Nostradamus and Prophecy
El Regreso de Los Niños de la Luz: Profecías de Los Inca Y Maya Para Un Nuevo Mundo = Return of the Children of Light
El Regreso de Los Niños de la Luz
Profecías de Los Inca Y Maya Para Un Nuevo Mundo = Return of the Children of Light
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 1594772169

"Este libro le abre la puerta al entendimiento m s profundo del prop sito de la creaci n humana y revela al rompecabezas gigante que se extiende por todo el mundo cubriendo el tiempo y el espacio. Judith es tambi n una mujer de poder verdadero quien con gran humildad nos gu a para aceptar nuestro lado divino as tambi n como nuestro lado humano."
--Don Miguel Ruiz, M.D., Nagual Tolteca y autor de The Four Agreements Los cuatro acuerdos] and The Mastery of Love La maestr a del amor]

"El regreso de los ni os de la luz es una jornada poderosa, estimulante hacia el misterio de la vida que est oculta alrededor de nosotros."
--Lynn Andrews, autora de Medicine Woman La curandera]

"Ambas en la oportunidad y la realizaci n de las profec as que ella presenta. As como tambi n comprensible y detallado, ste libro est recopilado elegantemente y presentado sensiblemente."
--Jos Arg elles, autor de The Mayan Factor El factor maya]

Las culturas incas y mayas se vieron a si mismas como "los ni os de la luz" --descendientes de los reinos celestiales-- y sus profec as predicen de un tiempo de gran despertamiento espiritual. Ellos profetizaron de un tiempo en cuando las entradas a las conciencias superiores se abrir an otra vez. Este tiempo es ahora.

La autora premiada Judith Bluestone Polich saca, de sus investigaciones extensas en la f sica cu ntica, la arqueoastronom a, la holograf a, la cosmolog a y en los estudios pioneros de la conciencia humana, como la ciencia y el pensar contempor neo est n consistentes con este conocimiento antiguo. As como predijeron los antiguos, la semilla de dios humana est empezando a despertarse, y la civilizaci n moderna est finalmente empezando a percibir el potencial humano de las mismas formas en que las culturas antiguas lo aceptaban como la verdad. Polich presenta t cnicas para el despertar de nuestra potencia humana a trav s del so ar, las meditaciones, el poder de los sitios sagrados.

JUDITH BLUESTONE POLICH es una estudiante de toda la vida del "Gran misterio," abogada, empresaria, y poetisa. Ella ha conducido talleres y charlas por todo el pa s, y actualmente vive en Nuevo M xico.
The End of Days: Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return
The End of Days
Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return
Paperback      ISBN: 0061239216

Why is it that our current twenty-first century A.D. is so similar to the twenty-first century B.C.?
Is history destined to repeat itself?Will biblical prophecies come true, and if so, when?

It has been more than three decades since Zecharia Sitchin's trailblazing book The 12th Planet brought to life the Sumerian civilization and its record of the Anunnaki--the extraterrestrials who fashioned man and gave mankind civilization and religion. In this new volume, Sitchin shows that the End is anchored in the events of the Beginning, and once you learn of this Beginning, it is possible to foretell the Future.

In The End of Days, a masterwork that required thirty years of additional research, Sitchin presents compelling new evidence that the Past is the Future--that mankind and its planet Earth are subject to a predetermined cyclical Celestial Time.

In an age when religious fanaticism and a clash of civilizations raise the specter of a nuclear Armageddon, Zecharia Sitchin shatters perceptions and uses history to reveal what is to come at The End of Days.

End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World
End of Days
Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World
Paperback      ISBN: 0451226895
Religious wars, global terrorism, pandemics, and genocide have all helped to usher in the Anxiety Age. Who better to lead the way out than popular psychic Sylvia Browne?

In End of Days, Browne tackles the most daunting of subjects with her trademark clarity, wisdom, and serenity, answering such difficult questions as: What's coming in the next fifty years? What do the great prophecies of Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation mean? If the world is really going to end, what will unfold in our final hours?

