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Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages
Through the Language Glass
Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages
Paperback      ISBN: 0312610491
A New York Times Editor’s Choice An Economist Best Book of 2010 A Financial Times Best Book of 2010 A Library Journal Best Book of 2010 The debate is ages old: Where does language come from? Is it an artifact of our culture or written in our very DNA? In recent years, the leading linguists have seemingly settled the issue: all languages are fundamentally the same and the particular language we speak does not shape our thinking in any significant way. Guy Deutscher says they’re wrong. From Homer to Darwin, from Yale to the Amazon, and through a strange and dazzling history of the color blue, Deutscher argues that our mother tongues do indeed shape our experiences of the world. Audacious, delightful, and provocative, Through the Language Glass is destined to become a classic of intellectual discovery.

Total Polish effortless learning: Beginner to intermediate
Total Polish effortless learning
Beginner to intermediate
Polish    Compact Disc      ISBN: 1444790765
Learn Polish - Instantly. No books. No writing. No memorizing. Join the millions of people worldwide who have learned a new language with the Michel Thomas method. - Guaranteed success. Speak and understand Polish perfectly. - Incredible progress. Learn Polish effortlessly. - Absolute confidence. Unleash your natural learning style without trying. The Method: Stress-free Audio Learning You are taught Polish through your own language, so there is no stress and no anxiety. Take your time going over each section, step by step, until you have understood and absorbed the material. As Michel Thomas said, "What you understand, you know; and what you know, you don't forget." You will learn Polish in "real-time" conditions. There is no need to stop for homework, additional exercises, or vocabulary memorization. Learn Anywhere The Michel Thomas audio courses allow you to learn wherever, whenever you want: at home, in your car, or on the move. All you need is a CD player and/or MP3 player. How Does it Work? - Listen. Collect words effortlessly by listening. - Connect. Create your own mental tool kit by understanding how words fit together. - Speak. Put the words back together to build sentences, naturally. Why It Works: Learn Polish the Way You Learned Your Own Language You learned your own language naturally: now you can learn Polish in the same way. You will stick with this method because you will love it. Use the unique learning method perfected over fifty years by the celebrated psychologist and linguist Michel Thomas. Works With Your Brain The course helps you to build up your Polish in manageable steps by enabling you to think the answers out yourself. You will learn through listening and speaking, without the pressure of writing or memorizing. What's in the Course? - Up to 12 hours of audio material on CD - *NEW* in this revised edition: CD-ROM for PC or Mac so you cansee the words and sentences you are learning, with additional quizzes and exercises for practice Which Course Level Is Right for You? Start: One hour introduction to a language Total: Jump into a language as a beginner and build your understanding from the ground-up Perfect: Pave your way to fluency in a language after undertaking the Total course Masterclass: Round out your language ability in unique, one-on-one lectures
Turkish Pocket Dictionary: Turkish - English English -turkish
Turkish Pocket Dictionary
Turkish - English English -turkish
Paperback      ISBN: 981246946x
Containing over 30,000 entries, this dictionary is useful for travellers, students and business people who need quick access to the core words of the language. It also includes grammar information to extend the user's knowledge of the language.

Tuttle Chinese-English Dictionary
Tuttle Chinese-English Dictionary
Paperback      ISBN: 0804845794
This is an extensive and user–friendly Chinese to English dictionary. The Tuttle Chinese–English Dictionary provides clear and accurate definitions in idiomatic English for the 18,000 most common Chinese vocabulary items (characters and compounds), including all words required for the official HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Examination used by the Chinese government as well as corporations and universities worldwide. This Chinese dictionary is designed specifically for English speakers. All entries are listed alphabetically in their romanized form using the standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization system. To ensure that the dictionary is up–to–date, recently coined terms have been included reflecting the dramatic changes taking place in Chinese society, business and education. Entries contain idiomatic expressions and detailed notes on Chinese culture, grammar and usage that are extremely useful for foreigners—a unique feature found in no other Chinese dictionary. Over 8,000 example Chinese sentences are provided showing how Chinese words are used in real–life situations. A concise guide to Chinese pronunciation, tones and grammar and lists of common character components, measure words are given at the front of the dictionary, while Chinese personal and place names are given at the back. Indexes list characters by strokes and also by radicals to enable the reader to look up characters when the pronunciation is not known. Key features of this Chinese dictionary include: - Clear and concise definitions for 18,000 common vocabulary items. - The only Chinese dictionary designed specifically for English speakers. - All entries listed alphabetically in romanized Hanyu Pinyin form. - Includes all words for the HSK Chinese language Proficiency Examination.
Tuttle Compact Indonesian Dictionary: Indonesian-English English-Indonesian
Tuttle Compact Indonesian Dictionary
Indonesian-English English-Indonesian
Paperback      ISBN: 0804845174
This compact and user–friendly Indonesian to English and English to Indonesian dictionary is the most comprehensive available today for English speakers. The Tuttle Compact Indonesian Dictionary is a totally new bidirectional dictionary which provides English speakers with the very latest and most concise definitions for all commonly–used Indonesian words and phrases, including thousands of new terms that have been created in the past several years. It constitutes a vast improvement over all existing Indonesian dictionaries and is ideal for students, translators and teachers, as well as for use as a general reference dictionary. It can be used for travel and is also a great way to learn Indonesian as part of a course. Covering over 30,000 words and expressions in a single compact volume, this dictionary provides detailed and in–depth treatment of all Indonesian language items. It includes a wide variety of new entries and collocations, cultural references, and sample sentences to illustrate precisely the meaning of each word. Common colloquial phrases and expressions which are not easily understood are also included. Special attention is given to verb forms, which are marked transitive or intransitive, with examples given as to their correct use. This Indonesian dictionary: - Contains over 30,000 unique entries. - Indonesian–English and English–Indonesian sections. - Features colloquial expressions and newly–coined terms. - Is the most comprehensive Indonesian dictionary available for English speakers.
