ritual
Lifting the Veil
A Witches' Guide to Trance-Prophesy, Drawing Down the Moon, and Ecstatic Ritual
Paperback      ISBN: 1936863855

Written to fill an existing gap in the current available knowledge on trance, prophesy, deity-possession, and mediumship within the neo-Pagan and Wiccan communities, Lifting the Veil was developed from Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone's personal work and public workshops on trance-prophesy and ecstatic ritual over the last 20 years. The book covers the history and modern practice of trance as well as the methods of practice, including ecstatic ritual, drawing down the moon, sex magic, and working with the spirits of the dead. It also explores the Four Keys, which include the importance of understanding mythical cosmology and psychology, understanding the role of energy in trance, the nature of spirits and deity, and understanding what trance is and the techniques involved. Because trance-prophesy is a very subjective process, the book includes descriptions of the personal experiences of others and transcriptions from several independent sessions by modern seers and priestesses.

The Lost Quatrains of Nostradamus
The Lost Quatrains of Nostradamus
Paperback      ISBN: 0615193528

Got the itch to read something truly freaky? The NOSTRADAMUS channeler Sirianus now brings to you a collection of quatrains newly discovered, interpreted, and illustrated. Over 400 years have passed since Nostradamus wrote his famous CENTURIES. Psychics and scholars have been deciphering them ever since, with dubious success. But one man, SIRIANUS, commonly reviled for his unorthodoxy on just about everything, reveals the startling truths of the Master. What will happen to Tom Cruise when he dies? What is the significance of the Hale-Bopp comet? If the mysterious figure Hister was really Hitler, why was he recently seen dancing in a nightclub cage, nearly forcing Jermaine Jackson to wretch? Learn the answers to these compelling questions and more No matter what you think about Nostradamus - or his present-day voice Sirianus - you'll have great fun reading the latest from the Masters of Prognostication.

Manifesto for the Noosphere: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness
Manifesto for the Noosphere
The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness
Paperback      ISBN: 158394303x

The noosphere, identified in the early twentieth century as intrinsic to the next stage of human and terrestrial evolution, is defined as the Earth's "mental sphere" or stratum of human thought. Manifesto for the Noosphere, the final work by renowned author Jos Arg elles, predicts that the noosphere will be fully accessed on December 21, 2012--but warns that we will only successfully make this evolutionary jump through an act of collective consciousness among humans on Earth. The ascension to the noosphere or Supermind (using the terminology of Sri Aurobindo), Arg elles says, will be an unprecedented "mind shift" that mirrors the emergence of life itself on the planet.

Manifesto for the Noosphere
is intended to inform and prepare humanity for the nature and magnitude of this shift. Arg elles brings in the Mayan long-count calendar, radical theories on the nature of time, advanced states of consciousness, and the possible intervention of galactic intelligence. He carefully details the role of the noosphere in relation to other planetary strata (hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere) as well as the history and nature of the biosphere-noosphere transition and the intermediary phases of the technosphere and cybersphere.

About the Imprint:
EVOLVER EDITIONS promotes a new counterculture that recognizes humanity's visionary potential and takes tangible, pragmatic steps to realize it. EVOLVER EDITIONS explores the dynamics of personal, collective, and global change from a wide range of perspectives. EVOLVER EDITIONS is an imprint of North Atlantic Books and is produced in collaboration with Evolver, LLC.
Más Allá de Los Niños Índigo: Los Nuevos Niños Y La Llegada del Quinto Mundo
Más Allá de Los Niños Índigo
Los Nuevos Niños Y La Llegada del Quinto Mundo
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 1594772150

Seg n la profec a, el quinto sol o quinto mundo del calendario maya entra en ascensi n el 21 de diciembre de 2012. Esta fecha representa una "puerta de acceso" en el desarrollo planetario que expondr a la humanidad a nuevas formas de vivir y nuevos mundos de oportunidades. Las predicciones de la antig edad indican que nuestra transici n satisfactoria a trav s de esta puerta de acceso depende de la "quinta raza ra z" (la nueva expresi n de la reserva gen tica humana) destinada a ayudarnos a sobrellevar los enormes y emocionantes cambios que nos aguardan.