For anyone who's ever wondered where we're headed, and what--if anything--we can do to prevent a catastrophe of biblical proportions, End of Days is a riveting and insightful must-read.
End Times and 2019: The End of the Mayan Calendar and the Countdown to Judgment Day
End Times and 2019
The End of the Mayan Calendar and the Countdown to Judgment Day
Paperback      ISBN: 1935487922

Does the end of the Mayan Calendar start the countdown to Judgment Day? Biblical and historical researcher David Montaigne concludes that this is the case. He says that the end of the Mayan Long Count on 12/21/2012 is the official start of the Bible's seven-year tribulation-both were focused on the same astronomical events that occur from 2012 to 2019. The world as we know it will be gone by 2020. Texts from ancient India tell us about great cycles of destruction. The Egyptians told the same basic story with different names. The Maya reveal another version of the story, and were very clear about the timing of events from December 2012 to 2019. Your average American is no expert on these cultures, but most people do have a Bible at home-and the clearest details on what is about to happen can be found in the Bible, if you don't let someone else tell you which parts you should focus on. No, this isn't what you were taught in Sunday school. Religious leaders guide us between the raindrops of curious comments in the Bible. We are discouraged from focusing on the parts they say we weren't meant to understand. But if we stop glossing over these important passages we will understand a flood of details about the End Times. Our "leaders" are not ignorant of these events. The elite already know what is about to happen and they have made preparations most rational people would not believe, because evidence is suppressed to avoid chaos. They want us to remain ignorant, or at least to believe that the details are secrets that cannot be known. But the coming events (and their timing) are not secrets. Years ago, this book's publication would not have been tolerated by those in power. But by now it doesn't matter much-their plans are not going to be interfered with at this point. Your plans, however, can still be formulated, if you make the choice to understand. Topics include: Bible Prophecy Matthew 24:36- Knowing the hour and the day The Mayan Calendar and Mythology Pole Shifts Galactic Superwaves Ancient Egypt Ancient India World Mythology The Georgia Guidestones The real Star of Bethlehem and the exact birthday of Christ Calculating the Second Coming, and Judgment Day

The Feasts of the Lord
The Feasts of the Lord
Hardcover      ISBN: 0785275185

Isreal's feasts are infinitely more important than just a series of cultural observances. These feasts are appointed by the Lord, and they are owned by the Lord. Together they form God's prophetic calendar, outlining the work of history's most important person...Jesus, the Messiah. As such, few themes are more timely or rewarding for God's people today.

The Feasts of the Lord covers all aspects of the biblical feasts, including:

  • historical background
  • biblical observance
  • and prophetic significance

Yet, this book is not just another reference book on the feasts. It is written from the Hebrew Christian viewpoint, helping you to see the feasts through Jewish eyes.

The words of the Savior, His messianic claims, and Bible prophecy will all take on a rich, new relevance for you against the exciting backdrop of The Feasts of the Lord.

Final Prophecies of Nostradamus
Final Prophecies of Nostradamus
Paperback      ISBN: 039951516x
The Giza Prophecy: The Orion Code and the Secret Teachings of the Pyramids
The Giza Prophecy
The Orion Code and the Secret Teachings of the Pyramids
Paperback      ISBN: 1591431328

A detailed study of the proportions of the Giza pyramids and how they reveal shifts in the Earth's axis in the remote past--and near future

- Debunks the "pyramids as tombs" theory and shows how they are "recovery vaults" to ensure the rebirth of civilization after a global disaster

- Explains in detail how the angles and geometry of the Great Pyramid record a shift of the world's axis in 3980 BCE and predict more to come

- Uncovers the location of an additional as-yet-undiscovered "recovery vault" on the Giza plateau, as revealed in the myth of Osiris

Offering a radical new perspective on the Great Pyramid of Giza and all the structures surrounding it, including the Sphinx, Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn show how the designers of Giza intentionally arranged these massive structures to create an astronomical timeline recording catastrophic events in the past as well as warning later generations of the precise times of future catastrophes. They reveal how the Old Kingdom pyramids of Giza were created, not as tombs for the pharaohs and their queens, but as "recovery vaults" to ensure the rebirth of the Kingdom of Egypt after a global disaster by acting as storehouses for ancient Egyptian culture--its tools, seeds, art, and sacred texts.

