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One Encounter One Chance: The Essence of the Art of Karate
One Encounter One Chance
The Essence of the Art of Karate
Paperback      ISBN: 0834804778
Here is a fresh look at the traditional principles of karate, and especially a concept fundamental to all martial arts—that of the "empty self." It asks readers to let go of preconceptions of karate as merely a system of self-defense techniques and to realize the true intentions of this remarkable martial art.
Tai Chi for Health
Tai Chi for Health
Paperback      ISBN: 0834804204
The classic text that introduced Tai Chi to an American audience a generation ago.
Ki and the Way of the Martial Arts
Ki and the Way of the Martial Arts
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1570629986
While technical prowess and physical power are essential characteristics of a martial artist, true mastery of the art comes by cultivating one's inner strength. Here, Kenji Tokitsu—an authority on Japanese and Chinese combat arts and a respected karate teacher—shows how cultivating ki (life force) and understanding the principles of budo (the martial path of self-development) can make training in martial arts more meaningful, effective, and personally and spiritually rewarding. Tokitsu emphasizes the mental aspects of martial arts practice including: The importance of ki development Seme, or capturing your opponent's mind Understanding ma, the spatial relationship in combat Studying these concepts, he explains, gives martial artists the tools to train for a lifetime and at the very highest level. Tokitsu also gives a historical and cultural survey of budo, and explains how the Western view of budo training is different than the Japanese—a perspective rarely available to Western martial artists.
Practice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship: Iaido
Practice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship
Paperback      ISBN: 0834803399
To become an expert swordsman, one must pay close attention to detail, be highly self-critical, and practice diligently every day under the guidance of a good teacher. Unfortunately, contact time with a worthy mentor is limited for most. Practice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship fills this obvious gap in the training of the modern swordsman by providing bokuto (wooden sword) drills to supplement the formal class activity of forms practice. Both single and two-person drills are presented, some common to iaido and kenjutsu, others extracted from iaido forms by the author and used to teach his own students the proper ways of drawing, parrying, and cutting. Each drill is illustrated with step-by-step drawings to help students hone their techniques; together they provide a comprehensive system of general skills development for anyone interested in using the Japanese sword.
The Way of Aikido: Life Lessons from an American Sensai
The Way of Aikido
Life Lessons from an American Sensai
Hardcover      ISBN: 0525944133
Draws on the philosophical teachings of aikido to present a series of life lessons on how to transform pain into joy, violence and anger into reconciliation, discord into harmony, and pain into vital energy. 25,000 first printing.
Sword and Brush: The Spirit of the Martial Arts
Sword and Brush
The Spirit of the Martial Arts
Paperback      ISBN: 1570621128
Essays explore the common principles shared by Japanese calligraphy and the martial arts, using terms from the martial arts as examples to show how calligraphy and the martial arts draw on the same elemental spirit
Energy Balance Through the Tao: Exercises For Cultivating Yin Energy
Energy Balance Through the Tao
Exercises For Cultivating Yin Energy
Paperback      ISBN: 159477059x
Forty-five fully illustrated Tao Yin exercises are introduced in a guide that explains the history behind the practice of the exercise system and its connections to other complementary Chinese exercise forms. Original.
Code of the Samurai: A Modern Translation of the Bushido Shoshinsu
Code of the Samurai
A Modern Translation of the Bushido Shoshinsu
Hardcover      ISBN: 0804831904
Offers a modern translation of the four-hundred-year-old set of rules and guidelines followed by Japanese samurai warriors, and looks at their relevance to modern life and business
Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide
Knife Throwing
A Practical Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0804810990
The art and science of knife throwing are introduced in this discussion of selecting, throwing, and caring for knives and tomahawks
Bruce Lee's Fighting Method: Skill in Techniques, Volume 3, Number 404
Bruce Lee's Fighting Method
Skill in Techniques, Volume 3, Number 404
Paperback      ISBN: 0897500520