En M s all de los ni os ndigo, P. M. H. Atwater arroja luz sobre las caracter sticas de los extraordinarios "nuevos ni os" de la quinta raza ra z, esos chicos brillantes e irreverentes que han nacido desde 1982. La autora explora la relaci n de los nuevos ni os con las profec as del calendario maya y otras tradiciones, proveyendo amplia informaci n de antecedentes acerca de las siete razas ra z (la sexta y s ptima de las cuales a n no han surgido) y la gran transformaci n de la conciencia que ya est teniendo lugar. La autora revela la conexi n existente entre las siete razas ra z y los siete chakras, y la manera en que la humanidad ver abrirse el quinto chakra (el de la voluntad) a medida que los nuevos ni os lleguen a la madurez. Analiza adem s el fen meno de la inteligencia creciente y el potencial sin desarrollar y ofrece orientaciones y herramientas concretas para los que procuran comprender y ayudar a los nuevos ni os a realizar todo su potencial. M s all de los ni os ndigo es el primer estudio importante de los ni os de hoy y del lugar que ocupan en nuestro mundo r pidamente cambiante; combina la investigaci n objetiva con la revelaci n m stica y las profec as.
The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light [With Full Color Cards]
The Mayan Oracle
A Galactic Language of Light [With Full Color Cards]
Paperback      ISBN: 1591431239

A hands-on tool to harness the potential for spiritual growth surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012

- Includes 44 color divination cards and an in-depth guide

- Explains the Mayan divinatory meaning of each card's symbol and their associated colors, herbs, ritual movements, and more

- Includes divinatory spreads, meditations, and exercises for insight and intuition

As the Mayan calendar comes to a close, we are entering into a time of great opportunity for spiritual growth and higher planetary consciousness. The ancient Maya foresaw this awakening and thus embedded within their archetypal symbols instructions for harnessing the energies activated during this transformational period. Forming a "language of light" that represents a bridge between physical and spiritual realities, these ancient symbols have the power to catalyze growth, change, and awareness. Interacting with these glyphs establishes a personal "resonance," or direct communication with each of the symbols, creating a conduit through which to receive their galactic energies.

Conceived in a prophetic dream, The Mayan Oracle is composed of 44 cards--20 Mayan star-glyphs, 13 numbers, and 11 "lenses of the mystery"--along with an in-depth guidebook. Providing divinatory spreads, poetic meditations, and exercises for insight and intuition, the guide explains each symbol's Mayan usage, divinatory meaning, and the attributes, elements, and items associated with them--from colors and herbs to ritual movements. Designed to stimulate the intuition, this oracle offers a way to interact with the Mayan archetypes in order to elevate your consciousness to a higher dimension and transform old ways of seeing, doing, and being.
Mayan Ouroboros: The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle
Mayan Ouroboros
The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle
Paperback      ISBN: 1578635330

There have been many interpretations and predictions about the year 2012, known as the Mayan End Time--touted in everything from books to television commercials. But what do the Mayans themselves have to say about these prophecies?

In The Mayan Ouroboros, the muchanticipated followup to his bestselling Serpent of Light, spiritual researcher Drunvalo Melchizdek reveals for the first time what Mayan elders have told him about this period. In this book he explains how to prepare for this transition to a new 13,000year cycle by learning how to move out of our brain and into our hearts. He shares the Mayan insight of the importance of our heart connection to our survival and ability to thrive during these times.

Plus The Mayan Ouroboros reveals:

    The untold positive side of the Mayan prophecies
  • The Mayan End Timea sevenyear period of transition which began in 2007
  • The magnetic pole shift that is currently affecting humans around the world
  • The new ways in which humans will begin to perceive and communicate in the world.
  • The discovery of thousands of ancient Mayan codexes that are currently being decoded by the Mayans