Photography History and Criticism
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A History of Photography: Social and Cultural Perspectives
A History of Photography
Social and Cultural Perspectives
Hardcover      ISBN: 0521344077
Surveys technical developments in photography, shows the work of famous photographers, and discusses different types and styles of photography
A Generous Medium: Photography at Wellesley 1972-2012
A Generous Medium
Photography at Wellesley 1972-2012
Hardcover      ISBN: 0985824905
Mined from the photographic holdings of the Davis Museum, A Generous Medium honors the extraordinary legacy of collecting and pedagogical leadership in photography at Wellesley College. The catalogue of the exhibition features works selected for interpretation by sixty-five participants-Davis directors and curators, Wellesley faculty, alumnae in the field, and major patrons-all who have had an instrumental role in the shape and pedagogical use of the collection over the last forty years. The selections are organized unconventionally, by date of acquisition, to allow for serendipitous and revealing juxtapositions, surprising connections, and startling revelations. The catalogue presents an eloquent range of pictures, from unattributed early photographs to works by modern masters and renowned contemporary artists. This diversity reflects the impassioned engagement of many contributors over time, and the aspirational ambitions and exuberant inventiveness of the photographic project at Wellesley writ large.
My Ivory Cellar: The Story of Time-lapse Photography
My Ivory Cellar
The Story of Time-lapse Photography
Hardcover      SKU: 1199117536
Choice of Weapons
Choice of Weapons
Paperback      ISBN: 0873512022
The noted author/photographer recounts his life and the bitter struggle he has faced, since he was sixteen-years-old, against poverty and racial prejudice
From Adams to Steiglitz: Pioneers of Modern Photography
From Adams to Steiglitz
Pioneers of Modern Photography
Paperback      ISBN: 0893813737
Nancy Newhall wrote some of the most incisive work ever published on the inner lives of the photographers who shaped the medium. Her friendship with photographers such as Paul Strand, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and Helen Levitt, to name a few, lends her writing a vibrancy rarely found in essays on photography. Newhall was one of the few people to gain access to the inner circle--and thoughts--of the imposing Alfred Stieglitz, and her intimate portrait of him, previously unpublished, reveals a man of genius, humor, and kindness.
Roger Ballen: Shadow Chamber
Roger Ballen
Shadow Chamber
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714844667
Best known for his striking photographs of people on the fringes of South African society, Roger Ballen makes images that are ambiguous and often disturbing, but also shot through with flashes of dark humour. The photographs in Shadow Chamber blur the boundaries between documentary photography and art forms such as painting, theatre and sculpture, challenging the ways in which we perceive the 'reality' of photography. Ballen's images are completely honest, yet also fabricated. The mysterious, cell-like rooms that Ballen photographs are actual places, but they are unsettling and strange, logical but impossible: their walls are covered with scribbled drawings, stains and dangling wires, the floors are strewn with bizarre props and artefacts. Dogs, rabbits and kittens wander into the frame or are stuffed into unlikely containers. The humans and animals in Ballen's photographs appear isolated and lost, yet strangely empowered at the same time. The resulting images are allegories of lived experiences and surreal takes on human destiny. In his introduction to Shadow Chamber, curator Robert A. Sobieszek analyzes Ballen's unique approach and sets his work in the wider context of the history of documentary photography and critical theory.
American Photography: A Critical History 1945 to the Present
American Photography
A Critical History 1945 to the Present
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810918145
A history of modern American photography surveys major developments in photographic theory, trends, method, and style, as well as the works of noted American photographers, from 1945 to the present
Photographers a Sourcebook for Historical Research
Photographers a Sourcebook for Historical Research
Paperback      ISBN: 0962194026
The Bitter Years: Edward Steichen and the Farm Security Administration Photographs
The Bitter Years
Edward Steichen and the Farm Security Administration Photographs
Hardcover      ISBN: 1935202863
Photography: A Middle-Brow Art
A Middle-Brow Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 0804717605