Tuttle Compact Japanese Dictionary: Japanese-English, English-Japanese
Tuttle Compact Japanese Dictionary
Japanese-English, English-Japanese
Japanese    Paperback      ISBN: 4805314311
This is a compact and user–friendly Japanese to English and English to Japanese dictionary. The Tuttle Compact Japanese Dictionary is an updated and expanded version of Martin's Concise Japanese Dictionary, the favorite dictionary of students of the Japanese language for more than 30 years. A valuable reference for foreigners learning Japanese is the inclusion of declensions for common verbs at the back. The layout of the dictionary is extremely easy to use. Headwords are highlighted in color and all entries are given in Japanese script as well as their romanized equivalents. This format gives the learner a head start in mastering the important written characters of Japanese. This dictionary includes idiomatic expressions along with numerous sample sentences showing how Japanese words and expressions are correctly used in everyday contexts. A comprehensive pronunciation guide and detailed notes on Japanese grammar are also included making this dictionary a great way to learn Japanese. - Comprehensive and up–to–date with over 30,000 entries. - English–Japanese and Japanese–English sections. - Clear, user–friendly layout with idioms, expressions and sample sentences. - The ideal dictionary for students, teachers and business people.
Tuttle Compact Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
Tuttle Compact Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
Paperback      ISBN: 0804848106
This is a compact and user–friendly English–Chinese and Chinese–English dictionary. The Tuttle Compact Chinese Dictionary is a completely new reference dictionary designed for English speakers who are learning or using Chinese as a foreign language. It contains more than 48,000 words and expressions, including all the words required for the official HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Examination. Entries are carefully selected to reflect the latest usage in the spheres of business, technology, sports and media. For each Chinese word, the pronunciation, word classes and definitions are given together with other useful information on measure words, and idiomatic expressions. Over 5,000 example sentences are provided to show how the words are used in real–life situations. All Chinese words and phrases are presented in Chinese characters and pinyin so that users can immediately pronounce the characters with ease and accuracy. A concise guide to Chinese pronunciation, tones and grammar is found at the front of the dictionary, as well as lists of common character components, and measure words. A Radical Index and Stroke Order Index are given for all Chinese words listed in the Chinese–English section of the dictionary. - Contains over 48,000 entries, including all high–frequency Chinese and English words. - All Chinese words and phrases presented in Chinese characters and pinyin - User–friendly presentation with idioms and example sentences - The idea reference dictionary for students, and business people.
Tuttle Compact Vietnamese Dictionary: Vietnamese-English, English-Vietnamese
Tuttle Compact Vietnamese Dictionary
Vietnamese-English, English-Vietnamese
Paperback      ISBN: 0804845344
This is a compact and user–friendly Vietnamese dictionary. The Tuttle Compact Vietnamese Dictionary is the most up–to–date and complete Vietnamese dictionary yet published. An essential tool to learn Vietnamese, it is written for English speakers and other non–native users who need to look up Vietnamese terms, and can also be used by Vietnamese speakers who are learning English. This dictionary has 25,000 entries covering all contemporary terms likely to be used in educational or business settings. The layout is user–friendly and attractive. Headwords are displayed in blue—this helps the reader to locate words quickly. Information on parts of speech, idiomatic expressions and sample sentences showing the use of the words in context are given for each entry. English pronunciations are given in the English to Vietnamese language section. A comprehensive pronunciation guide and detailed notes on Japanese grammar are also included. - Completely comprehensive and up–to–date with over 25,000 entries. - Contains English–Vietnamese and Vietnamese–English - Clear, user—friendly layout with idioms, and sample sentences given. - The ideal dictionary for students, teachers and business people.
Tuttle Concise Chinese Dictionary: Chinese-English / English-Chinese
Tuttle Concise Chinese Dictionary
Chinese-English / English-Chinese
Paperback      ISBN: 0804845670
This is the most up-to-date Mandarin Chinese Dictionary available today. Tuttle Concise Chinese Dictionary has both Chinese to English and English to Chinese sections. It's compact size allows for easy transport without limiting the content. This Mandarin dictionary is perfect for Chinese language students, or business people and tourists traveling to China who wish to learn Chinese. It contains over 25,000 words and expressions (including all the required words for the official HSK Chinese Proficiency Examination), carefully selected to cover all important aspects of life and commerce in China. In addition, extensive information on Chinese grammar and Mandarin pronunciation are included. This Chinese dictionary contains the following features: - 25,000 Chinese words and expressions. - Chinese–English and English–Chinese sections - Up-to-date local Chinese slang and idioms. - A guide to Mandarin pronunciation and Chinese Grammar. - An explanation of Mandarin tones and syllables. - An introduction to writing Chinese and stroke order. - Radical and stroke indexes for easy reference. - All the Chinese vocabulary included in the HSK language examinations. - Romanized forms (hanyu pinyin) including tones for accurate pronunciation. - Extensive notes with detailed tips on usage and social context. - Parts of speech, common phrases and idiomatic expressions. Other dictionaries in this bestselling series you might be interested in include:Concise Japanese Dictionary, Concise Korean Dictionary, and Concise Vietnamese Dictionary.
Tuttle Concise Japanese Dictionary: Japanese - English/ English - Japanese
Tuttle Concise Japanese Dictionary
Japanese - English/ English - Japanese
Japanese    Paperback      ISBN: 4805308699
Completely revised and updated, this bi-directional dictionary features 15,000 fully-romanized entries with complete kanji and kana equivalents. Packaged in a durable vinyl cover, this is the most up-to-date and comprehensive dictionary of its size on the market today.