Through the use of photos, maps, and diagrams of the Giza plateau, the authors explain in detail how the angles and geometry of the Great Pyramid align with the stars of Orion's Belt to encode an important message: that changes in the tilt of the world's axis have occurred in the remote past, most recently in 3980 BCE, and will occur again in the near future. Highlighting the ubiquitous appearance of 23.5-degree angles--the most important of the precessional angles encoded in the Giza pyramids--in classic works of art, including the work of Leonardo da Vinci and portraits of John the Baptist and George Washington, the authors reveal how this angle, the Great Pyramid, and its fateful message are tied to Freemasonry and other secret societies. Concluding with the remarkable revelation triggered by the myth of Osiris that there may be an as-yet-undiscovered 14th "recovery vault" on the Giza plateau, Creighton and Osborn show that the prophecy of Giza is a message of first importance to our own civilization.
A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged
A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged
Paperback      ISBN: 0664256392

This revised and enlarged edition of a classic in Old Testament scholarship reflects the most up-to-date research on the prophetic books and offers substantially expanded discussions of important new insight on Isaiah and the other prophets.

The Late Great United States: What Bible Prophecy Reveals about America's Last Days
The Late Great United States
What Bible Prophecy Reveals about America's Last Days
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1601421419
Will God Bless America--Even in the End Times?

Every day brings more news of a world that seems to teeter on a disastrous precipice:
. Wars of genocide
. Massive earthquakes and typhoons
. The rising cost of foreign oil
. Terrorist bombings
. Economic disasters and lost security
. Crushing federal debt
. Famine and worldwide hunger
. a tidal wave of illegal immigrants

How many of these events and crises are signs of the "end times"? And what will become of the United States? Will America continue to slip as today's lone world superpower, and will it even exist when the sounds of warfare rumble at the Battle of Armageddon?

Clearly explaining the end time prophecies of Scripture, Mark Hitchcock shows that today's geopolitical situation corresponds remarkably to what the Bible predicted thousands of years ago. Prophecies previously dismissed as unbelievable now read like news headlines.

Learn of America's final fate and the outcome of dire events at the end of the age as Mark Hitchcock teaches how to find the only lasting hope in a God who will not forsake us--no matter what cataclysms we experience on earth.
Legends of the Star Ancestors: Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact from Wisdomkeepers Around the World
Legends of the Star Ancestors
Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact from Wisdomkeepers Around the World
Paperback      ISBN: 1879181797

Australian Aboriginal, Japanese, Celtic, Israeli, Native American, and other spiritual leaders from around the world share their stories of extraterrestrial contact and the Star Ancestor prophecies.

- Discusses the relevance of the earth-change prophecies given by ancient Star Ancestors.

- Shows the connection between extraterrestrials and renowned healers and teachers from around the world.

- Contains 70 illustrations by prominent artists.

At the dawn of a new millennium we are rapidly approaching environmental and social crises on a massive global scale. Cries have risen from every corner of the world to challenge the ravaging of Earth and many of her peoples. In Legends of the Star Ancestors traditional wisdomkeepers from diverse cultures share their insights into how Earth's current crisis is part of a larger cosmic plan for the planet's transition into an enlightened age, as prophesized by the Star Ancestors. Furthermore, the star beings that once seeded the Earth remain with us today in order to assist and guide us through this time of transformation.

Healers and teachers from Native American, Israeli, Tibetan, Aboriginal, Islamic, Japanese, and Celtic descent share their knowledge of the role Star Ancestors had within their respective traditions and how it shaped a larger global vision of Earth's future. From contributors as varied as Rabbi Ohad Ezrah to Australian aborigine Jingalu of the Yeagle tribe, we further learn of how star beings continue to make appearances on Earth today through UFOs, dreamtime, and physical encounters.