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Photographing Medicine: Images and Power in Britain and America Since 1840
Photographing Medicine
Images and Power in Britain and America Since 1840
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313237190
"The book contains more than 250 photographs which are representative of the thousands that were studied. Each photograph is evaluated and interpreted in terms of the intended meaning and purpose of the images. . . . This book is a pleasure to read and represents the distillation of many hundreds of hours reviewing photographic materials. . . . The basic information regarding the interpretation of photographic conventions should be of great interest to both photographers and those with an interest in the cultural histories of Britain and the US." Journal of Biological Photography
Chased by the Light: A 90-Day Journey
Chased by the Light
A 90-Day Journey
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1559718005
Presents the noted photographer's images of Northern Minnesota taken during his self-assigned task of taking only one photograph per day through the fall season.
Photo Nomad
Photo Nomad
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393058611
Traces the acclaimed photographer's seven-decade career, noting his tour of duty with the Marines during World War II, documentation of the end of British rule in India, first-hand witness to the war in Vietnam, and coverage of the conflicts in the middle east and other troubled regions. 15,000 first printing.
Veronica's Revenge: Contemporary Perspectives on Photography
Veronica's Revenge
Contemporary Perspectives on Photography
Hardcover      ISBN: 3931141780
Presents a collection of essays to accompany photographs from the Lambert Collection
The Daguerreotype: Nineteenth-Century Technology and Modern Science
The Daguerreotype
Nineteenth-Century Technology and Modern Science
Paperback      ISBN: 0801864585
The discovery of light-sensitive chemicals in mid-nineteenth-century Europe carried large implications—for scientists, technicians, astronomers, and for the businesspeople who soon made family portraiture standard tabletop fare in middle-class homes. In The Daguerreotype: Nineteenth-Century Technology and Modern Science, M. Susan Barger and William B. White begin with a history of the process itself. Tracing the daguerreotype's origins and development, they proceed to discuss what researchers in this century have learned about the chemistry of the daguerreotype. They also address practical curatorial issues, describing how to restore and preserve the artifacts themselves. Richly illustrated, this survey of a fascinating and ubiquitous feature of mid-nineteenth-century life also provides a detailed technical study of the daguerreotype process. "The original motivation for our work was to devise better ways to preserve and care for daguerreotypes. As materials scientists, we knew that we needed to understand exactly what a daguerreotype is and how it is formed before we could attempt the problem of how best to care for these images... Our scientific work also gave us the opportunity to take a new look and interpretation of the scientific and technological literature on the daguerreotype and to reevaluate its technical history."—from the Preface to the 1999 edition
A Century in Focus: Photography and Photographers in the North of Ireland, 1839-1939
A Century in Focus
Photography and Photographers in the North of Ireland, 1839-1939
Hardcover      ISBN: 0856406791
The first photograph in Ireland was taken in 1839 by Belfast engraver Francis Beatty. Taking this event as his starting point, and ending with Luftwaffe aerial reconnaissance photographs in 1939, the distinguished historian W.A. Macguire traces the history of photography in the nine counties of Ulster. Illustrated throughout and presented in hardback, A Century in Focus introduces the innovative and often colourful professional photographers who practised this evolving art-form in the north. Outstanding amateurs such as the 5th Earl Annesley, are covered, as are the three great 'amateur' professionals, Robert Welch, Alex Hogg and William Green. The flamboyant Professor Kineto, a pioneer of the cinematograph in Ireland, also makes an unforgettable appearance. A list of all known photographers and studios in the north of Ireland during the period will prove a godsend to anyone with a serious interest in old photographs, while the general reader will be entranced by around 130 stunning black-and-white and colour images of our not-so-distant past.
Classic Essays on Photography
Classic Essays on Photography
Paperback      ISBN: 091817208x
Containing 30 essays that embody the history of photography, this collection includes contributions from Niepce, Daguerre, Fox, Talbot, Poe, Emerson, Hine, Stieglitz, and Weston, among others.
Choice of Weapons
Choice of Weapons
Paperback      ISBN: 0873512022
The noted author/photographer recounts his life and the bitter struggle he has faced, since he was sixteen-years-old, against poverty and racial prejudice
P.H. Emerson: The Fight for Photography As a Fine Art
P.H. Emerson
The Fight for Photography As a Fine Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 0893813834
Beauty in Photography: Essays in Defense of Traditional Values
Beauty in Photography
Essays in Defense of Traditional Values
Paperback      ISBN: 0893810878
Eight essays discuss photography's right to be considered an art, its importance to society, and its aesthetic standards