Tin Pan Alley and Broadway
13: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Musical
The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Musical
Paperback      ISBN: 1557837775
One of the most frequently produced new musicals of the last decade, 13 is a rollicking musical comedy featuring a cast exclusively made up of teenagers. Thirteen 13-year-olds, as a matter of fact. Evan Goldman is two months from turning 13 years old, living happily in New York City, the greatest city on Earth, when his world is blown apart by his parents' divorce, and he is dragged away from home to live with his mother in a small town in the Midwest. Facing a new life in a new place where the customs and culture are utterly alien to him, and with his bar mitzvah getting closer every day, Evan has to navigate who he wants to be versus who he really is, and see if he can make it through the fall without losing the best friends he'll ever have. Check out the Closer Look feature on www.halleonard.com to view a video promotion for this book!
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Paperback      ISBN: 0739038885
Titles are: 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee * My Friend, the Dictionary * Pandemonium * I'm Not That Smart * Magic Foot * Prayer of the Comfort Counselor * My Unfortunate Erection * Woe Is Me * I Speak Six Languages * The I Love You Song.
5 Finger Movie Heroes: 9 Blockbuster Themes Arranged for Piano With Optional Duet Accompaniments
5 Finger Movie Heroes
9 Blockbuster Themes Arranged for Piano With Optional Duet Accompaniments
Paperback      ISBN: 0739057863
These nine all-time favorite themes have been arranged in traditional five-finger style, with the melody split between the left and right hands, and without key signatures in the solo part. Starting hand positions are illustrated above each piece. Fingerings that are outside the noted five-finger positions and those indicating a shift in hand position are circled for easy identification. Dotted quarter notes, triplets and sixteenth notes have been avoided. All of the melodic arrangements have optional duet accompaniments created to achieve a fuller, richer musical experience. Titles: The Dark Knight Overture (from The Dark Knight) * Hedwig's Theme (from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) * In Dreams (from The Lord of the Rings) * Iron Man * James Bond Theme * Raiders March (from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) * Star Wars ("Main Theme" from Star Wars) * Theme from Superman * Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) (from Pirates of the Caribbean).
Act One: An Autobiography
Act One
An Autobiography
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1250050898
The author, a successful playwright, recounts his lifelong involvement in the theater
Acting the Song: Performance Skills for the Musical Theatre
Acting the Song
Performance Skills for the Musical Theatre
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1621535223
Guides readers in how to act in musicals, aiming to present a contemporary approach to performance based on Stanislavski principles and coming from the basis of acting.
The Actor Uncovered
The Actor Uncovered
Paperback      ISBN: 162153636x
A Far-Reaching and Truthful Exploration of Acting in All Its FormsThe Actor Uncovered is certainly not a set of rigid rules advocating one "method" or one singular "truth." Departing from the common guidebook format, Michael Howard uses a unique approach to teaching acting, reflecting on his own history and sharing his own experiences as an actor, director, and teacher. How he writes about the process and craft of acting is at once intensely personal and relatable by others. Readers are invited to participate as though present in this master teacher's classes. Each human being, and thus each actor, is unique. Howard encourages actors to uncover their own ways of working, using their particular abilities and personality traits. Going beyond the craft and into human psychology and the importance of acting as a life force, readers will see new and deeper ways to study and practice, to be introspective, and to arrive at places of revelation about their craft.The Actor Uncovered will have much to say to beginners, to those who are advanced, and to professional and working actors. Howard discusses such topics as: - Techniques, styles, and methods in a changing society Relaxation, concentration, and the breath The relationships among actor, director, and writer Memory On camera versus on stage Obstacles After more than seventy years as a professional actor, director, and teacher, Howard shows how living creatively and invoking one's own personality can lead to a successful career as an actor.
The Actor Uncovered: A Life in Acting
The Actor Uncovered
A Life in Acting
Hardcover      ISBN: 1621535495
The Actor Uncovered is certainly not a set of rigid rules advocating one ?method
Actors on Guard: A Practical Guide for the Use of the Rapier and Dagger for Stage and Screen
Actors on Guard
A Practical Guide for the Use of the Rapier and Dagger for Stage and Screen
Paperback      ISBN: 0878300589
Actors on Guard is the most comprehensive and detailed book on the art of theatrical swordplay available today. It provides the reader with the historical, theoretical and practical basis for learning, practicing and presenting theatrical sword fights. Focusing specifically on the Elizabethan rapier and dagger (the most popular weapons used in stage fights), Actors on Guard provides actors, directors, teachers, stage managers and technicians the skills and knowledge essential to presenting safe and effective fights, both for stage and screen.
All His Jazz: The Life & Death of Bob Fosse
All His Jazz
The Life & Death of Bob Fosse
Paperback      ISBN: 0306812843
"All His Jazz practically dances off the pages."Harper's Bazaar
All That Jazz: The Life and Times of the Musical Chicago
All That Jazz
The Life and Times of the Musical Chicago
Hardcover      ISBN: 0190651792
In 1975, the Broadway musical Chicago brought together a host of memes and myths - the gleefully subversive character of American musical comedy, the reckless glamour of the big-city newspaper, the mad decade of the 1920s, the work of Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon (two of the greatest talents in the musical's history), and the Wild West gangsterville that was the city of Chicago itself. The tale of a young woman who murders her departing lover and then tricks the jury into letting her off, Chicago seemed too blunt and cynical at first. Everyone agreed it was show biz at its brilliant best, yet the public still preferred A Chorus Line, with its cast of innocents and sentimental feeling. Nevertheless, the 1996 Chicago revival is now the longest-running American musical in history, and the movie version won the Best Picture Oscar. As author Ethan Mordden looks back at Chicago's various moving parts - including the original 1926 play that started it all, a sexy silent film directed by Cecil B. DeMille, a talkie remake with Ginger Rogers, the musical itself, and at last the movie of the musical - we see how the American theatre serves as a kind of alternative news medium, a town crier warning the public about the racy, devious interior contradictions of American society. Opinionated, witty, and rich in backstage anecdotes, All That Jazz brings the American Musical to life in all its artistry and excitement.